Manual focus is a pain

You'll hurt your back, holding the camera at various angles, to try and get all the text sharp.

Probably still won't accomplish it either. Also got to move in various directions. Manual focus requires to much manual work.

So I'll probably sell the adapter someday. I'm to lazy to manual focus.

If you want pain free manual focus, use a Panasonic 25mm f1.7. I didn't take any pictures, didn't have flash on my camera, to lazy to get it. Just set the camera to manual focus, and looked at the live view.

The white balance usually needs to be manually set if no flash is used, in my apartment.

Taking pictures of dogs with a manual lens is much easier then a box with text.

Look at the text in the right corner on the top of the Olympus lens box. Click it, and then view the original size to see. It isn't tack sharp, that's no good.

Dogs are easy.
Had to get on the floor to get that picture.

No, I don't know how old the lens is, therefore it should be tack sharp.

Mitakon Zhongyi Canon FD Lens To Micro Four Thirds Camera Lens Turbo Adapter Mark II

Glad I didn't sell that adapter, looks like it didn't like my old E-M10. Possibly selecting a bad shutter speed. But even with a tripod, it sucked. Does the shutter speed matter if you use a tripod?

If anything isn't sharp, it's user error now.

I should of bought this camera to begin with. Now I have a new primary lens. Good luck doing focus bracketing with it though.

Maybe the old camera is defective, but auto focus lenses work fine on it.

No viewfinder was used either, and it's much sharper. All I did was set the image stabilization to 28mm. I had to lower the ISO in the kitchen too.

One of her legs isn't sharp, probably user error. Still sharper then it was on the old camera.

And they say manual focus is hard, not really.

That was either f5.6 or f8. It's less with the adapter, somehow it adds light.

I wouldn't use it at the lowest aperture, not as sharp. If I want bokeh, I'll use my auto focus YI lens.

I need a telephoto lens, problem is, they are huge. Some are expensive too, over $600. You'd need two tripods, one for the camera, and one for the lens.

On another note, Adorama sells an adapter like mine used for $140, not sure if it's the same version as mine. They offered me nothing, no email. If I didn't enter my email wrong, then they ignored me. So I'll ignore them, and never buy from them again.

Why would you prefer manual focus for video? That's a pain in the ass, if the subject is running, like a dog. Unless you are running too, and staying the exact same distance.

On TV shows, you don't see them changing the focus. Might would be messy if I manually focused. Got to get it perfect. That means turning past what might be the best, just to make sure it really is.

Didn't know they made lenses too. Most cost to much, better off with one of the new Sigma auto focus lenses. Auto focus is good for lazy people.