Will the next Raspberry Pi have USB 3.0?

If so, you can use it as a NAS. I’ll probably buy a external drive or two, or a 2 bay enclosure and two drives.

You could get a different SBC, but I like Raspberry Pi, the Zero is cheap.

Don’t signup for any ColoCrossing brand

They mass deleted posts on LowEndBox, for a provider that is closing, that uses ColoCrossing. They offered 3 year hosting deals, and are now closing.

Oh and the post on LowEndTalk that said to backup your data on said provider, is gone, or at least not viewable by guests.

VirMach is supposed to be good, if you insist on ColoCrossing.

Can the three year host scam be sued? If you can prove they planned on closing way before 3 years.

Somehow the post is back. Must of moved it to registered user only area.

10 MG of Melatonin will knock you out

Went to bed around 10 PM, I think it was 10:02 PM. Woke up at almost 1 PM. Dog did try waking me up, but then went back in her bed, and I fell back a sleep.

Apparently you can give yourself the Norovirus over and over again

If I don’t change my sheets before they come and check for bedbugs, they might get it.

I only got a mild case of it, both times I got it.

Maybe I’ll keep giving it to myself until I die. They might decide I’m unfit to live by myself before then.

Well, better go to bed before 10 pm. Stay up past 4 am, then go to bed early. I only got up earlier because the dog needed to go outside.

Do they make a ethernet HAT for the Pi?

If not, is it possible to make your own? You can make your own wireless HAT, it requires some soldering.

Would it be faster then a 100 Mbps USB adapter? I don’t want to buy anymore USB ethernet adapters. I have four of them. Two 100 Mbps ethernet ones, and two 1000 Mbps USB 3.0 ones. Does the Switch really need network access? I could use that adapter.

The Pi Zero W replacement I bought, came presoldered.

If you want 10 Mbps, a ethernet HAT will work. Except, on one site, it says discontinued. Is 10 Mbps a limitation of GPIO or the controller they used? You need to be smart to answer that question. Google won’t give you a non technical answer.

Script isn’t working right

Said the process completed when I got home. Looks like one problem, is it wasn’t killing ffmpeg, most likely.

Script should work now. Also added to check if the PID is valid. Otherwise, it’ll get an error, depending on when you kill the script.

Another way to get low delay from your Raspberry Pi camera

Use the -l option in raspivid. You could leave that running all the time. You’d have to make a loop though, it closes when you disconnect.

raspivid -l -o tcp:// -t 0 -w 1920 -h 1080 -fps 30 -hf -vf

Can ffmpeg open that directly without netcat? MPlayer can’t. Yes it can, that’s better then using netcat.

It would make more sense to have the Pi run that command all the time, on exit start back up. But then what was the point in staying up all morning getting my script to work?

Apparently the Raspberry Pi can do better then 10 MB/s on the network

If you get a USB 3.0 ethernet adapter, it won’t be 1000 Mbps, but it’ll be faster then 100 Mbps.

I didn’t think it was worth buying a 3.0 adapter for the Pi, so I bought another USB 2.0 100 Mbps adapter. I suppose I could buy a 3.0 one, but I’m cheap. Also, the Pi security camera works, if you use netcat.

Not sure why I want 1080p 30 FPS though, 1280×720 has a bigger field of view.

Script finally works

Netcat was running, because of bad code, so a whole bunch were running in the background. Finally decided to see if netcat was running, it was. Killed it, started the script, and now it works as it should.

Don’t use threading in Python, you apparently can’t stop the thread. Or that could of been the netcat running in the background. Either way Process works fine.

I may share the script later. It runs a script on the Pi by SSH, and runs netcat -l on my computer with ffmpeg. Kills ffmpeg after 1810 seconds, no need to use the -t setting in ffmpeg. 1810 seconds, because it doesn’t start actually recording anything right away.

Can you run motion from a netcat stream? I can’t get 1080p 30 FPS any other way, VLC there’s a delay, mjpg-streamer is in slow motion.

I should probably go to bed now.