Take me to court

I won’t show up though. Jason will probably find this blog and use a old post against me. He’s dragging everyone into court.


Jason lied to the court and said my sister is a crazy alcoholic unfit to watch their kids. The court believed him. Now the kids have to be at his house by 4:30 pm everyday. They have to sleep there too.

So my sister is now back at his house. She should call the cops if he does anything. Based on what I heard, he should be locked up for good. I’m not going to write what I heard though.

Oh and Jason’s mom thinks I’m weird. Maybe they’ll tell the court I’m a faggot and shouldn’t be around their kids.

Jason doesn’t care about the kids. He got her pregnant to control her, making it harder for her to leave. He had this whole thing planned, obviously, well not obviously to me.

She should of reported him for hacking her email.

Oh and his mom cleaned his house for him. I doubt he did.

Think I’ll get a PNY SSD for PS4

Don’t care if it has the fastest speed. Drive in PS4 might be dying, it makes clicking noises when turning it off. Possibly when turning it on too.

150 bucks for a 480 GB one.

Might buy a 5 TB Seagate drive for $130 instead though. Move my /home drive to a virtual disk drive and put it on the 5 TB drive, it’ll get 1 TB of the drive. I’ll use the rest for my homemade porn collection that I still haven’t started producing.

SSD might be a waste of money for the PS4. According to a comment on Amazon, the PS4 isn’t optimized to use SSDs. No SATA 3 either.

Is Tonka done pacing?

I took her out two times. She went pee and poop the second time. But started pacing and laying down in different spots when we got back in again. I played with her and pet her. Maybe my neighbor was right, she might of been bored. Should get her some new toys.

She doesn’t appear to be hurting anywhere.

Samsung 850 EVO 250GB 2.5-Inch SATA III Internal SSD (MZ-75E250B/AM)

Should get that SSD in a couple days. Canceled the Transcend. Same price for either of them. I already own a Transcend in my laptop. Can’t use just one brand. Want to see if Samsung SSDs are any good, good reviews. But it might be like their tablets and phones, slower then the specs say. Probably shouldn’t of canceled the Transcend.

They haven’t charged me yet, so I can still cancel it. Will Amazon get mad if keep canceling and ordering?

Damn it’s being prepared for shipping. Was thinking about canceling it and re ordering the Transcend. I like the Transcend drive I have in my laptop. Ahh well, the Samsung might have a longer warranty.

PNY is cheap

70 bucks for a old 240 GB SSD model. They are like Kingston and send out faster drives to benchmark sites, and then ship slower drives to customers. Crucial is cheaper then Transcend. By a whooping five dollars.

Sandisk might still be under warranty. But then I’d have to wait for a replacement.

I have enough money to buy Crucial or Transcend. Just can’t decide which brand. The Transcend has a slightly better write speed then the Crucial. But Crucial might last longer.

Bought Transcend, I know it’s a fast drive. Wish I bought two of them when it was on sale. Should have enough money left for toilet paper.

Maybe I’ll wipe the Sandisk and see if I can get a replacement. Then put the replacement in my hackintosh. But I’m lazy, so I probably won’t do a damn thing.

Could cancel it and get five dollars off on Best Buy. But Best Buy doesn’t sell Transcend SSDs, would probably have to get Samsung. I have a five dollar reward certificate. All the Crucial ones are marketplace, you can’t use a reward certificate on those. Don’t want to wait until the 28th, or whatever the free shipping date was.

Sandisk’s replacement form looks like a pain. Have to remove the drive and take pictures of it. So I’d have to use my laptop to do it, since Windows is installed on the SSD. Don’t buy a Sandisk SSD for your primary drive.

Samsung might be better then Transcend, same price.

Unrecoverable playback error: Unknown error code (0x8889000A)

Windows broke itself, no sound. Get that error in foobar2000. I’ll try rebooting.

Rebooted, sound works, but VMware Player doesn’t work.

Unable to open kernel device “\\.\Global\vmx86”: The system cannot find the file specified. Did you reboot after installing VMware Player?

Failed to initialize monitor device.

Maybe my Sandisk SSD is corrupted. I thought that might of been happening when I kept trying to make a Todo Backup thumb drive. Guess I need to replace it with a Transcend.

Reinstalling fixed it. Will probably order another Transcend SSD next month, to replace my Sandisk. I don’t trust the Sandisk anymore. Rebooting shouldn’t kill VMware Player. Was going to order a 500 GB SSD for my PS4, might not be able to now.

Why doesn’t performance mode lower my temperature?

I set my NZXT water cooler to performance mode earlier, makes the fan and pump run at a higher speed. The minimum temperature didn’t go down. I changed it to performance mode because the max temperature went up to 40.1C.

Sister is arguing with Jason

She was on the phone the entire time I was over there, not watching her kids. One of them was throwing a fit because she went outside. She might still be on the phone. Mom said he might be recording the call.

She should hang the phone up on him. Change her number too, then he can’t call her.

He’ll probably file something saying none of us can be around the kids. He’ll want to buy some baby seats once he gets full custody of the kids. When he stops watching them, my mom will call child protective services on him. If he wants full custody, he’ll be watching them 24/7.

Oh and I heard my sister say he can’t bring his knives.

Chairman Meow is gone

Tonka and Phil chased him away, he was in the shed. Went out there and looked, he wasn’t in the shed anymore.

There was a horrible squeaking sound in my mom’s car. She said sometimes cats climb into cars, and then get killed when you drive away. Looked at the tires, didn’t see anything. She might have to take it to a mechanic and ask what the noise is. That is if the noise is still there without Tonka in the back. She might of been doing something.