Are you paranoid?

I’d recommend getting an outgoing firewall. That way you can block iTunes from phoning home. I use the built in Windows firewall. Windows Firewall Control gives me a notification when something tries connecting to the internet, you have to donate ten bucks to get notifications.

Good enough solution for me.

Almost everyone has faster internet then me

Except my mom, she has the same plan as me. 6 mbps might of been fast in 2000, but it’s 2015 now. Basically dial up. If I downgraded to the 3 mbps plan, I’d be even more pissed. I don’t consider 6 mbps or less broadband. I can’t pay Comcast anymore money, because they lowered my speed when I was paying for more.

Comcast is a rip off, 6 mbps should be 20 bucks or less a month. I might not be pissed if that’s how much I was paying.

Damn now I want an Intel i5 laptop

Could save up and build a new Intel desktop, think new processors are coming out in September. Or save up and buy a laptop. Will they have one with an i5 and a AMD video card for 700 or less?

Don’t need NVIDIA on a laptop, desktop already has NVIDIA.

Or buy a laptop with no dedicated video. But a gaming laptop might have four memory slots. Yes I require 32 GB of RAM.

Yup AC is fixed

Video card is idling at 31C. Good idle temperature for a video card, they usually run hotter then CPUs, and mine isn’t water cooled.

Maybe I should get an outgoing firewall for Windows

Don’t need an incoming firewall, router does that. If I had one on my computer, I’d have to open various ports for various network things, pain in the ass. What’s the best free or paid outgoing only firewall for Windows? Need something like Little Snitch for Windows.

NetLimiter might be what I want. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have another dump to take.

NetLimiter 4 is free while in development, but there’s some features in development that I don’t need. Might be tempted to try and make Titanfall lag, then I’ll be a lag hacker. I need a more simple program, like Little Snitch.

You can limit your upload speed to prevent lagging in Titanfall. But I’d most likely be uploading from my SHIELD, so I need an Android TV app.

FortKnox Personal Firewall is ugly, but might work. Just have to see if there’s any reviews.

Don’t trust FortKnox Firewall. Looks like Windows Firewall Control is the only option. Maybe the warning about no Firewall will go away.

Sweet program, it isn’t responding. Works now. 25 bucks if I want the Plus version. Didn’t appear to turn the firewall on though. And it keeps showing a popup on the right bottom of my screen above the system tray.

There’s another program with the same name on Google, the first result. It’s free. Not sure if the outbound protection is free. Got to reboot to remove the old one.

The real Windows Firewall Control? Which one was made first? That one or the link before?

Windows Firewall Control from is the cheapest option, 10 bucks. Uses the built in Windows firewall. Good enough for me.

You can’t transfer Windows 7 to Windows 8.1 using the Windows Easy Transfer program

Microsoft decided you can’t go from 7 to 8.1 using their “easy” program. There’s a program from the people that made my backup program that might work. Guess I’ll search some more on Google, and see if there’s a free way. The free version of the program only does two applications. The easy program doesn’t do applications at all though.

It might work if you save the transfer file to an external drive and then plug the drive into the new computer and select it in the new and improved easy transfer program.

I’m not transferring my computer. My grandma bought my sister’s gaming laptop. If I had 500 bucks, I might of bought it.

Easiest solution is to pony up 50 bucks and buy Todo PCTrans Pro. Old review says it’s slow and doesn’t find all utility programs. I assume it’s a old review because the price is 40 bucks, instead of 50 bucks. Didn’t look at the date.

You can securely erase the free space on a hard drive with CCleaner

That’s easier then wiping the entire drive, and then reinstalling Windows. You could reinstall Windows, then run CCleaner. Or delete everything including user accounts and make a new one called owner. If Windows doesn’t delete the usersusername folder, delete it manually.

Video card might need to be cleaned

AC is working better, but my video card is still in the 40s C, when not doing anything. I think the max was always 80C. So maybe the fan speed just needs to be increased.

Lowest temperature for CPU is 10.4C.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

30 bucks on Steam. I have 30 bucks, but I haven’t beaten 2 yet. If I get the new one, I won’t want to play 2 anymore. I have until the 22nd to decide.