That’s one way to deal with brute protection

Take down the server of the brute protection. Only problem is, the sites using it, will become super slow, and will need a math question answered. Not exactly the best way to do it, but whatever. I suppose some people will disable the plugin so they can login.

Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm might run better now

Looks like there was something seriously wrong with my Sandisk SSD. Don’t buy a Sandisk SSD for your OS drive. I could try to get a replacement Sandisk. I can take pictures of it now, since it isn’t in my computer anymore. But I’m far to lazy to try to get a replacement, they’ll want proof it’s messed up, I have none.

Samsung software turned off the indexing thing in Windows

I told it to do the maximum reliability optimization. Now searching for programs doesn’t work. You can search the web for the program if you want. Enabled the indexing thing, I can search for programs again.

Samsung SSD came

Looks like USB 3.0 is slower then SATA 3, well it is by 1 GB. Didn’t need to run a benchmark, thought it would get good scores if I wasn’t booted from it yet.

Once the benchmark is done, I’ll clone my old drive to it.

It might be the skinniest SSD I have.

Maybe I need a different USB 3.0 HD dock. Or my USB 3.0 PCI express card sucks, or has to much stuff plugged into it.

Looks like the Samsung SSD is faster then the Sandisk it replaced. Chrome was messed up, it was open while cloning. Should of opened VMware Player and ran Chrome in that. Different drive.

All SSDs are skinny, I just forgot.

That would explain the good reviews. Probably faster then my Transcend SSD too.

Now I need two 1 TB Samsung SSDs. One for my /home drive, and another for my games drive. Only using 196 GB on my current games drive though, could get a 500 GB one. /home drive is on two 500 GB drives in a RAID 1.

How many SSD brands have you owned?


And soon Samsung. Corsair was the first, I don’t know where it is, but it should still work. The Kingston is in my hackintosh still working. It’s an old model before they started sending out better drives to review sites and worse drives to customers.

The connector on the Seagate broke, so I can’t use it. Don’t know if Seagate still makes SSDs, they did for a short time.

Sandisk appears to have file corruption. I thought I was getting a reliable drive when I ordered Sandisk.

The list might not be in order, can’t remember when I bought OCZ. Corsair was the first though.

Take me to court

I won’t show up though. Jason will probably find this blog and use a old post against me. He’s dragging everyone into court.


Jason lied to the court and said my sister is a crazy alcoholic unfit to watch their kids. The court believed him. Now the kids have to be at his house by 4:30 pm everyday. They have to sleep there too.

So my sister is now back at his house. She should call the cops if he does anything. Based on what I heard, he should be locked up for good. I’m not going to write what I heard though.

Oh and Jason’s mom thinks I’m weird. Maybe they’ll tell the court I’m a faggot and shouldn’t be around their kids.

Jason doesn’t care about the kids. He got her pregnant to control her, making it harder for her to leave. He had this whole thing planned, obviously, well not obviously to me.

She should of reported him for hacking her email.

Oh and his mom cleaned his house for him. I doubt he did.

Think I’ll get a PNY SSD for PS4

Don’t care if it has the fastest speed. Drive in PS4 might be dying, it makes clicking noises when turning it off. Possibly when turning it on too.

150 bucks for a 480 GB one.

Might buy a 5 TB Seagate drive for $130 instead though. Move my /home drive to a virtual disk drive and put it on the 5 TB drive, it’ll get 1 TB of the drive. I’ll use the rest for my homemade porn collection that I still haven’t started producing.

SSD might be a waste of money for the PS4. According to a comment on Amazon, the PS4 isn’t optimized to use SSDs. No SATA 3 either.

Is Tonka done pacing?

I took her out two times. She went pee and poop the second time. But started pacing and laying down in different spots when we got back in again. I played with her and pet her. Maybe my neighbor was right, she might of been bored. Should get her some new toys.

She doesn’t appear to be hurting anywhere.

Samsung 850 EVO 250GB 2.5-Inch SATA III Internal SSD (MZ-75E250B/AM)

Should get that SSD in a couple days. Canceled the Transcend. Same price for either of them. I already own a Transcend in my laptop. Can’t use just one brand. Want to see if Samsung SSDs are any good, good reviews. But it might be like their tablets and phones, slower then the specs say. Probably shouldn’t of canceled the Transcend.

They haven’t charged me yet, so I can still cancel it. Will Amazon get mad if keep canceling and ordering?

Damn it’s being prepared for shipping. Was thinking about canceling it and re ordering the Transcend. I like the Transcend drive I have in my laptop. Ahh well, the Samsung might have a longer warranty.