I don’t play in the hallway

Got a nice note on my door that said the hallway is for exiting and entering your home. Everybody got the note. I already knew quiet time was from 10 pm to 8 am. I was either in bed, or shitting.

Whatever happened didn’t wake me up.

How’d he get upstairs?

Picture of my mom’s new cat. Didn’t ask her how he got up there. Maybe he came up after Tonka left.

Black and white just like Tonka.

Not sure if Meiko cares if there’s another cat in the house. Chibi sniffed him once. Meiko will play with my sister’s little dog.

I think that cat needs some toys. He’s only two or three years old. I should say something to my mom tomorrow, maybe we can go to the pet store and get him something to entertain himself with.

Then again he might prefer to talk to people and be pet. If he could speak English he would. But all he does is meow. I keep thinking he’s going to bite me when he’s meowing and I’m petting him. Probably because Oadis would bite me.

No wallpaper image on phone, just the default. I should make that cat my phone’s wallpaper. I already have Tonka on my computer.

Tonka scared the cat away

Mom got a new cat a while ago, sister brought him over. He finally came upstairs, probably smelled the fish, Tonka saw him and barked, he went running back downstairs.

He’s a really friendly cat. He meows when you talk to him, and pet him. He might drive me crazy if I had him. It’s fine for short periods. I picked him up once, and brought him upstairs and gave him some canned cat food. He didn’t scratch or bite me. He ate most of it and then went downstairs.

I let the dogs inside and he was on the stairs, and none of the dogs reacted, I don’t think they saw him.

He will come to you if you keep saying “kitty kitty”. Maybe not anymore, now that Tonka scared him. That means I’ll have to go downstairs to pet him. Damn dog.

Tonka did see him on the table when he was eating, she was trying to sniff him, and he didn’t like it. He meowed or something at her. I don’t think the people that had him had any dogs. He’s young, but not a kitten anymore. If he was a kitten, he might not care about the dogs.

The other cat will run if a dog barks at her too. She’s scared of everything. I think she growled at the new cat once. She doesn’t appear to care that much about him. She goes to the cat room eats, and poops, and leaves. Doesn’t seem to stay down there with him.

I don’t think the new cat cares about small dogs, like Chibi or my sister’s little dog. My sister’s dog might be smaller then him. So he doesn’t care.

Do I need to replace surge protector?

The light is flashing on it. Everything plugged into it still works though. Might have a lifetime warranty. It’s a Tripp Lite surge protector.

Easier to buy a new one though.

Pip-Boy Edition it is

Should get an email from Amazon when it’s available. I’ll probably have to pre order it, if I want it though. Otherwise it’ll be sold out. Will they email me when I can pre order it? Can’t add it to my wish list.

I’d rather wear a Pip-Boy then a watch. I should sell my watch. What does the Pip-Boy wearable do? Looks like it’s huge compared to my watch too.

It’ll probably cost 100 bucks at least. Phone started counting my steps again, I closed the app yesterday and re opened it. Does the Pip-Boy count steps?

If you read the questions, it sold out of the pre order. I probably won’t get it then, since I’m not fast enough to pre order it when it’s available.

The price is $120 on GameStop, you can’t pre order it though. Sold out.

Should just max out my RAM next month

AMD isn’t releasing new processors until next year. Intel would probably cost more then 800 bucks, I want a new case too. The only thing I’m taking from this computer is the video card, hard drives, and blu-ray drive. Will probably put a new video card and hard drive in it, and give it to somebody. If they buy the video card and hard drive, otherwise I’ll just put it in the closet.

If I get 16 GB more of RAM, I can give linux 16 GB of RAM too. Linux is running in VMware Player. Does it do 16 GB of RAM? Or do you have to pay to use that much RAM? Looks like it supports up to 64 GB of RAM. And linux has 2 GB free, out of 4 GB. Don’t really need to give it 16 GB, that means more memory for Windows, which also doesn’t need 16 GB or more.

That’s one way to gain weight

Eat eight mozzarella sticks. I burned my bottom lip too. Didn’t know the toaster oven got stuff that hot, second time didn’t though. Do it for five minutes, then it’ll only be half cooked. You’ll only get half burned that way.

No more mozzarella sticks. Ate way to many. If I throw up, that’s proof of my stupidness.

Maybe I can give myself OCD about having a heart attack from eating to much. Might not eat very much if that happens, then I’ll be to skinny and die from whatever the opposite of a heart attack is.

Good job washer

Clothes got extra wet in one of the washers. Dryer has been going for two hours now. Not sure if they will be dry at five either, maybe I should wait until six to check.

Probably should of ran the spin mode or whatever on the washer before drying them. Assuming it has one. There was no water in the washer. Should complain about the free to use dryers taking to long.

Other dryer worked. Only thing different is it had extended tumble off instead of on. Don’t know what tumble is.

0 minutes?

My “smart” watch says I’ve been active for 0 minutes today. I took Tonka on a walk that lasted longer then 0 minutes. For some reason I thought my watch would count my steps, apparently it only syncs with my phone. Guess the Google fit app doesn’t work anymore then.

Yup looks like Google fit doesn’t count my steps anymore. Should probably put my watch on eBay.

Can you buy ammo in Just Cause 3?

In 2 you apparently have to buy a new gun when you run out of ammo. Couldn’t find any ammo at the safe house. Haven’t played it since, not very fun with no ammo.

Comes out December 1st.