New monitor works

Haven’t noticed any bad pixels. Nor have I noticed the backlight bleed or whatever the old monitor was doing. But you do have to look for whatever the other monitor was doing.

Well, ViewSonic might have better QA then Pixio.

The hardest part was plugging in the cables. There’s a shelf in the way to easily do it.

Looks like I found a good cheap monitor brand ViewSonic. Seems like all the other monitors I’ve had recently, like the last one, and some before, all had dead or problem pixels. This one somehow seems perfect.

And games are smoother, at least Guild Wars 2 is. But I doubt I’ll get 160 FPS, what I have MangoHud limited to. Maybe I should run it at 144Hz.

The desktop itself seems smoother too, just like her buttocks.

Doesn’t say OMNI on it, like the pictures on Amazon. Which they might want to fix, as people might return it. Saying not as advertised. So change the pictures, or change the monitor. Mine just says ViewSonic on it.

I disabled the auto switching thing though, it’s annoying. And the Steam Deck still thinks it’s hooked up to old monitor. Might need to unplug and plug back in dock. Or reboot it. Or both.

The flicker free thing might be always on, didn’t see an option to enable or disable. Perhaps I should turn brightness down, somebody said their monitor got a burned in image or something, can’t recall what monitor. Did that monitor even have a flicker free thing? So LCD or LED monitors have to flicker to prevent burn in?

Turned brightness down to 60%. Might be too low though. Cause I like it bright, just like her, brighter then me that is.

Isn’t this IPS? Well IPS isn’t that great, look at it at the right angle, and the color on right and left side don’t match very well. Might still be darker on one side, even not looking at an angle. Oh you might have to be completely centered. Not bothersome enough to send it back. And a setting might “fix” that anyways.

Still better then Pixio, no bad pixels. And you can adjust the height as well. And apparently rotate it, so maybe you can rotate it and plug in the cables easier.

Might be the distance from monitor that’s causing one side to be darker.

It’s color uniformity and nothing you can do about it. Except, I think on a BenQ I enabled something, and it was better. You can return and hope next one is better. But no bad pixels, means I’m keeping it. And threw box away anyways.

Still doesn’t make sense, that getting closer, makes it look brighter. Maybe only a lamp on is no good. Easier to change the bulbs in lamp, then on ceiling. You either need a ladder, or to ask them to do it.

The Pixio I don’t think had any color uniformity issues. But it had other issues. And games are smoother now, maybe FreeSync wasn’t working.