No Rising Storm 2 for me

It’s being developed exclusively for the PC. They didn’t say there would never be a console release, but not at launch probably.

That’s what they said on their forum.

Lots of PC fanboys saying a console version will ruin the game. I’m surprised they even bother making another game, only around 1,000 people play the game when I play it. Says around 1,000 people online. Ahh well Star Wars is coming out soon. I’ll replace Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 with it.

Might be getting sick

My throat might be starting to hurt. Not very bad yet. Also tired. Mom had a cold, I think it started with her throat.

Destiny or Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2?

I don’t have to get up to play Rising Storm. So it might win. Yes I’m to lazy to walk 5 or less feet to the couch. Also I like Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 better. Destiny is kind of boring. The co-op isn’t really co-op, nobody plays with me. Can’t upgrade my stuff without playing co-op. Maybe Rising Storm 2 will be for the PS4 too. If it is, I’ll buy it.

Hell yeah, helicopters and rocket launchers in Rising Storm 2. It’ll suck if it’s PC only. I don’t plan on buying any online PC games anymore. Only single player games.

Tonka was playing like a puppy

I was in the yard with two of my neighbors. One of them has a dog named Gabe. Tonka was playing with him. He’s nine years old, a year younger then her. I don’t think I’ve seen her play like that. Maybe when she was a puppy, but I don’t remember that. Should of brought my camera out and took a video of them. Yes I could use my phone, but it isn’t as good.

80 bucks to renew Webroot

Better off searching Google and buying a new code. You don’t get a discount if you renew, you have to buy from a link on Google. And I don’t see any discounts on Google. It expires in 83 days.

$36.01 on Amazon.

Can I buy it every year on Amazon, or will they catch on?

Trend Micro is $30 on Amazon for five devices. Not a download though. And Trend Micro will slow your PC down according to a bad review on Amazon. Nod32 it is then. And nod32 only gets a good rating from There’s a comment asking how it impacts system performance. Think I’ll just be cheap and stick with webroot. gave Webroot a better rating then Nod32. I’ll buy it in November when it expires on Amazon of course.

Glad I didn’t buy a Moto G

Typing is harder on it, because the screen isn’t as big as my LG G3. Does the new Moto G have a bigger screen then the old Moto G? The new Moto G is 5″, probably big enough. And bigger then my grandma’s Moto G.

Vizio 24″ smart TV

Mom got another TV for the kid’s room. They don’t seem to be watching TV though, more like fighting.

We went to Walmart, it was $168. She could of got a 32″ Element for the same price. Shitty brand, but bigger. You’ll get a better picture on the Vizio most likely, but you’ll pay for it.

Report: Kaspersky developed malware to trip up competition

That’s good to know. I won’t be renewing my Kaspersky anti virus on my laptop. I’ll switch to something else. Maybe webroot, you can get five licenses for cheap. I don’t use AVG, it has false positives on my desktop, probably because of Kaspersky. It might be one of the best anti virus programs, but creating malware makes it the worse. Trend Micro is good too, didn’t slow my computer down when I used it in the past. Nod32 is supposed to be good, never used it though. And that’ll cost 100 bucks for 5 devices. I have three devices, and my mom has two. That’s a total of five. Or put AVG on my mom’s computers. Then I can use whatever I want, it’ll cost about the same for any of them.

Jason got a lawyer

His new argument is the kid’s primary residence is his house or apartment, whatever it is.

And my sister didn’t get a recommended lawyer. She might lose the kids then, if her lawyer sucks. Hopefully Jason quits his job so he can watch them 24/7.

High anxiety

Going to my mom’s might be anxiety provoking. You get to listen to little kids fight and get yelled at constantly.

The cowboy pizza from Papa Murphy’s was good, not sure going to her house is worth it though. Maybe I should get a week worth of TV dinners and not go over there anymore. Do that every week, Tonka can go over there when I’m at the store. And then she can come back right after I get my groceries.