Cow Song

Finish song
I’m a cow
And I weigh a thousand pounds
Don’t you try to milk me, ‘cause I’ll knock you down
I’ve got four big hooves to stomp around
And I’ll eat your grass ’til there’s none left on the ground

Mooing in the morning, mooing in the night
Grazing in the fields, feeling alright
I might be big, but I’m gentle too
Just don’t make me angry, or I’ll moo at you

I’m a cow, and I’m proud of it too
My milk is delicious, and good for you
So if you see me out in the field
Give a little moo, and I’ll let you yield

You can turn yourself into a cow with Stable Diffusion. And then you can sing the above. But I’m not sure my milk is delicious. Maybe if you like rotten milk.

Here’s a cow photo. And based on some of the images Stable Diffusion made, I wonder what the fuck is in it’s model. All I typed was cow.