If you pause Sling TV

You can pause the DIY network channel, but the quality goes really bad once you resume it. Not sure if it’s my slow ass internet or Sling. Fast forwarding the commercials is a slow painful process. You might be better off watching the commercials.

Good idea, update Windows Firewall Control

Maybe the new version will have a thing popup when something tries to access the internet. Not activated, was it before the update? Probably not, that might be the problem.

Activated it and turned the notifications on, works now.

Sling TV has the DIY network?

Yup for five bucks extra you get the DIY network. Let’s see if it’ll let me sign back up with one of my existing accounts, I had to create a new account to sign back up last time. 25 bucks is cheaper then internet + cable, not calling to see if you can get a bundle for less then their site. Got to make sure the app opens on my SHIELD first.

Yes I’ll pay 25 bucks a month for one channel. It has adult swim too though. If I signup I can spend all my time sitting on my couch.

The Sling TV app opens on the SHIELD. It’s going to be a pain entering my random password. Maybe I should save my 25 dollars.

And I signed up. Goodbye computer, hello TV.


Looks like having the TV closer, makes the picture better. Might look better then my AOC monitor. I played some Titanfall. Had to disable my firewall to get it to activate. I added a bunch of Origin exe files to the allowed list. Didn’t try opening a different game to see if it can activate.

There should be no requirements

To get the $9.95 Internet Essentials package. Everyone should get 10 Mbps internet for ten bucks a month. You can in other countries. Just not in America.

Takes them a long time to get the requirements.

You have to have a kid, just like I thought. They don’t want to answer my question.

Should cancel it. Have no internet.

Yeah I’m not paying for cable TV. Why does 6 Mbps cost 50 bucks a month in the US?

As a loyal customer, our Customer Solutions Department can assist you in checking the eligibility of your account for the exclusive offers. Please call us at 1-888-931-1379 to know what you can get. Monday – Saturday 7AM to 9PM (EST)

I might call that number to cancel it.

I should of saved the chat. It’s a privilege to get internet for ten bucks a month. I think I can get a phone line for ten bucks a month, dialup will be another ten bucks, that’s 20 bucks a month.

Stupid AC

Keeps resetting itself to 80. Turned it down to 70 last night, looks like it reset itself again already. Might have to go to the office and tell them.

Tired when my alarm goes off

Haven’t been waking up before my alarm goes off anymore. Turn my alarm off and go back to bed. Maybe I have sleep apnea. Maybe not, sounds like you’ll wake up if you have it. I sleep all night until my alarm goes off.

Actually I might of woke up, I remember looking at my backpack.

How did my database user get deleted?

Did my host do it for some reason? When I looked at the latest visitors, there didn’t appear to be anything suspicious.

If I say BUYSHARED sucks, will they delete my user again? Or both of my database users?