Laptop might turn on faster then desktop

A Transcend SSD for my desktop wouldn’t fix it, the part before it boots Windows is what’s slow on my desktop. I’d need a new motherboard, that may or may not fix it, depends on the motherboard.

I have a 1 TB portable hard drive now

Got a Insignia™ – 2.5″ Serial ATA Hard Drive Enclosure at Best Buy today.

I learned my lesson about buying cheap enclosures on Amazon. When I bought one, the drive in the enclosure kept getting corrupted, then it started disconnecting constantly. So I’d rather pay 30 bucks for something that works, then 10 bucks for junk.

Looks like it’ll take an hour to copy my Steam folder to it.

Looks like I can copy from a USB 3.0 drive to another USB 3.0 drive now. I did install the old driver from 2011. Should of bought the Insignia USB 3.0 card at Best Buy. Don’t know how much it was though. But I buy Insignia everything.

Don’t think it took an hour. The drive is faster then I thought. Now let’s see if my laptop can play games. After I make a backup of the SSD though.

Rising Storm/Red Orcherestra 2

That game makes my slow desktop lag. AMD is slow according to the internet. The Rising Storm maps do, the regular Red Orchestrate 2 doesn’t seem to.

Could lower the settings, but I’ll pass. Action mode is better, but nobody plays the game for that mode.

Will it run on low settings on my three hundred dollar laptop? I wouldn’t even try unless I had a keyboard. The laptop is on the top of my desk, and my bluetooth mouse is on the shelf for the keyboard. Having one hand up on the laptop’s keyboard is awkward.

Firefox is ancient

Firefox wasn’t made for slow laptops. You’ll have to use Chrome, otherwise you’ll be pissed at how slow browsing the web is on your three hundred dollar laptop.

Should probably switch back to Chrome on my desktop too. Hackintosh can keep using Firefox. That’s my only computer it isn’t slow on.

Does AMD have a write limit of around 250 MB/s?

Looks like my Sandisk gets around the same speed as my Transcend SSD in laptop. Both computers have AMD processors. Guess you need Intel to get the advertised write speed.

Nope testing the OCZ SSD, and get around 400 MB/s write speed. Maybe you get less speed if you benchmark the drive the OS is running on.

Grow some balls

And stop calling from an unknown number. Probably a debt collector thinking I’ll answer it. To bad my call blocker blocks unknown numbers. It picks the call up and then hangs up, so they can’t leave a message either.

Windows 10 reboots itself after installing updates

Was wondering why my linux network share wasn’t connected on my laptop. Turns out Windows rebooted itself on my desktop, closing the virtual machine. I only know that’s what happened, because there was a notification that said updates were installed.

Microsoft just sent me spam

Got a notification on my laptop that said I can try Office for free for a month. What do I need Office for? If Windows had a keylogger like the rumor says, they would know I don’t do any Office related crap.

I have a napping problem

Took another nap today, that’s three days in a row. Wasn’t really tired today when I took a nap, fell a sleep anyways. Was tired when I sort of woke up, didn’t want to get up from my nap. Tonka took a nap too.