Might be better to buy the ODROID-HC2

Buy one and a USB enclosure, for the backup drive. Or make a really slow software RAID, it’s only USB 2.0.

Sucks it only has a USB 2.0 port. That’ll be a slow backup.

You can get a 8 TB external drive for under $200. Probably good enough for backups, you won’t be writing to it constantly. Not sure I buy the NAS drive claims, or maybe I don’t write enough for it to matter.

I have a Seagate 3 TB external drive, and it still works fine, I’ve had it a long time. That’s not the NAS Seagate drive in an enclosure, it was a premade external drive.

You can get a 6 TB for $115, and a 4 TB for $80.

I basically need it to copy data from two of my 3 TB drives, so I can format them. I don’t trust NTFS in Linux.

The 8 TB drive is slow for long writes, gets down to 10 MB/s. Might as well, get the ODROID-HC2 and a USB enclosure, I’ll get more then 10 MB/s copying by USB 2.0, unless it sucks like the USB on the Raspberry Pi Zero.

I’ll just buy a Fantom Drives USB drive. A review says the warranty was decreased to one year. They cost more then Seagate external drives, so I might only get a 3 TB one, that’s enough to copy one drive’s data to it, format the other drive, copy data back, and delete. Then copy the other drive’s data to it. Get the Pro ones, they are probably better. $110 for a 3 TB one. Guess they aren’t that much more then Seagate.

Why is IRoute.io in Euros?

Their servers are in Dallas, Texas. If they offered locations in Europe too, it would make sense.

Their company isn’t in the US. That’s not a good enough reason to charge in Euros. Therefore MXroute is cheaper, not MailChannels though.

I know why they did it, so they could say it only costs 5. Five Euros is more then $5, they can trick US people, thinking it’s only five, then when they checkout it’s more.

I need to move my email away from Google. That way they can’t collect anymore free info on me to sell.

This server’s mail probably goes to spam. I don’t really send very many emails, so it wouldn’t matter.

I could sell my NVMe SSD on eBay now

I probably won’t though, to many eBay buying scammers. Also, does secure erase really work? The data seemed to be gone, didn’t use TestDisk or anything. Only one M.2 slot, it’s not in my computer anymore.

The funny thing is, apparently I didn’t have discard in my fstab file, so TRIM wasn’t enabled. Unless, there’s a service or Cron job running that does it. Never set either up.

I have a small box I could ship it in.

Sofie isn’t good with cats

She lunged at the kitten, and bit her on the head again. Apparently she had the kitten’s head in her mouth.

My sister was playing with the kitten. Usually if she’s jealous, she barks, not puts their head in her mouth.

If she hurts the kitten, she might be gone. Will the no kill shelter take her back? She’s had her over a year, I think.

Tonka sniffs the kitten, but doesn’t do anything else, maybe wags her tail. She likes babies, I don’t think the species matters to her. Tonka was outside when it happened, if she was in the living room, I wonder if she’d bark at Sofie or something. She might not.

If Sofie put my head in her mouth, and Tonka was inside, there’d be a dog fight and a dead person.

That’s sexist

Teaching your son or daughter to act like their gender. Or maybe not sexist, closed minded stupidness.

Teach them they can act however they want. There is no boy or girl, we are all human.

Why is buying girl presents fun? Buy em all the same thing, you can get a bunch of cars, like 12, for $12 on Amazon. That’s three cars a piece, and it cost under $20, the cheapest/asshole uncle ever. Except, I probably won’t buy anything. I lost $100 on eBay. Knew, I shouldn’t of spent any of the money.

Mediasonic HUR5-SU3 dual bay enclosure

Apparently the fan might die on that enclosure, it only costs $50 though. Cheaper then the drives I plan on getting. The review doesn’t say what parts they had to buy to fix the fan, they said the connector wasn’t standard. A USB fan might be an easier solution.

Might die after 2.3 years too, according to a review on Newegg. They didn’t leave it on though. So it would die a lot sooner for me, might still have warranty left.

You have chance of data loss, when plugging something into USB. How can the enclosure lose your data if you plug something into your computer? I’m guessing they never heard of TestDisk.

Another review says it disconnects and connects when copying files. That wouldn’t explain the disk going raw. They claim they know about computers, where’s the proof there’s zero partitions?

I’ll just buy a more expensive enclosure. I won’t use the RAID on any enclosure, Linux software RAID is fine.

Mobius Pro 2-Bay USB-C (3.1, Gen 2) RAID Hard Drive Enclosure will Amazon start selling that again next year? Says “Currently unavailable.
We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock. “.

Was the person on Newegg using the RAID on it? If so, that could explain the data loss. The reason to use software RAID, you don’t need the exact same RAID enclosure to read it, you can read it on any Linux computer.

That leaves the AKiTiO enclosure, I have a 2.5″ one bay enclosure from them, I think. But the TRIM doesn’t work, or didn’t with the drive I had in it.

Might risk it, and buy the Mediasonic. I’ll know very quickly, if it’s going to disconnect while using it. Seeing as I don’t intend to use it’s RAID, it probably doesn’t matter what enclosure I get. Sounds like it reinitialized the drives for some reason. What if the drives had issues that caused it? You need to test different drives to see if it still does it. Not just different computers.

Buy on Amazon, and if it disconnects, send it back. Some people say the fan is quiet, that means some reviewers are getting a defective fan.

I’ve heard of TestDisk, so I’ll recover the partitions with it. I don’t have a problem doing that everyday. Or maybe I do, send it back in that case.

Nice, the RAID mode on the Mediasonic probably isn’t compatible with Linux. I had no intention of using it anyways.

Review confirms my suspicion, it only deletes the partitions. And if you put drives with data in it, it’ll delete the partitions. No problem for me. So it might randomly delete partitions too. Only one review said that kept happening, maybe they aren’t telling the full story, they added another drive, or removed the drives. Does it wipe the existing drive if you add one?

Another bad review, from somebody that doesn’t know anything. Just like my ethernet cables, that are perfectly removable without breaking anything.

Raspberry Pi Zero security camera works

You need tape to keep it in place, it has zero weight. The cables pull it away, so if you want it in a certain spot, you need tape. Had to move the cables though, just realized, I couldn’t open the blu-ray drive with them there.

How do you make the video not in fast motion? Every recording with ffmpeg on my desktop is in fast motion. Don’t know if it’s ffmpeg or mjpg-streamer.

Don’t try to stream 1080p at 30 FPS, even with a higher then 1A power adapter, the ethernet is probably to shitty to handle it. Think the power adapter is 2A. The USB on it might be crap.

Use “-filter:v “setpts=2.0*PTS”” to slow her down. Seeing if the command I added to /etc/rc.local is right, rebooted. Yup, it worked, now I don’t need to login to it to start mjpg-streamer. You don’t need that, don’t use VLC, apparently it no longer works. The video I just recorded, won’t play in VLC, shows no video, works fine in mplayer.

VLC works if you run from a terminal, even though there’s errors or something. If you do -r 30, then you might need -filter:v “setpts=2.0*PTS”.

Why doesn’t VDPAU work in VLC? No video. And sometimes when playing my recording, without VDPAU, the time stops. Doesn’t appear to happen in MPlayer, and MPlayer isuing VDPAU.

No issue with Deepin Movie either. Do all videos suck in VLC now? It use to be the best video player, apparently not anymore. Something to do with the recordings from Pi. Other recordings work fine. If you force ffmpeg to use mjpeg, it’s not in fast motion, but VLC still pauses, or the time does. What does “-use_wallclock_as_timestamps 1” do?

kuman for Raspberry PI Camera Module 5MP 1080p OV5647 Sensor HD Video Webcam Supports Night Vision for Raspberry Pi Model B/B+ A+ RPi 3/2/1/zero/zero W with FFC/FPC Cable (Raspberry pi Camera)

That’s the camera. The Pi Zero W came presoldered from PiShop.us. I can get a UPS hat if I wanted to. I’ll probably buy some 1 foot extension power cables instead, then I can plug fat power bricks by each other. It mentions UPS and power strips in the description.

The CSI port on the Pi is crap, when I was putting it together, it came out of it, even though I pushed it back. Good thing I taped the Pi down, if it gets pulled back, the cable might come out. Shouldn’t that plastic thing keep the cable in place? If there’s enough pulling, the cable comes out.

IR is weird, it’s picking something up, little flashes or something.

That camera’s IR lights get hot. I keep checking it, to see if it can burn me, then I know it’s to hot.

Can you get IR lights that aren’t as hot?

Can’t stop watching it. Not recording, probably not enough space to record 24/7. To lazy to setup Motion. That could save on disk space though, instead of recording the entire time I’m gone.

It’s probably because the light in the living room is on.

Now you know how they get ghost footage, not actual ghosts, just light.

The review on the ethernet cables I bought lie

They claim it cracked their laptop when they unplugged it. I plugged one into a switch, pushed down on the tab thing, and it came out without cracking anything.

Better put the Pi replacement together too.

They most likely didn’t press down on the tab or whatever. Even then, I’d think the cable would break, not the laptop.

Of course people are interested in Intel discrete video cards

Their non discrete video has an open source driver. The only option for a discrete video card with an open source driver, is AMD.

Or maybe it’s just Intel fanboys that are interested in it. I’d buy a Intel video card for Windows, the driver should be better then the closed source AMD driver. The AMD driver seems to have issues. And if they add virtualization support to their video cards, then you don’t have to pass it through. Then I can have just one video card.

Didn’t see the Linux part in the title on Phoronix.


Buy two of those, cheaper then the QNAP. Just rsync the data from one to the other every night, or every hour. There is some kind of network file system you could use, but I’m to lazy to do so.

Buy the cheap refurbished 4 TB drives for $70 a piece, the new white label ones might be junk.

You’d need a USB fan or two as well, the drives I plan on buying, are hot most likely. Just like the ones I have.

No need for a case, the frame is metal, and has great heat dissipation. You can stack em too. Do they make stackable USB fans?

HDD / SSD SATA interface – JMicron JMS578 USB 3.0 to SATA Bridge with UAS capability to achieve over ~300MB/sec transter speed

USB, might as well buy an enclosure. The RockPro64 has real SATA, if you buy the PCIe card, or have one that’s compatible. Then again, it’ll be a network drive, so it probably doesn’t really matter. And I have to many USB drives plugged into my computer. But there’s a solution, buy a PCIe USB 3.0 card. Once I have it maxed out, buy another, assuming I have another slot.