I might of made her mad

Apparently giving mixed signals, and running away, won’t make people happy.

Why? I don’t even exist.

You know who my counselor reminds me of?

Mackey I think is his name, from South Park. Yup, that’s his name.

He’s all relaxed like Mackey. Does he smoke a bowl before going to work? Nobody should be relaxed like Mackey without weed.

Atomic Pi

It’s $35, and apparently has an x86 CPU. If it wasn’t sold out, I’d buy it.

Not sold out on Amazon, but costs slightly more then $35, and you need some lame breakout board for power.

No SATA, so for a NAS, you’d have to use USB 3.0, but it’ll be faster then any non x86 SBC.

Not in stock till June 2 on Amazon. Looks like I missed that. Boohoo.

It’s on my wishlist. I’ll buy it next month, if it’s in stock.

Will somebody make a Ryzen Pi?

Their store, doesn’t list any power supplies or breakout boards. You have to buy it with the breakout board, and it’s out of stock.

Good thing I didn’t buy the parts for another computer. An x86 SBC will work just fine.


Probably won’t buy the OnePlus 7 Pro

My iPhone 7 cost only $400, and has the same single core benchmark score.

Funny how long it took Android phones to catch up, when did my phone come out, 2016? If so, it took 3 years for Android phones to get a fast CPU.

Can Apple even get the single core benchmark score up anymore? If they can, my desktop will be even more obsolete.

That won’t stop me from buying the slower Nokia 8 or Pixel 3a. Don’t buy the Pixel, it’s overpriced, costs the same as a refurbished iPhone 7, and is slower. Will they lower the price of the Nokia 8 to $200? Use it as a burner phone.

She was watching some show, and they asked for her “burner”, and the first thing I thought was “DVD/CD/Blu-ray burner”. Did she say phone after burner?

How much data did I use on Ultra Mobile while not on WiFi? Looks like barely any. Still over 900 MB available, then they throttle me. I did a speed test which used 50 MB or something, still a little over 950 MB left.

Finally got IPv6 to work on my VPS

If using Centos, and the gateway is on a different subnet, the solution is here.

How do I add more IPv6 addresses? Don’t really need to.

I think you use “IPV6ADDR_SECONDARIES”. Just use a space for all the additional IPs.

Now, if only I could easily add that IP to this site, it’s under the main admin account in DirectAdmin, I’d have to manually add the DNS info, and manually edit the config file.

How do I move it to it’s own account?

Site was down for about 39 minutes

Looks like the server was offline, or rebooted for 39 minutes. The uptime is around 3 hours, almost 4 hours. I didn’t reboot it or anything.

More downtime, kernel update, so need to reboot it.

Jetpack emailed me when it went down.

Good qualities?

That’s what my counselor said I have.

My subconscious does, but I don’t.

How do I hand over my body to my subconscious?

They will make better use of it then me.

Pansexual is the best religion, they don’t care about your gender, or anything else, only about you. To bad I’m not pansexual.

Worst toilet seats ever

Or worst maintenance guy ever. The lid fell off, I grabbed it the first time, then it fell again, onto the floor. One of the screws came out, probably wasn’t properly screwed on. First the screw fell on the floor, so tried screwing it back in, but couldn’t fully secure it with a screwdriver, while putting it on the toilet, the screw fell in the toilet.

Well the lid is on, just don’t put your back on it at all, not even slightly. You can’t touch it at all, the stupid thing will fall off.

I don’t know if you are supposed to flush screws down the toilet, so I stuck my hand in there to get it out.

Will the inspection person notice the missing screw? I could tell the office, but I’m lazy.

If I had a powered screwdriver, I could fix it myself most likely. I’ll see if I can borrow my mom’s. The screw should be dry by then.

If I get an iPhone XR

No need to find a buyer for my iPhone 7, Apple will give me $250.

Why doesn’t it have an in screen fingerprint sensor? Using your face is lame.

RAM prices sure went down

Faster then my RAM, costs $85 on Newegg, 16 GB. It’s on sale, don’t know the normal price. Think I paid almost $200 for another set of 16 GB. There’s a slower 32 GB kit for around $140. Less then I paid for one of my 16 GB kits.