PNY is cheap

70 bucks for a old 240 GB SSD model. They are like Kingston and send out faster drives to benchmark sites, and then ship slower drives to customers. Crucial is cheaper then Transcend. By a whooping five dollars.

Sandisk might still be under warranty. But then I’d have to wait for a replacement.

I have enough money to buy Crucial or Transcend. Just can’t decide which brand. The Transcend has a slightly better write speed then the Crucial. But Crucial might last longer.

Bought Transcend, I know it’s a fast drive. Wish I bought two of them when it was on sale. Should have enough money left for toilet paper.

Maybe I’ll wipe the Sandisk and see if I can get a replacement. Then put the replacement in my hackintosh. But I’m lazy, so I probably won’t do a damn thing.

Could cancel it and get five dollars off on Best Buy. But Best Buy doesn’t sell Transcend SSDs, would probably have to get Samsung. I have a five dollar reward certificate. All the Crucial ones are marketplace, you can’t use a reward certificate on those. Don’t want to wait until the 28th, or whatever the free shipping date was.

Sandisk’s replacement form looks like a pain. Have to remove the drive and take pictures of it. So I’d have to use my laptop to do it, since Windows is installed on the SSD. Don’t buy a Sandisk SSD for your primary drive.

Samsung might be better then Transcend, same price.

Unrecoverable playback error: Unknown error code (0x8889000A)

Windows broke itself, no sound. Get that error in foobar2000. I’ll try rebooting.

Rebooted, sound works, but VMware Player doesn’t work.

Unable to open kernel device “\\.\Global\vmx86”: The system cannot find the file specified. Did you reboot after installing VMware Player?

Failed to initialize monitor device.

Maybe my Sandisk SSD is corrupted. I thought that might of been happening when I kept trying to make a Todo Backup thumb drive. Guess I need to replace it with a Transcend.

Reinstalling fixed it. Will probably order another Transcend SSD next month, to replace my Sandisk. I don’t trust the Sandisk anymore. Rebooting shouldn’t kill VMware Player. Was going to order a 500 GB SSD for my PS4, might not be able to now.

Why doesn’t performance mode lower my temperature?

I set my NZXT water cooler to performance mode earlier, makes the fan and pump run at a higher speed. The minimum temperature didn’t go down. I changed it to performance mode because the max temperature went up to 40.1C.

Sister is arguing with Jason

She was on the phone the entire time I was over there, not watching her kids. One of them was throwing a fit because she went outside. She might still be on the phone. Mom said he might be recording the call.

She should hang the phone up on him. Change her number too, then he can’t call her.

He’ll probably file something saying none of us can be around the kids. He’ll want to buy some baby seats once he gets full custody of the kids. When he stops watching them, my mom will call child protective services on him. If he wants full custody, he’ll be watching them 24/7.

Oh and I heard my sister say he can’t bring his knives.

Chairman Meow is gone

Tonka and Phil chased him away, he was in the shed. Went out there and looked, he wasn’t in the shed anymore.

There was a horrible squeaking sound in my mom’s car. She said sometimes cats climb into cars, and then get killed when you drive away. Looked at the tires, didn’t see anything. She might have to take it to a mechanic and ask what the noise is. That is if the noise is still there without Tonka in the back. She might of been doing something.

All drives die eventually

Grandpa said one of his OWC drives died, so he replaced them all with Seagate drives. The OWC drives might have Seagate drives in their enclosure. Probably could of replaced the drive in the enclosure. Or maybe the drive is fine, and the enclosure is dead.

Did all his OWC drives die? Or just one? I only have one and it still works.

He’ll probably be disappointed with Seagate, they have some bad reviews. But they will send you a new drive for free, if you drop the drive while it’s on and it dies. Western Digital is the first brand I saw die. But the drive could of been really old, they used used parts to build that computer.

Something was beeping

Was it one of my fire alarms? Or the carbon dioxide alarm? I can’t change the batteries in the fire alarms, you need a latter. Wasn’t a very loud beep. Maybe it was one of my UPSes.

It’s my PS4. It was in rest mode, looks like it’s off now. Might of updated itself and broke itself. If it turns on in safe mode, I’ll have to unplug it and wait 20 or so seconds and turn it back on. Appears to be fine, it was checking the drive though. Clicking noise when I turned it off. What file system does the PS4 use? I’ll replace the drive with a 500 GB SSD, Transcend of course.

Why would you want your pictures on a SSD?

Apparently my grandpa bought a refurbished firewire 800 Lacie enclosure, and a Transcend SSD to put his pictures on. Doesn’t make sense. Why connect a SSD by firewire 800? A regular drive will give you the max firewire 800 speed.

Laptop still works

Haven’t used it for days. Might try streaming Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 to it. Just to see if Steam streaming works over 2.4 GHz wireless N. To lazy to plug ethernet in, or find my USB 3.0 gigabit ethernet adapter.

Laptop can play the game without streaming, but that’s low settings. Looks way better on higher settings.

No sound when streaming. Maybe it’s trying to play the sound on my desktop, volume is turned down. That wouldn’t work very well if you were in a different room. Laptop could be muted I suppose.