Venus Optics Laowa 4mm f/2.8 Fisheye Lens for Micro Four Thirds


Best manual lens I’ve ever owned. Wouldn’t use it inside though, might work better with my Magsphere. Also, I probably need to remove my grip, but that won’t happen, I love my grip on my camera. I’m not removing and putting it back on all the time. Grip makes one handed shooting easy.

It’s in stock from B&H. I bought before they had it in stock, from Kenmore Camera on eBay. Kenmore Camera ships stuff properly, non like Adorama. It was stuffed in a box with peanuts. Adorama ships lenses, in an unpadded envelope.

The focus ring didn’t break like the Meike lens I bought did. I’ll never buy a lens from Meike or Adorama again.

Just set the focus to infinity. No focusing needed.

What are those little white dots? From the flash? Well, it’s semi useless for interior pictures then.

Pictures I believe were f5.6. I only use it at the lowest aperture, that would be f2.8, if I want bokeh.

Good luck defishing it. At least with digiKam.

Should go outside someday, and take pictures. Is probably better outside, you don’t need a flash.

Meike 6.5mm f/2.0 Micro 4/3

It might be a good lens, if you can get it in focus. Was stiff, now I have to squeeze it to change focus. Before you could just turn it, now you have to apply pressure to change the focus.

If you have weak wrists, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Make sure you turn the IS to 8mm, or off. Otherwise, every picture will be blurry.

Somebody else, had the same problem, the focus ring got loose. If, only I had a box to send it back in. She threw a box out last time she cleaned, that I could of used.

They shipped it in a shitty envelope. So tape it back together? Give them even shittier packaging.

Adorama sucks. They don’t respond to selling quotes, to sell something to them, and they ship in shitty packaging.

Optically, it’s fine, but the focus ring is shit. Now, I have to send it back.

Venus Optics Laowa 4mm f/2.8 Fisheye Lens for Micro Four Thirds does that lens work? Costs more, but you can order from B&H, or pre order.

Printing the return instructions + label, maybe. Printer paused. Clicked the button, and it printed.

I’m lazy, so I’ll have UPS package it for me, might have to pay.


Defishing sort of works. The colors are better in the first image. Better to edit the JPG then the RAW file then. If you are to lazy to figure out how digiKam works. Looks like, I might need to update that too. My lens isn’t in it’s database.

Instead of doing it manually, use the Samyang 7.5mm auto correction, on the JPG of course.



Don’t think that is who I heard on the radio, the radio just said “Attention”.

Eh, good enough, and only $8 for the ATTENTION ATTENTION album.

Sounds like Nickelback. Doesn’t say on Amazon the genre. It does if you scroll down far enough.

Elle King isn’t it, was a dude singing. Sounds like country music.

Looking for music that triggers my insanity, like the song on the radio.

Found a song called Attention finally. Not rock, that song is Pop. You can dance naked to this song. Just don’t tell certain people that you listen to Pop, they’ll call you gay and other useless words. I listen to all music. Metal isn’t that great, Helloween is fine.

On another note, some people might say the singer is a stud. Does that mean he’s gay? At least he looks better then you.

Probably only needed to buy that one song. That happens every time I buy a stupid album. Waste of 9 dollars, it was only a good song once.

But if listening to a specific genre makes you gay, I should listen to some country music. Except, that’s more boring then this. Metal and country aren’t my favorite. Unless it’s Weird Al. But Weird Al is boring now too. Maybe all music is.

I think he was stoned when writing and singing this song, LA Girls.

It’s a good thing I’m not a singer, I’d be insane while writing and singing it. It would make zero sense to a sane person.

There’s a picture that goes with the Attention song. I had to put the camera in my bedroom, 40mm sucks for topless pictures. In a small apartment. Might of got my body in the frame, if I used my 12-32mm.

If I ever come out of my shell, and get a gf, I’ll send her that picture.

That picture would make Trump proud.

You need a powerful flash if the camera is that far away. To far away, and I’d need a new flash.

Only took three shots to get that, one was a test shot, was trying to figure out how to do a timer in the slow ass app, the WiFi is slow, slower then my old camera was, maybe iOS is slower. Second the flash was to powerful.

Is that dust?

Can’t see it with my eyes. Only in that picture. I suppose I could wipe it off with a paper towel, and see if I get anything. That’s part of a can opener.

Apparently you can’t link directly to a file on Nextcloud, if you shared a folder, the URL it gets after clicking a file, doesn’t work. Some kind of JavaScript most likely.

To get the image URL to embed, I had to inspect the HTML. It would be easier to just share the one image, and the folder.

Paper towel didn’t get anything. Doesn’t really look like a reflection.

Different focus point, looks like something is growing on it. Like hair. Or metal pieces.

Is it like a microscope? I should buy one, and compare.

How did I get both hairy sides in focus? The focus point is supposed to be in the center. Only one little square in the center is set in the focus thing.

How are you supposed to know where to focus? I thought it was what you want in focus, apparently not.

On another note, the Sigma 60mm is smaller then my zoom lens. Not sure that’s a good reason to spend $239 though.

Mcoplus MK-P-AF3-A 10mm 16mm Automatic Extension Tube for Olympus Panasonic Micro 4/3 System Camera

Buy the MEIKE, it is most likely exactly the same, and slightly cheaper. I did see the review that mentioned MEIKE, probably before I bought it.

It works, but if you use both tubes, and the Olympus 40-150mm @ 40mm, you have to be really close, less in the frame then using it at 62mm.

That’s a budget macro 62mm lens. I probably won’t buy the Sigma, it’s pointless, the Olympus is fine. Probably is way better outside. The pictures are still uploading.

There’s detail that isn’t on my YI 42.5mm in macro mode. So the extension tubes were worth $30.

Now waiting for the server, to generate the thumbnails. I did email BuyVM, asking to upgrade to the $15 a month plan. Then I can peg the one core 24/7.

You can see the pictures taken with it here. The boxes obviously weren’t taken with the tubes. No medium size image, so to much work to embed it any here. Look at the last two, that’s at 40mm, so if you want to be super zoomed in, use a lower focal length. Must have to be closer. How will 12mm work? I have a Panasonic 12-32mm.

There’s more detail at 40mm. Less in focus too. Trying to find the right distance blows. Even without the tubes, that lens is picky. Won’t focus if to close.

There was no seal on the box. Probably got sold another open box item again. I’m to lazy to send anything back.

Nope, the YI has detail too. Just more bokeh on the Olympus lens + tubes.

Why doesn’t Olympus sell official extension tubes? They’d make a fortune, unless they overcharged, which they would. In that case, MEIKE will make a fortune. I don’t see the point in a macro lens now. The tubes work just fine.

If you want more in focus, use focus stacking. I’m to lazy to do so. Need to go outside, nothing small other then my dong to take pictures of inside. And that would be very difficult with a 40-150mm zoom lens, it’s huge. Good luck zooming in to 62mm, and being far enough away.

Only your first 10,000 photos are bad, and your next 10,000 aren’t much better? I have over 20,000 files in my pics folder. That includes the RAW files. That means all my pictures aren’t very good. It’ll take a long time to get 30,000 pictures, especially if the RAW file doesn’t count as a separate image.

Look at that bokeh

That was with a YI 42.5mm in macro mode. Almost 10″ is to far away, I want to touch whatever I’m taking a picture of. So 0″ would do the trick.

I might of bought automatic extension tubes. That’ll let me use any lens as a macro lens.

If you want bokeh, use a macro lens, or extension tubes.

Was the YI always slow at focusing? Or just in macro mode?

Olympus’s site had a refurbished 45mm for under $200, was sold out, and now it’s not listed. Probably sharper then the YI, and costs less then a new YI. But is the bokeh like the above?

No flash ring was used, just a Magsphere and the flash pointed up. It kills the picture if you don’t point the flash up, even with the lowest power on the flash.

The Sigma 60mm can be a macro lens, with extension tubes. It costs $240 new, the Olympus 60mm macro is $400 or a little more new.

Think that was taken at f3.5 or whatever the lowest is in macro mode.

My eyes can’t seem to focus if I put my thumb right in front of it.

I don’t really need the Sigma 60mm, I have a Olympus 40-150mm lens, that’ll do 60mm. Use 150mm, and see what happens. The Olympus is probably slower, but it only cost $100 when I bought it.

I should not pay Ultra Mobile next month, upgrade my hosting instead. You have to call to get the account number, so you can port it. Not sure the number is worth doing that.

Panasonic 12-32mm is good enough

Didn’t pay that much for it. Probably does great outside. Could try using HDR inside, but that’s not good for moving subjects.

Nice, AfterShot Pro can align photos, so you can try doing it without a tripod. digiKam can do it too.

Funny, somebody on a forum says, they don’t own an Olympus body, because Olympus doesn’t make a 15mm lens. You can use Panasonic lenses on Olympus, I do it. Unless the Panasonic isn’t micro four thirds, in that case, they are in the wrong forum.

HDR is the lazy person’s way of getting the exposure right.

I never tried focus stacking on my camera

Problem is I’m to lazy. I’d have to change the lens, to my YI 42.5mm, it has a macro switch on it.

Wait a second, that might get everything in focus at 12mm. Well, I’m to lazy to stand up.

Got to play Tropico 6. That’s way more fun then standing up.

Does the Panasonic G95 have high res mode? There’s a cheaper Panasonic camera, don’t know if it has high res mode either. You basically get the camera for $200, cause it comes with a $500 lens. It’s the G85.

The G85 is splash and dust proof. So I can use it in the rain? It looks like a mini DSLR. Will the price go down once the G95 is out?

Looks like that is the new price, it’s 1k from Panasonic.

Why only two images? Thought it said in the settings, 99. And 5 different focus points.

Looks like two images, is worse then taking just one picture, if you stack em.

Zoom in to 32mm, or whatever the max is, and it takes three images instead of two. So I need a 60mm lens.

The zoomed in combined images, looks worse. Looks like the second setting, only works for 12mm. It’s set to three, something about the focus difference or something, the default is 5, which probably works for zoomed in.

Good luck reading the shipping label on the box. No processing other then combining the two pictures, and saving it as a JPG was done.

Not satisfied, the first image it took, without combining looks sharper. Are the default settings in digiKam crap or something? Just set the shutter speed to 20.

What was the flash on without bracketing? Maybe fill flash is better for interiors. Except, that’s just the table. Didn’t take a picture of the entire kitchen.

Looks like, you need to use JPGs if you want it as sharp, or edit the PNG file. Can’t make it as sharp. Now to try combining the JPGs. Nope, still sucks. You might have to try every single setting on the camera, or find different software.

Use a tripod, maybe the image align doesn’t work very well.

What’s the point in 12mm if you have to be close for it to be sharp? The conclusion I came to before is the same. Now, where do I buy a 17mm-40+mm lens? That is sharp.

Guess I’ll just use this as a 17mm+ lens.

I did get five focus bracketing images. Zoomed in, and must of been close enough. So it’s useless for interiors.

Well, if there isn’t a bunch of text you care about, 12mm is fine. Like the living room, the only text probably readable by the angel, is TCL on the TV, and it is with the lens.

So don’t use it for indoor items with text on it.

You know what will fix it? Glasses. Will mine work? Probably not. I need new glasses.

The carpet looks weird. But I guess it works, I also used auto focus, didn’t pick where to focus it. That looks better then the first image, it’s out of focus.

Probably better for macro lenses. For taking pictures of micro stuff.

The Panasonic Lumix G Vario 12-32mm f/3.5-5.6 ASPH is basically a 20+mm lens

It’s sharp at f5.6 and 20+mm.

Hopefully outside I can back up really far, cause the 12mm isn’t sharp enough. Just do the dishwasher test, take a bunch of pictures of the dishwasher, the big brand name text should be sharp, if it isn’t, change the focal length and/or aperture. Might also be sharper at f3.5 or whatever at 12mm too.

The small text isn’t sharp to my eyes with glasses on either, so I don’t care about that. You’d need a telephoto lens to get that sharp.

I should sell my YI lens. Except, it has good bokeh. So I’ll hoard it.

Oh yeah, the flash can also kill the pictures.

It’s easy to get the SD card out if you use your thumb. No need to use a key. Or a fingernail, that I don’t have. The people complaining about the small battery + SD opening on the grip, must have really fat thumbs or fingers. You just push on it with your thumb, and slide it up.

It’s not a good interior picture if you can’t read the brand name on the dishwasher.

Is Comcast throttling my connection? Slow at uploading. Or my slice is being throttled. Fallout 76 is downloading slow also. Not downloading it in Windows, that may or may not work. It might not like network shares.