It should be faster then my phone, and it’ll have a bigger screen. Don’t need a tablet, got one that works good enough.

The game streaming with the SHIELD supports Titanfall. Says it supports The Elder Scrolls Online, but only if you use a keyboard and mouse. It wouldn’t be comfortable using a keyboard and mouse on a coffee table. Unless it’s a tall coffee table.

Get the NVIDIA SHIELD instead of a tablet?

200 bucks and it comes with a controller, and it works with Logitech universal remotes. It has IR, instead of using bluetooth like the Fire TV.

Only problem is Kodi isn’t in the Play Store, no idea how to sideload apps on android TV.

Sideloading might be the same as in Android.

Why would you need the 500 GB version? It has two USB 3.0 ports, so you could get a 1 TB external drive or bigger and plug it in. No need to pay another hundred bucks right away.

Google Photos will be unlimited and free

According to Engadget, Google Photos will offer unlimited space for photos, 16 MP for photos, and 1080p for videos. It’ll be standalone from Google+, so the Google+ Photo auto backup program probably won’t work anymore. I’ll have to upload pictures from Chrome. Not sure if RAW is supported, that might not be free.

ZeroLemon LG G3 9000mAh Extended Battery + Rugged Black Zero Shock Hybrid Case

Battery works. Have to charge it for 12 hours though. Says to only use the charger your phone came with. Sucks can’t use my Anker two USB port charger. What happens if I use my Anker charger?

I also turned it on before plugging it in. Plugged it in pretty fast after turning it on though. You’ll have to sort of look at the instructions to get the case on. Skip the screen protector part, I already have a screen protector.

Used electric shaver

Wanted to see how much hair it gets off my face. It might of got the two spots that it was missing before. Since I can’t see very well without my glasses I missed some hair in other spots, I even went over it again with my regular razor. Looks like you need glasses on to shave. I’ll just keep doing half assed shaves.

If it got the spots on my neck, it’s because the hair was longer. I’ve been waiting longer to shave. Battery was blinking red while shaving, it was sitting in the bathroom cabinet unplugged.

ASUS is the winner

ASUS MeMO Pad 7 ME176CX-A1-WH 7-Inch Tablet (White) That’s the tablet I’ll get, if I get one. The CPU benchmark according to Geekbench, is almost the same as my phone. Just ran another benchmark on my phone, the multicore test is less then the Intel CPU that the ASUS tablet has.

I’m guessing it has the Z3745, based on Best Buy’s site.

$120 bucks for a tablet almost as fast as my phone, that’s a bargain. Shouldn’t of bought phone, should of bought that tablet and use that most of the time. Use the phone for texts and calls, and the tablet for everything else.

Lenovo tablet?

Probably wouldn’t get the 10″ tablet, don’t need a screen that big. Maybe the S8, about 170. Should probably just get ASUS or Samsung. Maybe Samsung as it has more RAM then the ASUS. Don’t plan on rooting any tablet I get. So there will be crapware on it.

ASUS or Samsung?

The Samsung has 500 MB more of RAM. ASUS has more storage, and will be cheaper, $127 for the tablet and a 8 dollar case.

The ASUS also has a better processor.

The Samsung is $152.98 with a tablet, the bundle they offer.

I think I’ll get the ASUS, cheaper, and has more space. More RAM would be nice, but it doesn’t matter that much. Might barely use it like the tablet I have anyways. If you root it, 1 GB of RAM is fine, you can remove all the crapware.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (7-Inch, White) with Targus Case and Free Stylus

ASUS MeMO Pad 7 ME176CX-A1-WH 7-Inch Tablet (White)

Will probably get the Fire HD 6

You can root it and put Google Play on it if you really want to.

I’ll probably get the 16 GB one. Will have to buy it with the special offers and then pay to disable them if I don’t want them. You can’t buy the blue one without special offers, don’t really need to buy it without them, as you use to be able to pay later to remove them. Also you can remove the ads for free if you get adb working. I’d recommend disabling the phoning home crap if you do that though, otherwise Amazon might know.

ASUS has a tablet for 120 or so, but I like Fire OS.

You can’t buy the white one with 16 GB of storage, maybe next month.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 has 500 MB more of RAM. But it only comes with 8 GB of storage, and costs more. But I like the Galaxy Tab I have, is it a 2 or 3? Doesn’t turn on, probably need to charge it.

It has a micro SD slot. I don’t use a lot of apps, mostly just streaming porn via Chrome.