ViewSonic Omni VX2728J-2K

I may have decided to get the ViewSonic after all. The first one I saw that I thought might work.

I think the P3 or whatever color, for my current monitor is 95%, I think the ViewSonic is only 90%. So will lose 5%, I don’t care. The ViewSonic has eye care and flicker free. Don’t think the Sceptre does.

If you want the worse BenQ panel monitor, the Acer Nitro XV272U Vbmiiprx 27" has the same panel I think, supposedly. And it’s cheaper, $230 new. No need to gamble if you get that one. Now if you get lucky, you might get the LG panel with the BenQ, but you have to spend $250 at least, for a refurbished one, and hope you get the LG.

But not sure that Acer has eye care or flicker free either, so no thanks.

Now if I send it back, I don’t know what I’ll get. Maybe the same one. Assuming it’s just too many broken pixels.

I would get a VA panel, for a little less from ViewSonic, but not 10 bit, not even fake 10 bit, like this one. I think this one has FCR or whatever, just like my current monitor. VA will have a better picture possibly, and possibly ghosting. But I don’t recall noticing ghosting really or very much on an old 16ms monitor. When LCD monitors weren’t around as long.

Apparently IPS monitors are better with light. I have a lamp on at least all the time. Might not be bright enough though. I can easily change the light bulbs in it, and don’t have to ask anybody to do it.

This one might look better if you turn the light on, doesn’t get rid of the weird thing on the bottom though in certain spots. Might make it more visible actually.

Somebody at Goodwill might want a Pixio monitor, for hopefully cheap. If I were to have two monitors, it would be the one for games, in this case the ViewSonic, and my old BenQ. No reason to keep this monitor. Or just pay $270 or whatever, for the non gaming ViewSonic, I think it’s calibrated better, then I’d have two ViewSonic monitors. No FreeSync, so no good as one and only monitor.