Laptop works

The cloning finished sometime last night, I went to bed before it finished. Took over an hour using USB 2.0.

Looks like the RAM is in single channel mode. Buying two matched sticks might get you dual channel. Motherboard might not do dual channel though, you can’t buy it with more then 4 GB of RAM.

Might get a USB 3.0 2.5 enclosure for the old drive. Don’t want to open laptop again.

Firefox is slow on my laptop. Might be faster if I disable all the add ons, but then ads won’t be blocked.

That’s odd

Apparently my older sister is bringing her stuff to my mom’s. She must of got in a fight with Jason.

Looks like she’s moving the kids in today. Neighbor said to stay out of it. I’ll just assume they got in a fight.

Not sure how that’ll work, my mom’s house isn’t very big.

The kids won’t like it.

Macrium does do cloning

You just have to click on the drive you want to clone under backup. I can’t clone all the partitions on the old drive. Says not enough space. It’s cloning by USB 2.0. Damn thing doesn’t want to show up on the one USB 3.0 port.

Should go to bed. It’ll take an hour or longer. Laptop won’t see it at all if I plug it into the USB 3.0 port.

Funny the internet says Macrium is easy to use. Not if you don’t associate backup with cloning. You’ll see no cloning tab, and assume it doesn’t do cloning.

Macrium free can’t restore backups to smaller disks

Pretty sure Todo Backup can, not free though. Can’t use Todo Backup, it won’t boot on my laptop.

Ahh if I resize the drive and then make a new backup, I should be able to restore it to the smaller drive. What a pain in the ass.


Maybe Todo Backup will boot from a USB 3.0 port. Just use USB 2 to clone the old drive. Doesn’t look like it will boot on my laptop.

What USB 3.0 card allows you to copy from a USB 3.0 drive to another USB 3.0 drive?

Apparently if I copy from one USB 3.0 drive to another, both will disappear until I reboot. Need a non via chipset USB 3.0 card. It’s good for one thing at a time, but that’s it. Backing up my old laptop drive to my SSD this time. Luckily I’m only using around 50 GB on the old laptop drive.

Not seeing any good USB 3.0 cards on Amazon. Got to spend more then 20 bucks, otherwise it will probably suck. Oh well, only need to use one drive at a time anyways. Maybe my next computer will have onboard USB 3.0 that works. I suppose the onboard USB 3.0 might work in Windows. It did the disconnecting thing in linux. To lazy to try it.

Don’t think it did that in Windows 7. Probably need to update the driver. Syba’s site doesn’t have a new driver. Maybe Windows 10 isn’t using the old driver. Yup it’s using a driver by Microsoft.

Looks like I’ll have to backup the old drive to my desktop

Then copy the backup to the HD that lives in my HD dock. I need to download Macrium free too, Todo Backup won’t boot on laptop.

Macrium won’t work, it would if I didn’t put Todo Backup on the thumb drive. If I make a Windows Pe USB drive from my desktop, it won’t have the drivers for my laptop.

Clonezilla it is then.

Clonezilla doesn’t show my the drive in the dock. Said it couldn’t enable the USB port.

Ubuntu it is, gparted should work.

Nope linux doesn’t support my USB 3.0. Says it can’t enable the port and the cable might be bad. Tried two cables.

Macrium is my last option, if it doesn’t boot, or support the USB 3.0, I’ll have to remove the drive from the laptop.

Instead of removing the new drive, I could install Windows 7, and make a Macrium USB drive on the laptop itself.

Nice USB 3.0 on my desktop, my games and the old laptop drive don’t show up anymore. Macrium didn’t finish. Looks like I need a new USB 3.0 card for desktop, that sucks.

Laptop is a 400 dollar laptop now

No idea why there’s a black screen. The RAM I bought works, and the SSD appears to work. Just need to clone the old drive to the new drive. Might have to use Ubuntu.

Doesn’t speed it up when turning it on.

Kingston Technology 4GB 1600MHz DDR3L PC3-12800 1.35V Non-ECC CL11 SODIMM Intel Laptop Memory KVR16LS11/4
Transcend Information 256 GB SATA III 6Gb/s 2.5-Inch Solid State Drive TS256GSSD370S

The Transcend SSD was on sale, 78 bucks after tax.

Still not turning on. Maybe the SSD got loose. Or the HD dock needs to be unplugged. Yup HD dock needed to be unplugged. Lexar drive might be fine then.

Of course I can’t clone my drive with Macrium free

Not if you boot it from a USB drive, I can restore a backup, or create a backup. No option to clone. If you use it in Windows, not Windows Pe, you can clone I think. Booting Todo Backup on my laptop now, might be frozen. Guess I’ll boot the old drive from USB and then clone the running system.

Nope won’t boot from the old drive in my dock. Can I create a backup and save it to the old drive, and then restore the backup? Hell, I could boot Ubuntu and do it faster.

Going to put Todo Backup on the Sandisk drive my laptop came with. It won’t turn on with my Lexar thumb drive in a USB 2.0 port. Need the one USB 3.0 port for my HD dock.


Not using VLC to play my music anymore, I was playing it from my Samba share on my Hackintosh, but the music stops randomly. I tried using the UPNP in VLC, but it won’t show anything when I double click my Hackintosh.

Foobar2000 has a UPNP plugin and it appears to work just fine so far. I assume my music won’t stop randomly with UPNP, because it’s using Twonky. Had no problems streaming videos with Twonky using my NVIDIA SHIELD.

That’s a good pharmacy

Went to their site, and you can’t order online. No biggie, I just won’t order my medicine anymore.

Having to call a pharmacy isn’t more convenient then going to Walmart. You can order your medicine online at Walmart.