Windows 10 doesn’t come with a keylogger

They claimed it wouldn’t be in the released version. Looks like they lied, and now Microsoft has my passwords. So once Microsoft gets hacked, they will have access to everything I’ve ever typed. Good job Microsoft. Haven’t been playing PC games, so maybe I’ll install linux and never use Windows again.

You can find instructions for disabling the keylogger here.

If you read comments on a phoronix forum post, that wasn’t about the keylogger, just somebody’s comment that might of been off topic. Says you can’t completely disable it. So it looks like I might need to ditch windows.

According to this, you are safe. Just a rumor that lots of people believe. I deleted the services from that reddit post before I read that.

9.5mm Universal SATA 2nd HDD Caddy SSD Hard Drive +Panel for DVD-ROM Optical Bay

Will that work in my Toshiba laptop? I’m far to lazy to measure anything. It’s $7.69 on eBay. Might get a SSD soon, would be nice to have the big/slow drive too. There’s also a 12.7mm one.

All laptops are 9.5mm or 12.7mm? A different one says it’s either 9.5mm or 12.7mm. I’m guessing it’s 9.5mm then.

Order both sizes, then see which one fits.

Ordered the 9.5mm one. If it’s to small, I’ll order the bigger one.

12.7mm is small too. Will a 9.5mm adapter fit? Just a little opening on the side of my laptop, no biggie, I’ll put some electrical tape over the hole. Will need really thin electrical tape though.

Glad I don’t buy anything made by Samsung

Apparently my mom’s Samsung phone is slow already. I don’t use very many apps, so can’t comment on if to many apps will slow it down. You could always force quit a bunch of apps.

I bought a prepaid Samsung phone a long time ago, it was slow too, that’s why I got rid of it.

OS X doesn’t make a good file server

At least not if you want to access it using Windows. Playing music from my hackintosh, the music stops for a short amount of time then starts playing again. Twonky streaming videos to my NVIDIA SHIELD worked fine.

That’s all on gigabit ethernet.

The videos are stored on the same external USB 3.0 drive as the music.

OS X might be fine. Probably something to do with my desktop. It just stopped, and the network traffic was 0 under performance in the task manager.

The driver for my Intel gigabit ethernet adapter is from 3/23/2010. Windows 10 didn’t exist in 2010. Intel PRO/1000 GT Desktop Adapter no driver on Intel’s site for download.

Old USB bluetooth adapter works

Thought it didn’t work. Guess it just didn’t want to work with hackintosh. Now to wait and see if my bluetooth mouse freezes up too. Nope, touchpad was just frozen, but the mouse moved. To lazy to replace the touchpad.

Now I need another bluetooth keyboard.

Good luck removing the back on the Toshiba Satellite C55D-B5102

I couldn’t get the back all the way off. The battery probably has to be removed somehow. Might be able to hold it up just enough to put more RAM in. No idea how to remove the hard drive, good thing I canceled the order with the SSD.

Found a video, only audio on my laptop. Let’s see if it works on desktop. Might be a Firefox problem. Flash is only enabled if I enable it, was on YouTube, which uses HTML5 if you have flash disabled.

Not the same laptop, it has a removable battery. How do you remove the non removable batteries? I had to enable flash to get the picture part working in Firefox.

The battery should slide out. Didn’t for me.

Looks like you have to take the screws out. I’ll probably lose them if I do what they did. Desk isn’t very big. Coffee table is full.

Maybe the battery came off the tracks when I tried removing the back cover before removing the battery. Or did I try removing the battery first? Can’t remember.

Some scratches from the screw driver on it. I don’t plan on selling my laptop, so I don’t care.

Might bring it to my mom’s when I get more RAM. She has a table I can use.

The battery comes right out after you take the screws out. Un tightening them isn’t enough. So it looks like it should be easy to replace the RAM.

Rent is going up

My rent is going up a whooping four dollars in October. Took a long time for housing to send me anything. Good thing they sent it before October. Otherwise, I’d be paying the old rent.