No more Sandisk products for me

They sold me a SSD with some kind of problem. All SD cards I buy in the future won’t be made by Sandisk. Either Sony or Samsung. I have a Sony micro SD card in my phone. I have a Samsung micro SD card in the DS playing flashcard I bought for my 2DS.

I don’t care enough about the pictures I take with my camera to replace the Sandisk SD card.

Why did I feed Tonka?

She ate people shit at my mom’s. The dogs got in the garbage in the bathroom, there was a dirty diaper in there. It’s not going to look good when the guardian whatever comes to the house.

I was sleeping and woke up a little and could smell her shit smelling breath, I got pissed and then fell back a sleep. I should just lock her out of my room at night, no more smelling shit while I sleep. She eats dog shit too. Anyone want a dog that eats dog shit? She likes kids, and she’ll eat their poop too.

Wait there’s a lady in the building that said if I got rid of her, she’d take her. She might not anymore, now that she eats shit.

Could stop putting her in the yard. Then she won’t go poop. Then when she starts pooping in my apartment, she’ll be gone. She’ll try to eat shit if you walk her too though. Nobody at this building cleans up after their dogs, or very few people do. I joined them, as I don’t want to step in dog shit trying to clean her’s up.

Move to a building that doesn’t allow dogs. Give Tonka to somebody with no other pets, then she can only eat her own poop.

RIP Nexus 4

I gave my Nexus 4 to my mom, who gave it to my older sister. The dog knocked it down, and it no longer works I guess. I think she got a phone like my sister’s.

I won’t be giving my LG G3 to anybody. If I get a new phone, I’ll keep it as a backup.

You might be able to put DD-WRT on the TP-LINK Archer C9

But their router database doesn’t list the C9, or it has some other model number, I don’t know. There’s a post about it, didn’t see any links, but it’s a long thread, not looking at every page.

According to their wiki it is supported. Where’s the download link?

You can find the download on their FTP site.

If I get that router, I probably won’t put DD-WRT on it. Don’t do much with a router.

Should of talked to that girl

Could put a piece of paper with my number on her door. I still remember where she lives. Or it was somebody else’s apartment, and she was just taking their dog out. Either way, they’d probably throw the number out.

It’s been months now, probably wouldn’t be any point in talking to them now.

I’m not the smartest ejaculator on the block.

She’ll never try talking to me again.

That’s what I get for not looking at them. Or not at their face. Might of recognized them if I saw their face.

The TP-LINK Archer C9 has good range?

According to one of the reviews it does. Didn’t read the entire review though. Not sure if it will in my apartment, my current TP-LINK doesn’t. The 5 GHz on my router only gives me two bars in the bathroom.

You can buy it on Amazon.

Can you survive on dog food?

Might taste bad, but it beats going to the store. I have lots of dog food. Have one unopened bag. I could eat at my mom’s, but listening to a kid talk constantly is annoying.

Sell all my stuff and move to a group home, you’ll get robbed at a group home, so don’t move in with anything of value. Sell my phone and replace it with a phone nobody will want, like a dumb phone, or better have no phone. Guaranteed you’ll get robbed.

Maybe I do have sleep apnea

Kept waking up, can’t remember if it was yesterday or today. Might of been yesterday. Or maybe it was a dream. Hard to tell the difference.

Don’t think I’ll have somebody watch me sleep. I don’t mind dying in my sleep. Nobody needs to watch me hump the bed and/or air while I sleep.


If Sling TV worked in a web browser on your computer, PlayLater could add support for it. Then you can record everything. Smart idea for Sling TV, require a desktop app on the PC. You can record manually, use a screen recorder.