I’d buy a Honor phone again

Sucks there’s no Honor 8X in the US. Did I have an Honor 8 or Honor 7? There is a 7X in the US. It was an Honor 8.

Those phones probably have spyware, because they are made in China, that’s what the government claims. The NSA has spyware too. The OnePlus 7 is also a Chinese phone.

Or maybe I wouldn’t, I forgot about their shitty custom theme.

Switching back to Android would be a pain anyways, once you get use to one OS, then using the other is a chore.

The US is a hypocrite, if Chinese are spying on US citizens, why is the NSA spying on everybody not bad?

The US isn’t a real democracy, so saying China isn’t a democracy means nothing. If the US was a democracy, Trump wouldn’t be president. I’m sure he’ll get reelected, they wanted corruption, and they got it.

Might not be buying a new phone next month

Apparently Trump is going to put tariffs on more Chinese goods.

If OnePlus ships a ton of phones to a US location, like a warehouse, do I have to pay any tariffs? Do it before the tariffs go into effect.

I wonder how much toilet paper will cost once he puts more tariffs into place. Good thing Trump supporters don’t wipe their ass.

She needs a counselor more than me

Drinking to deal with your problems isn’t healthy.

It’ll be funny if she gets a DUI someday. I’ll just say “you shouldn’t drink and drive”.

What’s so important that she has to look at her phone while driving?

Enjoy the ticket, she will get someday. At a red light, using your phone, is still illegal. If you are parked, you can.

She doesn’t even respond to almost everything I say. I have to repeat myself constantly. Don’t talk to her, and she gets pissed.

She gets pissed if you do talk to her too.

So I guess if you aren’t her son, she likes you, otherwise you can fuck off.

In that case, she get go to my appointment by herself, she can tell him why she hates me.

Constipation now?

Maybe. So lactose doesn’t result in runny dumps? Just random?

My camera won’t fit up my butt, so I can’t see what’s going on in it.

Now to go take another dump, will it be runny this time?

Just one lousy small turd.

There might be ever so slight bit of input lag

Hard to tell. Might just be paranoid about input lag now.

At least I can drive way better.

So, to get the input lag back, I just raise the resolution? Once you get used to input lag, no input lag is weird. My GPU and CPU don’t get very hot at 720p though.

If they are hanging out with men, they are their bf

Might not be if they are related, the keyword is might.

I don’t hangout with anyone not related.

You know what’s funny? If some guy that doesn’t respond to texts, decides to text me, it’ll be the T-Mobile SIM card number that isn’t in my phone anymore.

You don’t need a VM for Gparted

Not everybody is a Windows fanboy. I almost never use my Windows VM.

There’s plenty of games to play that don’t require Windows. I’m not limited to PC games like some people.

The no blur mod doesn’t crash Saints Row: The Third

Just crashed, and I wasn’t doing a mission.

The Steam Controller was messing up. Changed the batteries, still not working, changed to a different brand of batteries, and now it works. Rechargeable batteries. Guess it doesn’t like Amazon batteries. Or maybe I just needed to keep the batteries out longer.

Also switched it back to the dongle it came with. Controller wouldn’t stay on, when on I could only look around. Then it wasn’t doing anything, but it wouldn’t turn off my holding the button. Like it was freezing up.

Phone just disconnected from WiFi

And there’s no WPA Authentication Timeout/Failure on the AP.

Guess that means the jerk disconnected me. The one trying to get on everybody’s WiFi. They destroyed a network switch by doing whatever they do. When I had a shitty NETGEAR router, you can’t fully disable WPS on it.

Then they got on the router I replaced it with, WPS wasn’t fully disabled, thought it was.

The AP log doesn’t say anything.