Think I'll wait on getting a new phone

Wait for the next android version, and see if the ASUS Zenfone 2 gets it. If the price for the better one goes down to 250 or less, I'll probably buy it. Might not have enough money if I buy something else, then I'll get to wait for the price to go down again. It should only take six months for the price to go down. Maybe less.

LG G3 is fast after upgrading it to kitkat.

Didn't brick LG G3 yet

I upgraded the third party ROM, and it kept freezing. So I put it in download mode and tried flashing the kitkat tot file using the LG flash tool. It didn't finish, crapped out around 30% I think. Kept trying, and it froze my computer. I had it in my USB 3.0 hub. Put it in my USB 2.0 extension cable and it worked.

Also my USB 3.0 was crapping out, my music would stop, it's being streamed from my linux virtual machine, the virtual machine file is on a USB 3.0 hard drive.

Phone is fast again, it's running kitkat instead of lollipop. Third party lollipop ROMs are slower then the stock kitkat. Probably because I upgraded without formatting everything.

Can't upgrade to lollipop even if I wanted to, I rooted it.

Ran Geeknech and got 986 for the single core score. The other benchmark I did in the past only got around 700. Maybe it was being throttled when I ran it the first time. The $199 ASUS Zenfone 2 gets around 700. So I wonder how much the $299 Zenfone 2 gets, it's around 2 GHz for the CPU speed, the $199 is 1.8 GHz. I'm guessing the $299 scores the same as my phone or better. If you search for ASUS Zenfone 2 on Geekbench's site you won't find it. Guess nobody uploaded their results yet.

Could buy a windows laptop

Not much point in buying a new phone, I barely use the one I have. The Asus Zenfone 2 is probably better, but I could probably do fine with a tin can and a string.

FreedomPop GSM would be nice

Then I could use the phone I have if I got an unlock code. There was a post a year ago that said FreedomPop was talking to AT&T and T-Mobile. You can get the Nexus 5 for $150 on, but it's used. And it's an old phone.

Fire HD 6

Can you still pay to remove the special offers? You can't buy it that way anymore. I might order one of those next month. I'd rather read on a bigger screen. I could get a regular kindle, but I think I'd rather have the tablet. I could order it now for about 20 bucks a month.

The regular Kindle for 80 bucks doesn't include a power adapter. Almost the same price as the Fire HD 6 after you add the power adapter.

Doubt you can read the Fire HD 6 in sunlight. That might be a good enough reason not to get it. Would be nice to look at my DSLR settings book when outside taking pictures. I can do it for free on my phone, won't be able to read it though.

Comcast has no problem lowering your speed

Good luck getting them to lower your bill, their site still says I owe them around 20 bucks, I gave them 50. In the chat they said my balance was around 40 bucks. To bad they don't update their site.

I was paying for 105 mbps and at some point they lowered it to 50 mbps. I only found out because in their chat they said I was only getting 50 mbps.

NZXT Noctis 450

Nice looking case. It also supports 280mm radiators. Amazon doesn't appear to sell it yet. You can buy it directly from NZXT.

Won't be buying a new case until 2016 or 2017.

Asus Zenfone 2 starts at 199?

Under my recently viewed it shows the price as 199. Said 299 a while ago. Probably not the 4 GB of RAM one if it's only 199.

Why can't I upload pictures with Ghost?

Might buy it if it's only 299 for the 4 GB of RAM one.


Asus Zenfone 2 Black

How much will that phone cost? I want the 4 GB of RAM version. One more gig of RAM then my LG G3, and Intel instead of ARM.

I'll gladly replace my LG G3 with a Intel smartphone. 8 GB of RAM would be better though.

The US version of the phone isn't for sale yet. There's one for $368 on Amazon, don't think it's the US version though. Review says the camera is only mediocre. That means my LG G3's camera might be better. In that case, I'll keep my LG G3. Asus has a manual mode for the camera, so it might be better. Maybe the auto settings are no good. The aperture is better then my phone.

Candy5 isn't that great

I had to reboot my phone to get tapping in Chrome to work. I tried force closing it, and clearing the data. Also I couldn't tap on the notification bar to put screen to sleep, the notification bar would just pop down instead. Maybe I should try flashing the new version again. There's no changelog, so there's no way of knowing if it fixed anything.

I upgraded my ROM without problems this time. I cleared both caches before installing the zips, I reflashed gapps just in case. If I cleared the cache the first time, it probably would of worked.

When my phone is locked it says no service at the top. I disabled wifi and cellular data works.

Make sure you backup your phone before upgrading the ROM

The first time I updated, a bunch of stuff was closing or stopping.

Flashed gapps and then it was getting different errors.

Tried downgrading and reflashing gapps, still errors.

Got rid of the errors by stopping Google Play Service. Didn't try upgrading it back to the latest ROM though. Don't really want to mess it up. Guess you are supposed to start over every time you upgrade custom ROMs.

CenturyLink Internet Basics

10 dollars a month for 12 months. Doesn't say how much after 12 months, and you have to call them to get it.

Phone might be faster now

I flashed a different ROM, I think it's called Candy5 or something. It's still activating the cellular service. Says it can take 5 minutes. I'm using my external battery, phone got drained from all the flashing.

Might have to click skip.

I tried downgrading using the tot method, and it deleted everything, so I decided to flash a different ROM if I have to start over.

Downgrade phone or buy a new one next month?

No idea when LG will update android on the G3. I wouldn't of updated to lollipop if I knew it was going to make it slow. It'll take an hour or so to download kit kat.

Not sure downgrading will work, might have to reset it. If I get a boot loop, I'll switch to a third party ROM. Assuming I can get in the download mode.

I would probably have enough money for the Moto X next month. Kind of sucks that I haven't had the G3 very long, shouldn't need to "upgrade" already.

New computer in 2016 or 2017

I think I read on that AMD will release new processors then. I'm to cheap to buy anything other then AMD. I'd rather wait. My motherboard might fail before then though, it's a Biostar. The built in ethernet doesn't work on it, I use a PCI Intel network card. Think I bought it used on eBay. Should of kept the one I had, instead of selling it.

If my computer doesn't last until 2016 or 2017, I might be stuck using my hackintosh.

Also I like the pins on the CPU, that way I only have to replace the CPU, if the pins get bent. With Intel, you'd have to replace the whole motherboard. I guess if you don't upgrade your CPU it doesn't matter.

How to bypass the time restriction on checking for updates on the AT&T LG G3

You can check more then once a day, if you wipe the software update's data.

Use Titanium Backup, go to the backup/restore tab, scroll down to the Software update, it's the first one, tap it, click backup, then click wipe data. Go to the software update, and you should be able to redownload the OTA file.

Does it store it in /cache? It's not there yet if it does. I have a slow download speed. Under 1 mb/s, I can't afford faster internet.

Hopefully it's a tot file, so I can update using my computer.

The file will be in /cache/fota. You have to have root to access that folder. Good luck manually flashing the files. There's no instructions on google, putting a .tot extension on the dlpkgfile doesn't work. Instructions for G2 don't work either.

Might be an AT&T update, not an android update. That might explain why there isn't anything on xda dev forums about it. There's a comment saying it might be an AT&T update.

AT&T LG G3 has a software update

Unfortunately if you are rooted, you aren't allowed to update. I can't check for updates for around 20 hours now. Is it Android 5.1? Nothing on xda forums about it yet.

I guess I can try unrooting it tomorrow. It looks like a pain in the ass too. Oh wait, my call blocker requires root. Might be a way to get a stock ROM zip file to update using a custom recovery. Have to wait for somebody to make one.

NZXT cases might not be as good as their water coolers

According to the reviews, the one for $120, is flimsy. Lots of good reviews too. So hard to know who is right.

I was thinking if I build a new computer, I'd use one of their cases. But I think I'll just get Cooler Master again. Probably a bigger one, so I can fit two NZXT water coolers in it, one for CPU and one for GPU.

Video card gets up to 80C when playing games. I think somebody got their video card down to 60C with a water cooler, that's better then 80C.