Why does a good zoom lens cost 500 bucks?

You can buy a new camera for 300 bucks with a kit lens, not 300mm zoom though. You can buy a Panasonic super zoom for 280 or so. The 75 to 300mm will take better pictures then a Panasonic super zoom. If you aren’t making money, the Panasonic is probably fine.

Sister is with her crazy bf

Looks like him going crazy didn’t result in her dumping him. She might be back on the 1st or so, after he gets his money, and gets in a big fight with her.

Her phone goes straight to voice mail, most likely off.

iPhone 6 smokes my LG G3 in Geekbench 3

The single core score, is 911 for the G3, and 1609 for the iPhone. The multi core score is also slightly better, 2884 vs 2474 for my G3. Does the iPhone 5C smoke it too? Better search, I’ll gladly ditch my phone for an iPhone. It’s not the craziest thing I’ve done.

Damn the 5C doesn’t smoke my G3. Got to wait for the 6c.

Something to do with iOS 9, a benchmark of a iPhone 6 running 8.3 did worse then my G3. iOS 8.4 smokes my G3. Maybe the low scorer has a ton of apps running, or a defective phone.

How to redownload WinPE tools for Todo Backup

Rename the “PEtools” to “PEtools.old” in “C:Program Files (x86)EaseUSTodo Backupbin”. Open Todo Backup and create a WinPE, it’ll ask you to download it, select download from Microsoft.

The PEtools might be corrupted, it wasn’t working when I was trying to make a bootable USB drive, but worked when I did a clean install of Windows and installed Todo Backup. Didn’t try making a bootable drive before redownloading it. I could compare the checksums after it downloads.

It’ll be a while, I’m also downloading a 5 GB backup of my hosting. Not sure if my host really takes backups, if they do, I have no access to them.

Does Todo Backup work in Windows 10?

That would be a way to upgrade before it’s out, install the preview to my Windows 7 SSD, and then use the system transfer thing in Todo Backup. Not sure how it works, I’m assuming it uses the backup image files. So make a backup before you install Windows 10. To much work, I’ll wait for the upgrade.

Hollywood Undead

Might of found a new artist I like. Sounds kind of like rap. Think I’ll buy the Day Of The Dead (Deluxe Version) [Explicit] album.

Google isn’t making any money from streaming music to me for free. I’m not even buying music from Google when I find something I like, I use Amazon.

Amazon Music program is slow, still hasn’t downloaded the music I just bought. Closed the program and reopened it, downloading now.

That was a dumb purchase, I have money in my Google Play account from purchasing the SHIELD, might of been able to buy the album with that money.

This doesn’t sound like rock, maybe some parts do. Looks like I need more semi rap music.

Might not need to build a new computer next year

Windows 10 is fast, and that’s in a virtual machine with only one core and 2 GB of RAM. Wonder how fast it is not in a virtual machine. If I get my license, I can buy a car next year instead.

Windows 10 install fast to a SSD

Installing Windows 10 in VMware Player. It looks like it defaulted to storing the HD images to my SSD. Faster then installing Windows 7. VMware Player doesn’t list Windows 10 when creating the virtual machine, I selected Windows 8.

I also only gave it one core and 2 GB of memory.

My Sandisk SSD might be faster then my OCZ SSD. Wasn’t the cheapest OCZ either.

Be warned, Windows 10 might give you an erection. The included IE is fast and looks better. But I’ll install Chrome anyways.

You can get Windows 10 for free

I think I’m already part of the insider program, I downloaded a preview sometime ago. That would save me 120 bucks when building my new computer next year. Not sure what engadget said is true, they said if you signup for the preview updates, it’ll stay free, but stuff I found on Google don’t say that. Just says you’ll get the final build.

It’ll take an hour to download the latest preview.

So I can make five hundred Microsoft accounts, and get the final build for free 500 times?

Download is almost done, and it took longer then an hour. Chrome is a liar.