BuyVM is a hobby?

They have a lot of money to be just a “hobby”. I doubt their block storage was cheap.

They might be a profitable hobby. I still like to consider them a real business, not a hobby. There’s more then one person working for them. What’s the difference between a business and a profitable hobby?

Did Manjaro stop providing updates?

Maybe. I can’t update some AUR packages, because one of them can’t find something, most likely it relies on something that Manjaro hasn’t bothered updating yet. The other package needs that package to be updated first.

Is there any easy way to switch to Arch Linux? Without reinstalling?

Neighbor spoofing is obvious

They don’t call from the same number, it just always starts like your number.

If it was a real call, the number wouldn’t be changed every time.

There are some numbers when people call it isn’t the same, like some doctor office, but the number might not start like your number. They’d leave a message, neighbor spoofers don’t leave messages. Only blank ones.

Good luck playing Fallout 76

Said the server wasn’t responding, then disconnected me.

That game wasn’t worth $65. Will Amazon give me a refund? Probably not.

Will probably buy a Toshiba external drive or two

They have a two year warranty, that’s better then Fantom Drives, and Fantom might use Toshiba drives anyways.

I actually need three, one to backup my backup drive, one to backup my movies drive, and one to backup my media drive.

Or buy two bigger ones, at least 5 TB, that’s probably only enough for the movies and backup drive though.

The movies drive is old, so it needs to be backed up. It might be partly backed up on the backup drive. That explains why the backup drive is full.

Good idea, buy one Toshiba 6 TB drive. That’s enough to backup the backup, and the movies drive.

WesternDick is cheaper for 6 TB, and 8 TB. The 8 TB is almost nine dollars left. But I have no Toshiba drives.

Are all those Toshiba drives 7200rpm or just the 4 TB one? I doubt the WesternDick one is. Doesn’t really matter though. It’ll still be faster then USB 2.0.

Manufacturer’s warranty can be requested from customer service. Click here to make a request to customer service.

On the WD drive, that’s pretty shitty, it won’t tell me how long the warranty is.

Died in one year. Warranty site shows it was out of warranty in 7 months.

A 7 month warranty? No thanks.

According to smartctl, my movies drive is 5900 rpm. It’s a Seagate 3 TB external drive. Oops, wrong drive, that’s the backup drive.

Can’t access SMART on the movies drive, gets an error.

Seagate doesn’t want you to know the RPM in Linux, tried various commands, either doesn’t work, or doesn’t show the RPM.

Do new Seagate external drives say the RPM in Linux? The drive could be from 2013. I’ll get the Toshiba anyways.

Two 3 TB Toshiba’s, would cost more then one 6 TB Toshiba. Toshiba doesn’t have an 8 TB of that model.

Or buy the 8 TB Fantom Drives one. A little more then the 6 TB Toshiba. Do they really use Toshiba drives in them? The warranty is less then the Toshiba though. Don’t buy from their site, it’s $300.

The drives might be on sale on Amazon, so the price will probably be higher on Christmas.

Will the next Raspberry Pi have USB 3.0?

If so, you can use it as a NAS. I’ll probably buy a external drive or two, or a 2 bay enclosure and two drives.

You could get a different SBC, but I like Raspberry Pi, the Zero is cheap.

Don’t signup for any ColoCrossing brand

They mass deleted posts on LowEndBox, for a provider that is closing, that uses ColoCrossing. They offered 3 year hosting deals, and are now closing.

Oh and the post on LowEndTalk that said to backup your data on said provider, is gone, or at least not viewable by guests.

VirMach is supposed to be good, if you insist on ColoCrossing.

Can the three year host scam be sued? If you can prove they planned on closing way before 3 years.

Somehow the post is back. Must of moved it to registered user only area.

10 MG of Melatonin will knock you out

Went to bed around 10 PM, I think it was 10:02 PM. Woke up at almost 1 PM. Dog did try waking me up, but then went back in her bed, and I fell back a sleep.

Apparently you can give yourself the Norovirus over and over again

If I don’t change my sheets before they come and check for bedbugs, they might get it.

I only got a mild case of it, both times I got it.

Maybe I’ll keep giving it to myself until I die. They might decide I’m unfit to live by myself before then.

Well, better go to bed before 10 pm. Stay up past 4 am, then go to bed early. I only got up earlier because the dog needed to go outside.