YI 42.5mm F1.8 Lens on Olympus OM-D E-M10

I’ll have some pictures taken with that lens on my camera soon. It was cheap on eBay, and I saw some pictures taken with it, then realizing I had to have it, at least for a little over $100. It was used once, it says. Glad they didn’t like it.

That’s the same reason I bought a manual lens I have, but getting that in focus is a pain.

The YI has auto focus. It has no manual focus on an Olympus or Panasonic body. I probably can’t even update the firmware on the lens. Or does the firmware live on the camera? There’s separate firmware for their camera and that lens on their site.

Godox TT350O Mini Thinklite TTL Flash for Olympus/Panasonic Cameras

It’s better then a Nissin Di466. Uses less batteries too, and might be slightly smaller. Pictures were taken with the Godox flash and a MagSphere, with the flash pointed slightly up.

I bought it from B&H Photo Video.

Think I like the pictures with the flash in manual mode better. No idea why the camera can’t get the flash right. I only get it right, because I take more then one picture.

The lens was a Panasonic 25mm f1.7, at f3.5 and some at f4.5. I could use no flash, but I like the colors with a flash.

I don’t know how they made a better flash, that’s slightly smaller then the Nissin, and uses less power. Maybe you have to change the batteries more often. I use rechargable batteries, so it doesn’t matter to me.

If I sell the Nissin on eBay, I’ll be getting a nice picture of it. Need a way to prop it up though.

VDS from RamNode finally works

Had to run “a2enmod rewrite” to get the .htaccess file working. I’ll restore my other domain sometime after I wake up. Better go to bed, the time went back an hour.

Might move my sister’s sites over too.

Moved this site to VPS

BuyShared does some serious overselling. This site doesn’t get much traffic though, so it doesn’t really matter. But I paid for ServerPilot, so I can add more users. Won’t put anybody else’s site on it, unless they pay me. phpMyAdmin is unusable on BuyShared, to get a database backup, go into cPanel, then click Backup, you can download just a MySQL backup from there.

If your site gets traffic, BuyShared probably won’t work, at least not the server I’m on.

At least if I ever do something with this site, it’ll be way faster.

RIP Nero

My grandparents had to put Nero down, I’m guessing today. I just heard about it. He was in a lot of pain. News of dogs being put down sucks.

Lilly is still doing OK, going for walks and stuff still.

Panhandlersonline.com will be down for a while

I have a shitty Comcast connection, so uploading a 1+ GB file will take at least an hour, most likely longer. Should just turn the old VPS back on, create a key, connect, then download directly to the new VPS. But it might be cancelled by now.

Apparently Easy Engine isn’t secure. Old NGINX version. Moving it to CentOS, and Centmin Mod. I could use VestaCP, but I’ll pass. The server will be flooded with brute force attempts with a control panel.

Centmin Mod might of been a mistake, it has to compile stuff. I might get suspended before it’s done.


SSL doesn’t work on the free plan if you set it up by a CNAME, you have to use their DNS. Luckily cPanel has an option. Site doesn’t load for me though. If you upgrade to the Pro plan, it should work, but that’s 20 bucks a month, my hosting is only 15 bucks a month.

Still says “Ineligible for SSL”. Even pointing my DNS to their name servers.

Don’t use Cloudflare the easy way, go to their site and add it there. Don’t use cPanel.

And CloudFlare’s site no longer works. Can’t login. It’s blank.