Oh well, new hotend is broken

My Spider v1.0 didn’t last long. I removed the nozzle, which seemed to easy, might explain why printing wasn’t working. Put new nozzle on, but tightened it too much, so was testing to see if it would be removable, and it broke. So need a new heat block and heat break now. Unless the heat break can be removed, doubtful.

I think I’ll just go back to old hotend. Well, need a new heat block, cause the new temperature thing won’t work with it.

I’d have to solder the old worse temperature thing back on to use it. And Creality doesn’t sell the Spider v1.0 anymore.

“BZ 3D 1PC CR6 SE Plated Copper Heater Block Upgrade with Silicone Sock for CR-6 SE/CR-6 MAX/CR-5 Pro/CR10 Smar/Ender 3 Neo/V2 Neo/Max Neo Cartridge Sensor Heater Block.” hopefully I have nozzles that work. Cause I bought it. Might use the nozzles for the printer, not the longer Spider nozzles.

I have a heat break, I think, says I bought the two pack last time. Also, should work with the other one in the old hotend anyways.

The hotend will basically be the same as a Spider with that heat block and the heat breaks I have.

I’d reckon broken socket wrenches don’t tighten nozzles, or the nozzle got loose somehow.