Sigma 30mm F/1.4 DC DN - CONTEMPORARY (MICRO 4/3)

New lens came yesterday, but nobody wanted to bring it over yesterday. Bought it for dog photos, need auto focus for Utah. I think it’s designed for a larger format, APS-C or whatever, and I think my 35mm manual lens is as well. So only 5mm less then that lens, close enough.

I’m guessing the 25mm micro four thirds lens I have, isn’t even close to the same zoomed in. The view is actually 25mm on that lens, on this lens apparently 60mm.

Well, I can retire the manual 35mm lens now. Is the Sigma sharper? No idea, seeing as a cheap under $100 lens satisfies me, it’s hard to believe an almost $300 lens won’t. I bought the expensive Hoya filter from the same place, they don’t have the cheaper filters. Didn’t buy from Amazon because of slow shipping, and they can’t even ship filter and lens together. I ordered from Kenmore Camera. Their website, it sold out after I bought it. Only took a day to get here after UPS got it I think, or UPS didn’t update tracking very quickly. Ordered it Friday, got here Tuesday. Amazon it wouldn’t be here yet, the filter might though.

Oh the box for the lens wasn’t sealed with a sticker or anything, didn’t notice anything on it, well I think I got something on it, probably a speck of dust. Not on the glass, on the cover. I should register the lens and see if it lets me. If not, I got ripped off. Can you even register Sigma lenses? Oh I think the same thing happened with my 17mm lens that I bought from there, or whatever other lens I bought from there. I don’t recall if I asked them about it. Nope, it was the 4mm lens.

I don’t think my mom removed any sticker or seal from the box, she opened the packaging box, to make sure it was the right lens. As it was odd it sold out right after I bought it. She read what it said, and it sounded right, and it is.

Any filter over $10 is expensive.

Probably not good for taking photos of your own boobs, unless you aren’t too lazy to use tripod.

The only images I can share is of my middle finger and the lovely crapper. AI can remove watermarks, and even recreate images. Not to mention, you can upscale images as well. So enjoy the only two photos I can share. I think that’s the brightest crapper toilet. I’m too lazy to share the other crapper photos as well.

Those are good photos to send to a stalker, if you have one.

And yes, I know my other site is working again. I’m too lazy to change the permissions, apparently it changed permissions after adding another domain to my account. I never deleted it, or moved to a folder and changed permissions on that instead.

Since I’m too lazy to use a tripod, my new domain, may never get a picture of my boobs on it.

Oh and it has the same problem with taking photos of my RC car, that is the farthest wheels aren’t exactly in focus. Might have used the Sigma at f4. It was f4 or more, more as in higher then the number 4.

And if you use that under f2, the flash has to be pointed up. Actually it might be more then f2, didn’t really test to see the lowest aperture you can use with the flash pointing directly, without ruining the photo. Probably matters on the distance. The printer isn’t that sharp in some spots, should have backed up more. Either that or I literally have no idea where to focus. Which is probably true.

Laowa 17mm Bargain Lens

I got that lens on sale from B&H for $150, you can always get that price from Kenmore Camera and directly from Laowa.

Laowa 17mm pictures taken with Olympus E-M5 Mark II

Two taken at f4, and one at f1.8, the first picture is f1.8.

Focusing isn’t hard, don’t know why they invented auto focus. I just tap somewhere in the LCD, and click the button that is assigned to show the magnifier.

Might be harder in sun, using the EVF. I don’t recall, if you can move the “focus” area with the screen, when looking through the EVF. I think you can on the E-M10 Mark II, not that I could get it to work. I still have that camera, I don’t plan on getting rid of it. It’s a backup.

The RAW files are on that link too. A flash was used for all photos. I don’t see the problem with using a flash.

If somebody offers me money for the E-M10 Mark II, I might sell it. But, I won’t offer it to anybody, they’d have to ask about it.

My Panasonic 12-32mm might be useless now, yeah it can do 12mm, but manual focusing and backing up is more satisfying.

You know what else is satisfying? Having your balls squished.

You need f1.8, so you can step it down, and get sharper photos. Who needs f1.8 on a 17mm lens? Well, maybe I do, if I take a nude photo of myself. How do I tilt the camera to make my balls have bokeh?