That was lucky

Deleted from my hosting yesterday. Looks like it didn’t delete the database or the files, all I had to do was re add it. All the files are around a gig, I’d have to upload it over night.

Goodbye Ghost

Converted my blog to WordPress, Google will tell you how. Hosting might of gotten slower too.

Good thing they shipped it FedEx SmartPost

And not regular FedEx. FedEx doesn’t deliver to secure apartment buildings. SmartPost gets delivered by USPS, hopefully it doesn’t require a signature.

When is my Canon FD to micro 4/3 adapter going to ship? It’ll suck if I get the lens first, then I’ll have to wait for the adapter to come.

Good thing I silenced my phone

Some debt collector calling the wrong number left a message around 6 am. My name isn’t Adams. They sure have a lot of numbers, blocking their numbers doesn’t do much good, they just get a new number.

You could block all numbers not on your contacts, but if you tell it to pickup and hangup, you might miss an important call, and they won’t be able to leave a message.

Flickr has a auto uploader program

They give you 1 TB for free, more then I get from Google for two bucks a month. Are the pictures marked as private when uploading with that? Or can everyone see everything you upload?

Maybe I’ll try it if I ever get broadband.

CenturyLink blows

They don’t offer broadband at my location. Just 3 mbps for 30 bucks a month, with a 12 month contract. You might be able to upload and still use the internet at the same time with CenturyLink though. It’s probably 50 bucks after 12 months, that’s a rip off for 3 mbps.

Broadband is expensive

It’ll cost you around 60 bucks a month. I don’t have broadband, just a shitty 6 mbps connection for 50 bucks a month. 25 mbps from Comcast costs more then I was paying for 105 mbps. Says you have to have TV or voice to get the plan I have. I have no TV service or voice.

I qualify for the three month trial on Amazon Cloud Drive?

Sweet, I can get it for free for another three months. Will I qualify again in three months? Only problem is it doesn’t have my new pictures on it. I have a very slow/shitty connection, can’t use internet while uploading.

The start free trial button doesn’t work, after I click continue. Looks like I couldn’t even pay for it if I wanted to.