All drives die eventually

Grandpa said one of his OWC drives died, so he replaced them all with Seagate drives. The OWC drives might have Seagate drives in their enclosure. Probably could of replaced the drive in the enclosure. Or maybe the drive is fine, and the enclosure is dead.

Did all his OWC drives die? Or just one? I only have one and it still works.

He’ll probably be disappointed with Seagate, they have some bad reviews. But they will send you a new drive for free, if you drop the drive while it’s on and it dies. Western Digital is the first brand I saw die. But the drive could of been really old, they used used parts to build that computer.

Something was beeping

Was it one of my fire alarms? Or the carbon dioxide alarm? I can’t change the batteries in the fire alarms, you need a latter. Wasn’t a very loud beep. Maybe it was one of my UPSes.

It’s my PS4. It was in rest mode, looks like it’s off now. Might of updated itself and broke itself. If it turns on in safe mode, I’ll have to unplug it and wait 20 or so seconds and turn it back on. Appears to be fine, it was checking the drive though. Clicking noise when I turned it off. What file system does the PS4 use? I’ll replace the drive with a 500 GB SSD, Transcend of course.

Why would you want your pictures on a SSD?

Apparently my grandpa bought a refurbished firewire 800 Lacie enclosure, and a Transcend SSD to put his pictures on. Doesn’t make sense. Why connect a SSD by firewire 800? A regular drive will give you the max firewire 800 speed.

Laptop still works

Haven’t used it for days. Might try streaming Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 to it. Just to see if Steam streaming works over 2.4 GHz wireless N. To lazy to plug ethernet in, or find my USB 3.0 gigabit ethernet adapter.

Laptop can play the game without streaming, but that’s low settings. Looks way better on higher settings.

No sound when streaming. Maybe it’s trying to play the sound on my desktop, volume is turned down. That wouldn’t work very well if you were in a different room. Laptop could be muted I suppose.

Jason might of hacked one of my sister’s email accounts

The IP belongs to a Comcast user in Washington, using linux. He uses linux, and is in Washington. I checked the old logs for his site, didn’t see the IP in there, guess he hasn’t accessed his site for some time.

I’d give the lawyer the IP. They could try and get the owner of the IP from Comcast. I don’t know the laws, so I can’t say how easy or hard that would be. If she knows the wifi password, she can go outside his house and search Google for “What is my IP?”. But that might be illegal, and you might not be able to use the evidence obtained that way in court.

Deleted Jason’s site

His mom will probably pay somebody to host it. They have to get the domain first though, or buy a new domain.

Funny how people get mad when playing video games

Guess they can’t tell the difference between reality and non reality. I should make a goal of getting banned from every Insurgency server. Should be easy if you are blind, or if friendly fire is on. Just shoot all your team mates, then blow yourself up, making them lose.

Reinstalled Windows 10 on my sister’s laptop

The first thing it did when installing was asked for a product key. Clicked skip, it installed, and the first screen it showed after it was done, said it was time to enter a product key. I told her to click do this later, and connect to the wifi, then login to her MS account. Maybe the laptop is registered on Microsoft’s server. So it’ll get the product key itself. Otherwise she’ll have to see if the Windows 8 product key will work.

I deleted all the partitions on the drive and installed Windows 10, so she can’t reinstall Windows 8. Laptop didn’t come with a disk.

I had to reinstall because it kept getting a blue screen of death. It got one when I rebooted it, I was trying to enter the bios to boot from my thumb drive. Didn’t have to go into the bios, it said there was a problem with windows, clicked advance repair, and told it to boot from USB. Pretty sure the blue screen was something to do with Windows 10, it probably didn’t upgrade correctly, or something was installed that was causing it. She had no blue screens before upgrading to Windows 10.

Might of offended my neighbor

I was joking and he went silent. Surprised he took the elevator with me. He didn’t say anything when getting out of the elevator either. Sometimes he does, and sometimes he doesn’t.

When I go in the yard, I won’t sit by him, or talk to him. No point in wasting time talking to people that get offended easily.

If I take the bus, I’ll do it alone. Better then with somebody that gets offended easily.