Removes all packets from your Kismet log file, the newer version of Kismet, logging type should be set to kismet.

Edit the file, replacing “/path/to/kismet/logs” with the log location. Add your MAC Addresses to SRC_MACS and DEST_MACS.

It uses Python 3. Run it as root after looking at what it does, it has to stop Kismet, to edit the database file.


Pass anything to it, and it'll scrub all files.


  • Scrubbing all files should work now.
  • When scrubbing all files, it copies the files to DEST_DIR, and then deletes the source if the file size matches. You can edit it to check the checksum, that would probably make it take even longer on a Pi Zero. If you don't want that, but want all files, remove the code that deletes and copies.
  • Won't run if .scrub.running exists, in the log folder.
  • Removed all_files, there's just one function for the last file and all files now.
  • Added MAC Address arrays, for source and destination.
  • Can scrub just the last file, it gets it from the journal file, or all files.
  • If the journal exists, after stopping, then it runs VACUUM on the file. Doesn't run VACUUM if you do all files. Maybe someday.