Mitakon Zhongyi Canon FD Lens To Micro Four Thirds Camera Lens Turbo Adapter Mark II

Glad I didn't sell that adapter, looks like it didn't like my old E-M10. Possibly selecting a bad shutter speed. But even with a tripod, it sucked. Does the shutter speed matter if you use a tripod?

If anything isn't sharp, it's user error now.

I should of bought this camera to begin with. Now I have a new primary lens. Good luck doing focus bracketing with it though.

Maybe the old camera is defective, but auto focus lenses work fine on it.

No viewfinder was used either, and it's much sharper. All I did was set the image stabilization to 28mm. I had to lower the ISO in the kitchen too.

One of her legs isn't sharp, probably user error. Still sharper then it was on the old camera.

And they say manual focus is hard, not really.

That was either f5.6 or f8. It's less with the adapter, somehow it adds light.

I wouldn't use it at the lowest aperture, not as sharp. If I want bokeh, I'll use my auto focus YI lens.

I need a telephoto lens, problem is, they are huge. Some are expensive too, over $600. You'd need two tripods, one for the camera, and one for the lens.

On another note, Adorama sells an adapter like mine used for $140, not sure if it's the same version as mine. They offered me nothing, no email. If I didn't enter my email wrong, then they ignored me. So I'll ignore them, and never buy from them again.

Why would you prefer manual focus for video? That's a pain in the ass, if the subject is running, like a dog. Unless you are running too, and staying the exact same distance.

On TV shows, you don't see them changing the focus. Might would be messy if I manually focused. Got to get it perfect. That means turning past what might be the best, just to make sure it really is.

Didn't know they made lenses too. Most cost to much, better off with one of the new Sigma auto focus lenses. Auto focus is good for lazy people.

Is the OM-D E-M10 Mark II really brighter then the original E-M10?

Going to put my zoom lens on it, if it's brighter with that too, then I guess the answer is yes.

If it isn't, then the camera might say the wrong aperture for my YI lens. But I did change it to the highest aperture, and it was mostly black, f16 or something, 16 > 1.8.

Might be brighter, hard to tell. If the subject is close, I can use the lowest flash level, at f6.3 or whatever it's at.

Oh and the Tiffen filter doesn't do anything to the image on the new camera, so some auto setting was off with that on, on the old camera. Or the old camera doesn't like that filter.

It's also sharper then the YI lens. So I'll probably mostly use it from now on.

Not really a inside lens, probably intended for outside. Good thing I have a overkill flash. In the kitchen, it looks brighter. There's more light in there though.

You can get bokeh with the zoom lens, even at f6.3. Just move closer. In fact, I'll probably get bokeh all the time now, without trying. If you zoom in, you'll get bokeh too.

The only picture that isn't really better or worse then the YI, is the picture of the pitcher on the counter.

Look at the drive in the background, that's bokeh. Not as strong as the YI, but who cares.

YI 42.5mm
Olympus M. 40-150mm F4.0-5.6 R

Might not of been as close, as I was with the YI, but the YI is 42.5mm, the Olympus was at 40mm. Neither got the text on the stove sharp.

I'd have to take the picture stepped back farther with the YI for a better comparison.

How do you get everything in focus? Maybe with focus bracketing. Don't know if AfterShot Pro can combine em, don't think it can, maybe if there's a plugin to do it. You can use opensource software to do it.

If you don't care about strong bokeh, the Olympus is a better buy. It was $100 when I bought it. That is brand new. I did get the YI used for $100 or so. So it looks like I got two lenses for $200, instead of just the YI.

Should probably buy an extended warranty

Looks like my refurbished camera only has a 90 day warranty, you get a year if you buy new.

It extends it two years. Costs $100 though.

You can only buy the extended warranty while the original warranty is still in place. I have 89 days to buy it.

Or be cheap and don't buy it. Got to buy a $50 battery instead. If you buy the battery from Olympus, it's over $60. You can get a 20% or so coupon, brings it down to $51 or so, still more then Amazon.

Can you use the coupon and your points? I might have more points from buying a camera. Then I can get $20 or so off. Probably won't be valid next month. Don't know how long it takes for the points to show up.

What's so great about SCP on Olympus cameras?

It's ugly, and it's basically a popup with all the settings.

Live Control has all the settings too, and it looks better.

Is Live Control missing anything? Nothing that I use.

It's possible my YI lens works better with the OM-D E-M10 Mark II.

On another note, I'm going to be broke on the 31st, or 12 AM on the 1st of next month. Sprent around $30 on non food stuff. Got an automatic payment coming out on the 31st or 12 am on the 1st. My money doesn't show up till the credit union opens.

They should change my automatic billing to the 5th of every month.

AfterShot Pro doesn't support the OM-D E-M10 Mark II RAW images?

Apparently not, it didn't import them, and opening them in AfterShot Pro, doesn't work, shows nothing.

That's version 3.

The colors in the RAW file is closer to what I see. So I guess you do get better pictures from the RAW files. If you want it to look like what you see. No editing needed, well maybe noise removal.

Had to download the Camera Profile from here. Sucks it won't reimport the folder, with the RAW images. Deleted the pictures, then the folder, in AfterShot Pro, not on the drive. And it still didn't import the RAW files.

Nice, I can't import them. Not even with the file browser in it.

There we go, made a new Catalog, the old one had 2017 in the name, so it was old anyways.

The colors in the RAW files aren't better. Was that image viewer viewing the RAW or the JPG?

Change Color Management to none, and the colors match what I see. But the image is darker.

Another refurbished camera

Got a Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II. They shipped it Monday, I didn't pay extra for faster shipping. And I got it today.

Does it work? I didn't put an old battery in it yet.

It cost a little over $300 after tax, I got $10 off, I had credit for buying a camera three years ago.

I was looking at the page for it, and it looks like I can use the view finder and tap to focus on the screen at the same time. The first one, you have to remove your eye from the view finder, tap to focus, and look through it again.

Well, it turns on. Forgot how to change what the settings looks like when you click OK in the live view, where you change ISO and stuff. I like the one where you scroll down to different settings, the default is probably for touching.

Nothing on Google says how to change the SCP view. It looks different on my other camera, and I have no idea how to make the new one look the same.

Can't use the camera until I change it. Should probably pack it up and send it back. Since the internet is useless.

And it's fixed, it's Live Control, not SCP. Not sure why you'd want the SCP. The Live Control is better. Doesn't show all settings in a popup, you have to scroll down to change various settings. I prefer scrolling, then having a mess of icons.

The strap isn't as long as the other one. Apparently they want you to have the camera closer to you. Did I attach it right? Probably not, future post will say the camera fell and shattered.

The pictures are brighter, at ISO 800, f5.6 and even f6.3. With a flash, don't use in TTL mode, the flash will kill the picture.

So I guess it was indeed an update, only bought because the mode dial broke off the other one.

I wouldn't use a third party battery, the old battery got hot. The new one is done charging. But if the battery gets warm at all, then a third party battery will swell. They are lower quality batteries, that the manufacture didn't want.

The sharpness on the YI lens is only in a certain area, then it's not sharp anymore. I can get Tonka's head in focus, but not her body too. Might be the distance.

The new Sigma lenses cost to much, more then my camera.

Look at the bottom of the box. It's user error, look at the other box not fully in the frame, and look at the bottom, it's sharp. Stupid lens, camera, or me.

Is there a newer firmware for my camera? Might be to risky to upgrade it, think I read somebody broke their camera doing so.

Nice, they upgraded it for me.

How is the Mark II brighter? I thought it was basically the same camera? And they say a new camera won't get you better pictures. It'll get you brighter pictures. I can probably lower the ISO to 400 or less. Then TTL flash mode might work. The sensor I assumed was the same. Obviously updated software, that supports focus bracketing, that I may or may not use.