That’s one way to gain weight

Eat eight mozzarella sticks. I burned my bottom lip too. Didn’t know the toaster oven got stuff that hot, second time didn’t though. Do it for five minutes, then it’ll only be half cooked. You’ll only get half burned that way.

No more mozzarella sticks. Ate way to many. If I throw up, that’s proof of my stupidness.

Maybe I can give myself OCD about having a heart attack from eating to much. Might not eat very much if that happens, then I’ll be to skinny and die from whatever the opposite of a heart attack is.

Good job washer

Clothes got extra wet in one of the washers. Dryer has been going for two hours now. Not sure if they will be dry at five either, maybe I should wait until six to check.

Probably should of ran the spin mode or whatever on the washer before drying them. Assuming it has one. There was no water in the washer. Should complain about the free to use dryers taking to long.

Other dryer worked. Only thing different is it had extended tumble off instead of on. Don’t know what tumble is.

0 minutes?

My “smart” watch says I’ve been active for 0 minutes today. I took Tonka on a walk that lasted longer then 0 minutes. For some reason I thought my watch would count my steps, apparently it only syncs with my phone. Guess the Google fit app doesn’t work anymore then.

Yup looks like Google fit doesn’t count my steps anymore. Should probably put my watch on eBay.

Can you buy ammo in Just Cause 3?

In 2 you apparently have to buy a new gun when you run out of ammo. Couldn’t find any ammo at the safe house. Haven’t played it since, not very fun with no ammo.

Comes out December 1st.

Automatic bread maker would be nice

There’s a refurbished one on Nowhere to put it though. Guess I could put it on the stove when I’m using it. And bury it in the closet when it’s not being used.

But I don’t want to spend any money. No bread maker for me.

That would be one way to max out your RAM

Buy one 8 GB stick this month, and another next month. 24 GB might be plenty though. Not spending anymore money this month, so it would be next month, and the month after, or just buy two sticks next month. Getting money from my sister for clearing her laptop that she sold to my grandma.

Toaster ovens are nice

Want some mozzarella sticks, but not half of the bag. Hopefully my rice cooker doesn’t catch on fire, or the sodastream on the other side.

Damn cheez its box, can’t see the light from my chair.

I had to wipe the toaster oven off, it was covered in dust. Haven’t used it for months.

Should of used the oven. Still not heated up. Would of got more in the regular oven. But I got to get my twenty bucks worth of toaster oven.

The rice cooker and sodastream aren’t even hot. Guess they aren’t to close.

Wait, does the light turn off when it’s heated up? Might be waiting for nothing.

Waited almost thirty minutes, put them in and set the timer on it to ten. Should turn itself off when it’s done.

Don’t feel like trying to find the manual to see if the light turns off.

Lots of stuff happening at/before E3

The PlayStation 4 is getting a media player Still need my SHIELD, it streams games from my PC to my TV, like Titanfall, which isn’t available on the PS4.
Sony adds a la carte channel subscription to PlayStation Vue Sweet you can pay for the channels you want, and it looks like only three channels will be available, none of them I want. Don’t live in one of the places that Vue is available anyways. I’d only pay for Cartoon Network.

Fallout 4 comes out before the new Star Wars game

Might not get the Star Wars game. I should probably beat Fallout New Vegas before getting Fallout 4 though. Never played 3, might want to beat that too before getting it. I’ve been playing Borderlands 2, so that’ll take a while to finish New Vegas.

Does your SHIELD say the controller is charging still after you unplug it?

Go to power and put it to sleep. If you tried playing a game from your NVIDIA PC, and the controller doesn’t work, sleep will fix that too. Not sure if it thinking the controller is being charged had anything to do with that or not. It happened again, I exited the game on the SHIELD, and clicked resume and it started working again.