That drum was a waste of money

They sent an incompatible drum for my laser printer, but I didn’t check the box before opening and trying to put it in. Toner wouldn’t fit, and just to see, it doesn’t even fit in printer. Then I looked at the compatible printers, and didn’t see mine. Looked at the box, and they sent crap that isn’t what I ordered.

You might not have to pay return shipping though, but it’s the last time I order from that seller. They use a supplier, that gives you the wrong item. Probably didn’t even have what I ordered. So they just sent something else.

If I order a new drum on Amazon, I’ll be sure to check the box and instructions, to make sure my printer is compatible.

I needed DR360, not DR630. The 3 is first, not second. Either way, annoying as fuck.

At least it still prints, so I might do nothing. Maybe send it back, if I can. Otherwise throw it out.

Is it the drum that causes ink to be in spots it shouldn’t be? I just cleaned the wire, by moving the thing back and fourth, but didn’t fix it. Didn’t do so when changing the toner, I thought I was supposed to do something, but couldn’t remember what. Looked up changing the toner for my printer. Maybe it needs to be cleaned more, but how many times is “several” times? I did more then two times, possibly more then four times.

The toner I put in it, is fine. Except, for the spots ink is that shouldn’t be. Way better then old toner.

Easier to replace drum, then try and clean the stupid wire. But I might wait for refund.

Probably don’t need a new drum, ordered some cleaning paper sheets, to see if that solves the problem. I’m too lazy to clean it manually. Might take many passes of the paper to clean it, but ten sheets is cheaper then a new drum.

If it doesn’t fix it, then maybe it is the drum.

I suppose the toner could be the problem too, but it’s fine other then ink or whatever being in spots with nothing. That is no text or anything, just ink or something. But where there is text, it looks great. I do have another toner, but it’s the same kind. Would suck if they both have that problem. So hopefully the cleaning paper is the solution, it’s never been cleaned.