There’s a big dump

Was solid and possibly runny too. Felt like the runs near the end.

Maybe I won’t have to shit again tonight.

Broken Honest Abe beard

How long does it take to grow a beard? The thickest is on my chin.

I probably shaved to much on one side, probably not enough on the other side.

Don’t know how to trim anything, I’m not a hair expert. So it’ll be a broken scruffy Honest Abe beard.

I wasn’t born knowing how to trim. Apparently school doesn’t teach you that. I barely know how to shave, school didn’t teach me that either. If you are supposed to figure out some stuff by yourself, good luck, I won’t figure out anything new in the future.

Steam Link is available for the Raspberry Pi 3

I have an actual Steam Link though. I was going to sell it, but then remembered it probably isn’t worth much. They were selling them for really cheap.

Maybe it’s worth money now, I won’t sell the controller though. They stopped making the Steam Link.

I’d rather have Steam Link on the Nintendo Switch, it’s already hooked up to the TV. But I doubt Valve will release it for the Switch, even though there’s homebrew on it. Nintendo would get mad if they released a Steam Link homebrew app for it.

It’s for the 3 and 3 B+.

You can find it here.

Ha, somebody asked if they plan to open source it, or port it to the Nintendo Switch. The Switch is most likely no, because Nintendo might sue em or something. The open source of it is probably a no too.

Get one of the 3″ screens for the Pi, and see what games look like on a really low resolution screen. If I don’t want to stream it over the internet, I won’t need Parsec.

Will it be running at the low resolution on my computer too? If so, that might get rid of the stuttering in Fallout 76.

If you want GPIO on the Raspberry Pi Zero, you have to solder a header on

Might not be hard to solder the header on. The problem is, my table is to short. Need a taller table, but that costs money.

There’s a UK site that sells the Raspberry Pi Zero with the header pre soldered, but they are sold out, and that would be slow shipping, I don’t live in the UK.

No new CPU until next year

That’s when the 3rd gen Ryzen CPUs come out. Should get a new motherboard too though, as they might support PCIe 4.0.

To lazy to get a new motherboard, that means unplugging everything. Also, I might need to contact Microsoft to activate Windows in my VM. Unless, nothing changes in the VM. Never switched motherboards with a Windows VM.

CyberPanel Ubuntu beta

There’s a beta of CyberPanel for Ubuntu.

Somebody on their forum asked if Debian support was planned, and they said yes.

No idea why anyone would use Ubuntu.

I’ll probably keep CentOS, since I’m to lazy to reinstall everything, and then restore backups. CentOS is fine for a server. Who knows when Debian will be supported anyways.

Case manager came to my apartment

Needed me to sign some stuff. And he gave me some stuff.

He left me a message, but I didn’t ever call him back.

Well, now I know what happens if you don’t call him back.

Don’t bother asking my grandpa if he wants anything

He won’t want it, and the email he sends might appear to be angry.

So when I get a new iPhone, I won’t bother asking him if he wants it. That’ll be in probably at least two years. But I’ll probably keep the old iPhone as a backup.

I remember asking if they wanted an old TV, for free, and they didn’t want it, yet it’s bigger then one of the TVs they have.

Another good reason to not go to Christmas. To many pissed off people. Pissed off at me.

He also made it sound like I can’t sell the phone. A message that the bootloader was unlocked, doesn’t mean it’s broken.

Somebody sure likes trying to get on my WiFi

Why not connect to one of the many with WPS enabled?

Somebody is making a Linux “phone” with ethernet, except no cell modem, so no texting or calls on a cell network.

Does my AP have cron? If so, figure out how to disable the radios, and then disable it when I’m sleeping.

Losing Tonka will be like losing Buddy again

She’ll be 15 next year. That’s old for a big dog. No idea how long she’ll live.

I won’t get another dog. If they died in their sleep, I’d be more likely to get another dog. No dog and I won’t have to leave my apartment. What happens when the mailbox is full? Probably get evicted before then, for not going to the office to fill out the paperwork. Or dead, from running out of food.