Don’t give an IMEI number to anybody on eBay

Even after paying. Tell them, it’ll be on the phone when they receive it.

Nice, the Moto X4 might of been a scam buyer too. Well, I really won’t sell on eBay anymore if that’s the case.

Make sure to take screenshots of all eBay deliveries.

“Member since: Sep-02-18 in Ukraine”

I thought I disabled the global shipping.

If they both dispute, I’ll never use eBay again, lost phones and owe PayPal money. Yup, I’ll have to pay to get rid of my phones. I thought they were paying me.

I should remove my bank account and cards from PayPal, so they can’t get their money without me giving it to them. See them in court.

All third party authorizations deleted. Some might of been for eBay, to auto open non paying dispute though.

What happens, if I close my eBay and PayPal account? They won’t get a penny from me, when they dispute.

I’ll owe PayPal around $90, and I’ll never see the phones again. Bad feedback is fine, but owing money sucks. Will they take you to court over $90? The judge might laugh at PayPal. Unless, I’m a no show. I’ll get bad credit, and if I want to fix it, it’ll cost more then $90.

They will most likely file a dispute in 90 days

Shouldn’t of sent them the IMEI number. Also, shouldn’t of shipped it to their USA2Georgia address.

I took screenshots of the tracking, which clearly says delivered. Just took a screenshot of the description too, which says it only works on Straight Talk.

I bet what they did, was used the IMEI, on a stolen phone, and are going to report it as a non clean IMEI. Well, I’m going to take screenshots of the messages they sent me as well.

Screenshots taken. Might not be enough though. If PayPal doesn’t side with them, they are out $45 + shipping. If PayPal sides with them, I’ll owe PayPal money. Basically in that case, got robbed.

Just search Google for “eBay USA2Georgia”.

Should of taken a picture of the box, to prove I shipped it to the address provided, the shipping says they delivered to a different zip code.

Oh wait, they probably modified the shipping address. After I shipped it, and they got the tracking number.

Looks at the feedback they’ve given. The first one is China.

I won’t leave the positive feedback, even if they leave me feedback. You can’t leave negative feedback as a seller. They might leave feedback, to get me to leave them feedback. Nope. I’ll wait 100 days at least. Maybe a year.

Is there a reason eBay doesn’t warn you about addresses? That it might be a scam? Well, I’m not selling anything on eBay anymore, if they file a dispute.

I will leave “positive” feedback, that says they are a thief.

The Crucial P1 NVMe SSD has more then one temperature sensor

Temperature Sensor 1:               40 Celsius
Temperature Sensor 2:               37 Celsius
Temperature Sensor 5:               56 Celsius

Above that, for just temperature, it says 38 Celsius. So what are the Sensor 1, 2, and 5 for?

Temperature Sensor 1:               57 Celsius
Temperature Sensor 2:               54 Celsius
Temperature Sensor 5:               87 Celsius

And the temperature is 55 Celsius, I ran a dd operation. It’s done, and still increasing.

If it gets to high, it’ll throttle itself. I don’t know what the other sensors are for. If Sensor 5 is the actual temperature, it’s throttling. NVMe SSDs run hotter then SATA SSDs, it’s common knowledge.

If it’s throttling, that’s why the speed is less then advertised. They really should put heatsinks on all NVMe SSDs.

MSI did put the M.2 slot in a horrible place, by the video card, with a video card installed, it’s under it.

Finally closed my window

Every night, there’s people talking loudly now. Somewhere outside.

I was in the bathroom, and I could hear them talking.

I could yell out the window “Shut the fuck up”.

You can get addicted to stuff in Fallout 76

Actually, I think that’s the case in all Fallout games.

My guy got addicted to alcohol, I needed more strength, so I could fast travel, if you are carrying to much stuff, you can’t fast travel.

The only way to block unknown callers on iOS is with Do Not Disturb

That’s a lame solution, as that’ll block the case manager, since he isn’t on my contacts. Then he’ll think the number isn’t active or something. To lazy to add them to my contacts, if their number isn’t the same when they call, then you’ll need to find out every number that’ll show up.

Can you use a third party app? If you go to settings, apparently Yahoo Mail and Malwarebytes can be used to block calls and provide caller ID.

It’s possible everything on Google is outdated.

Looks like Mr. Number will block blocked calls, it’ll go to voicemail, they can’t hangup on those numbers, because of an iOS limitation. Straight to voicemail is good enough for me.

Oh and it has neighbor spoofing protection, since the neighbor spoofer mainly calls my Google Voice number, that’s the number I verified so I can use it.

Still no runny dump

Was at my mom’s, and it felt like I needed to take a runny dump. Went once I got home, and it wasn’t runny.

KFC might be better if it isn’t cold. I thought I was going to have a runny dump, so I went before eating.

Glad I took a chance on a refurbished drive from goHardDrive

The drives I have seem to be new. Might of been drives that were never used. Just sitting somewhere.

The generic brand, has some bad reviews on Amazon, it fails.

Mine are HGST, probably before WD bought them.

Might be to risky to buy anymore of those drives. I got lucky with the first two. Luck will probably run out. Problem is, 4 TB drives cost over $100 new.

A new 3 TB NAS drive is only $20 cheaper then a 4 TB.

It would cost $409 for a NAS before tax, with two 4 TB Seagate NAS drives. That’s with a QNAP NAS.

Are you supposed to make a RAID with two different brands? Buy one Seagate drive, and one cheap drive. Then if the cheap drive dies, you don’t have to copy stuff back to it. Just replace the drive. Unless the new drive dies too. Then you should of bought two cheap drives.

QNAP has a NAS cheaper then the cheapest Synology

It’s $169 on Amazon. Not much more then making your own NAS, with the 4 GB RockPro64. More RAM on the RockPro though.

They have a two bay 4 GB quad core one for $278.

There is one bad review on the 1 GB RAM one.

Is TerraMaster any good? Never heard of them. It has an Intel CPU, so you get hardware transcoding.

I’ll probably buy the QNAP, even though there’s one bad review. I’m guessing they got a defective one, or their network sucks.

Does Channels work on the QNAP? It might work, assuming the QNAP package works with ARM.

It’ll cost $329 or so before tax. With two 4 TB drives from the seller I buy my hard drives from.

WesternDick drive might be faster then it use to be

Probably because I formatted it as ext4, it was NTFS before. Isn’t my movies drive NTFS? And it’s external. It use to be faster.

Got a write speed of 130 MB/s, think it was less before. The movies drive is 89.4 MB/s. Is it plugged into my hub? My enterprise refurbished drive is 113 MB/s or something, under 120. That is the external one, I think the internal does 150 or more.

Might have to much stuff plugged in by USB.

A 97% full Seagate NAS drive in a USB 3.0 enclosure is only 57.8 MB/s.

Damn it, if I get a NAS, I should buy a 6 TB drive or two. Or just buy one, and a cheapo enclosure. I need more space, so I can move my data and reformat the other drives. Oh wait, you only need 3 TB, just copy the data, format, copy back, erase from the NAS.