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VDS from RamNode finally works

Had to run “a2enmod rewrite” to get the .htaccess file working. I’ll restore my other domain sometime after I wake up. Better go to bed, the time went back an hour.

Might move my sister’s sites over too.

Site is back on shared hosting

Not paying $10 a month, plus another $10 for the control panel/management. I think my shared hosting is only $20 a year, that’s way cheaper.

Moved this site to VPS

BuyShared does some serious overselling. This site doesn’t get much traffic though, so it doesn’t really matter. But I paid for ServerPilot, so I can add more users. Won’t put anybody else’s site on it, unless they pay me. phpMyAdmin is unusable on BuyShared, to get a database backup, go into cPanel, then click Backup, you can download just a MySQL backup from there.

If your site gets traffic, BuyShared probably won’t work, at least not the server I’m on.

At least if I ever do something with this site, it’ll be way faster.

RIP Nero

My grandparents had to put Nero down, I’m guessing today. I just heard about it. He was in a lot of pain. News of dogs being put down sucks.

Lilly is still doing OK, going for walks and stuff still. will be down for a while

I have a shitty Comcast connection, so uploading a 1+ GB file will take at least an hour, most likely longer. Should just turn the old VPS back on, create a key, connect, then download directly to the new VPS. But it might be cancelled by now.

Apparently Easy Engine isn’t secure. Old NGINX version. Moving it to CentOS, and Centmin Mod. I could use VestaCP, but I’ll pass. The server will be flooded with brute force attempts with a control panel.

Centmin Mod might of been a mistake, it has to compile stuff. I might get suspended before it’s done.


SSL doesn’t work on the free plan if you set it up by a CNAME, you have to use their DNS. Luckily cPanel has an option. Site doesn’t load for me though. If you upgrade to the Pro plan, it should work, but that’s 20 bucks a month, my hosting is only 15 bucks a month.

Still says “Ineligible for SSL”. Even pointing my DNS to their name servers.

Don’t use Cloudflare the easy way, go to their site and add it there. Don’t use cPanel.

And CloudFlare’s site no longer works. Can’t login. It’s blank. will be back on my shared hosting soon

Just have to wait for the backup file to finish downloading. I emailed asking if I could get a partial refund, the due date was the 1st. I didn’t bother backing up the Piwik database, I don’t care about the useless stats.

The posts may or may not import by RSS. The converter script didn’t work. I’m to lazy to try to get it to work. Importing by RSS on my VPS didn’t work. But PHP could be configured wrong.

Just have to wait for the DNS to update now. I’ll probably go to bed before that happens.

RIP Meiko

She put him down this morning. I’ll probably regret not going and being by him. I’ll most likely feel guilty.

Meiko has cancer

All in his chest area, in his lungs. She’s probably going to put him down on Monday. He won’t go outside for my sister. He wouldn’t eat his breakfast right away.

Let the crying begin.

Don’t get your sick dog a toy, it won’t make you or them feel better. Meiko wouldn’t even take the toy. Maybe he will eventually.