onn. Full Motion TV Wall Mount for 50" to 86" TVs, up to 15° Tilting

TV looks better on wall, that is the picture looks better, no idea why. Well, you can point it at yourself.

Jeff said it’s strong, the TV isn’t going to fall off the wall.

It was a pain though. I finally asked if I can put TV on wall, they said you’ll be charged to repair holes when you move. Speaking of, when am I moving though? There’s nowhere to move.

Got a new floor though, had to move most of my stuff to another unit temporally. I stayed at my mom’s for a day or so. Bodhi thought it was great. So if I get evicted, Bodhi won’t mind. Last night, they went to the movies, and Bodhi wanted to go to bed, so did Utah. But Utah can’t go in the room I was in, he’ll take toys, and chew them up. Not to mention, my stuff. Not nice to let Bodhi in and not Utah. So I just stayed up till they got back.

And while I was gone, the fly trap collected lots of flies. Did they leave my door open or something?

Only three boxes left to unpack. Glad the apartment isn’t bigger.

Might only take ten hours to run f3write on 1 TB Lexar micro SD card. I test before using them, so if it’s fake, I don’t find out the unpleasant way. And if it takes ten hours, that might be enough of a stress test, to see if it’ll just die. f3read shouldn’t kill it. That’s next, how long for that? Another ten hours?

Got that for Steam Deck. Cause PC games are too fucking big. I’m paying monthly for it, cause I didn’t want to shell out $70 or whatever all at once. Good choice, I had enough for a TV wall mount I didn’t know I was buying. That was $50 or so after tax.

Steam Deck dock, and Mac mini need HDMI cable plugged in, but I’m lazy, too lazy to find the HDMI cable that’s connected to monitor, I keep finding Ethernet cable plugged into Steam Deck dock. Mac mini needs power plugged in too. And the USB switch.

That’s why internet appears to be slow, the DNS is slow as fuck, so takes a long time to lookup IP. Which will appear as slow internet to most people. Only 4870 ms for Cloudflare DNS. Nice. It’s set to get the fastest IP or something, Adguard Home, because one of my sites wouldn’t load on some DNS, it couldn’t find the IP, probably Cloudflare being a dick and changing my DNS. But I think I’ll change that. Too slow for wget. My update script for Adguard doesn’t work with slow DNS apparently. Disabled that setting, was able to update Adguard.

So Cloudflare DNS is the slowest DNS? Or maybe Adguard’s DNS is. Slowing all the other ones down. Good idea, remove that. You can use Adguard Home without their DNS server.

No more boxes tonight. I got sweaty enough so far today.

I’d reckon, I can’t afford an iPhone 15. This one might have been cheaper. USB C is nice, $700 not so much. And the Pro is better, it can replace my camera. But $1,000 not so nice.

I brought the Steam Deck to her house, so I could play Guild Wars 2. Better then a laptop or desktop. Smaller.

And the iPhone 15 might actually be $800, according to radio. I think my iPhone 13 mini was around $600. Guess I’ll wait for a USB Type-C iPhone SE.

Walmart’s site didn’t seem to say what distances from studs it supports, or I didn’t read that part. I skimmed it, didn’t see it. But it supports 16" and 24". If the studs aren’t 16" or 24" apart, it won’t work for you.

Most of the reviews are paid, or not verified.

But it works fine for me so far. My HDMI ports are on the side of my TV, but the Ethernet is on the back, you can get to the back ports with it easily. Well worth the money.