NVIDIA picks shitty settings for Fallout New Vegas

Looks worse then the PS3 version did, and your view distance isn’t very far, so you have to walk up to everything for it to show up.

I turned the optimize thing off for that game on my shield, then I changed the game settings to ultra. If you don’t turn the optimize off for the game on your shield, it’ll change the settings back to the shitty settings.

Fallout on sale in Steam

Except for Fallout 4. New Vegas ultimate version is 12 bucks, I paid a little more on Amazon a couple days ago. Stuff always goes on sale after I buy it.

Plex isn’t needed on the NVIDIA SHIELD

It has enough RAM to keep Kodi open, so when I go to a folder with videos in it, the last one I watched is selected, so just scroll up one and click A. Or maybe it’s a new feature of the newer version of Kodi, it’s a test build from their forum.

Kodi didn’t do that on Fire TV, but I always exited it after the video ended.

Make sure you limit your upload speed on Comcast

I had to limit it to 50 kb/s, was at 70 or 80 kb/s, and was killing my download speed. Stuff was taking a long time to load. If you pay 80+ bucks a month you should be fine. I can’t afford 80+ a month for internet that was slower then what I signed up for. Yup Comcast will lower your speed without telling you.

Fallout 4

No release date yet. Possibly a release date on the 14th, they will unveil it at E3.

I need to beat New Vegas first though. Hopefully the PC version of 4 will support controllers, that way I can stream it to my TV using my NVIDIA SHIELD. Yeah I could buy the PS4 version, but why bother? PC will always have better graphics. No disk changing required either.

Windows PowerShell will be a native SSH client

Where do you download PowerShell? Oh wait, I have linux in a virtual machine. I’ll just use that. Wait I don’t have a dedicated server or a VPS anymore. No SSH needed. Oh wait my shared hosting has SSH, good for upgrading zenphoto.


Was engadget hacked?

The mobile app shows posts that aren’t on the main site. One post is blank, the other two aren’t very long. Looks like a bot is posting useless posts.


Looks like it doesn’t like the wifi on my router. It’s a TP-LINK Archer C7 v1. I thought version one only meant Apple stuff wouldn’t work. Maybe NVIDIA used a similar wifi chip in the SHIELD that Apple uses.

Plugged ethernet into it, now PC streaming starts way faster and looks better. The only difference is my TV is brighter. And you can’t read the chat text, to small. I need a TV with big font.

I plugged the long ethernet cable into a switch, and plugged a shorter one into the SHIELD and one to my PS4.

Streaming using Kodi is faster. Didn’t think it could get any faster then the Fire TV. I’m using a test build from their forum.

LEGO® Worlds might be better then minecraft

There’s stuff to drive/ride around. No multiplayer yet. But don’t really need multiplayer, don’t have any friends that play video games.

I should buy it and make a giant dong. And then put a picture on panhandlersonline.com. Nobody will see it except me though. That category isn’t viewable by the public.