Report: Kaspersky developed malware to trip up competition

That’s good to know. I won’t be renewing my Kaspersky anti virus on my laptop. I’ll switch to something else. Maybe webroot, you can get five licenses for cheap. I don’t use AVG, it has false positives on my desktop, probably because of Kaspersky. It might be one of the best anti virus programs, but creating malware makes it the worse. Trend Micro is good too, didn’t slow my computer down when I used it in the past. Nod32 is supposed to be good, never used it though. And that’ll cost 100 bucks for 5 devices. I have three devices, and my mom has two. That’s a total of five. Or put AVG on my mom’s computers. Then I can use whatever I want, it’ll cost about the same for any of them.

Jason got a lawyer

His new argument is the kid’s primary residence is his house or apartment, whatever it is.

And my sister didn’t get a recommended lawyer. She might lose the kids then, if her lawyer sucks. Hopefully Jason quits his job so he can watch them 24/7.

High anxiety

Going to my mom’s might be anxiety provoking. You get to listen to little kids fight and get yelled at constantly.

The cowboy pizza from Papa Murphy’s was good, not sure going to her house is worth it though. Maybe I should get a week worth of TV dinners and not go over there anymore. Do that every week, Tonka can go over there when I’m at the store. And then she can come back right after I get my groceries.

Windows 10 reset function doesn’t work on my sister’s laptop

I think she has a bad Windows 10 upgrade. She was getting a blue screen, looked like the drivers are newer then the ones on Lenovo’s site. I should text her and ask if she wants me to create a USB drive with the Windows 10 installer on it, then I can just do a clean install for her. You might need to “upgrade” to get it for free though. Could try creating a thumb drive on her laptop, but it might not work.

What’s the name of the program I used to update my laptop early? It might let you create a thumb drive installer too. Need to put that on her laptop.

I told her to do a factory reset, it’ll put Windows 8.1 back on it, or whatever it came with, 8 or 8.1. Then she can try upgrading to Windows 10 again. That’s easier, then I don’t have to do anything.

The name of the program is media creation utility. You can put the installer on a thumb drive for a different computer, just select which version, and 32 bit or 64 bit. Looks like it’s a slow process. It’s probably downloading Windows 10 Home.

I will only buy online games for the PS4

The chat on online PC games is annoying. Lots of people that don’t know how to spell, or use a capital I, or even know how to spell you. There’s no text chat on PS4 games. That means if I get the Star Wars game, it’ll be the PS4 version. I have the voice crap disabled. That’s probably why I suck at most online games. To bad I can’t get The Elder Scrolls Online for 20 bucks for the PS4. I would of had to buy it before it came out for the PS4. Didn’t know that, I probably read something on engadget, that didn’t tell me all the details. Don’t really like that game anyways, Skyrim is better. I’ll probably keep playing Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2, until I get a new game. But any future games I get for the PC will be single player, like Fallout 4.

And if there’s a text chat in the PS4 version of a game, I won’t be able to read it anyways, the text will be to small.

Don’t order from MacMall

Grandpa ordered something, and they said they couldn’t ship it to a PO box. The first thing he ordered from there they shipped to his PO box. He emailed them back, and called them. They said they would make an exception one time. He won’t be ordering from them anymore. Might cost more on Amazon, but they will tell you if it can be shipped to a PO box.

That might get rid of OCD too

Your dick hurting for no apparent reason might get rid of OCD too. I did go pee at my grandma’s, so I shouldn’t of needed to go to the bathroom. Must of been how I was sitting. Maybe I was sitting on it. Doesn’t hurt anymore unfortunately.

Steam controller should work with the NVIDIA SHIELD

That is if your computer is in the same room. Pretty sure I can play the game on my computer while it’s streaming to my TV, it shows the game on my monitor too. Just connect the Steam Controller to your computer. You’ll have to use the NVIDIA SHIELD controller to start the game, but then you can switch to the Steam Controller. Maybe I should pre order it.

Makes you wonder why I bought the NVIDIA SHIELD, I could just run an HDMI cable from my desktop to the TV. I have a long HDMI cable too. And I have an Xbox 360 controller and a wireless USB thing for it.

Maybe I’ll pre order it on November 9th, that way I can get it on the release date of November 10th. Wait, you might need to pre order sooner to get it on the 10th. Oh well, I’ll get it after the 10th then.

I lost weight?

Might of gotten taller. I gained weight, not lost. How much taller will I get? If I get to 7 feet, I don’t need to lose any weight.