Why do people like changing their appearance?

So, I don’t recognize them of course.

If your gf changes her appearance everyday, you’ll get a new gf everyday. She’ll ask why I’m so anxious, and I’ll say “Because I just met you.”.

GameMode only solves one problem

Changes the CPU governor to performance, and changes it back when I close the game. But the screensaver will still activate with it.

while true; do
    xscreensaver-command -deactivate &>/dev/null
    sleep 49s

You could modify the source, and add that. Or maybe it does something similar, but not every 49 seconds.

Only one command to manually run, that’s better. No need to change the CPU governor back.

Tonka went downstairs by herself

She peed all over down there, and got stuck behind the couch. She was probably anxious, as she didn’t think she could go back up the stairs.

She didn’t try to get her to go up the stairs, she took her outside and around.

Maybe she thought I was down there, or she could get out. Yesterday, I went out that way, and she tried coming with me.

Kind of sucks being a dog’s person. You’ll feel bad if you don’t take them home. I can’t let her roam my entire apartment while I sleep, she might get stuck, or knock something onto herself. Won’t be sleeping if I close my door with her in there, either running into stuff, or scratching at everything.

ELEX is unique

That’s probably why I like it so much. I wonder if ELEX 2 will work in Linux using Proton.

If not, I’ll buy it for the PS4 or the PS5. The PS5 will most likely be backwards compatible, not sure how that works with digital games.

The Witcher is probably easier, it’s fun, but I probably need to start over. I’ll just keep playing ELEX, maybe I’ll play The Witcher after I beat ELEX. I’ll probably do nothing instead.

The Witcher, and ELEX, might be better then Skyrim. I should start over in Skyrim too.

Amazfit Bip 20% decrease in two days

What happened to the good battery life? I changed the heart rate reader to every 10 minutes, instead of 1 minute. It’s still draining 10% everyday.

I’m to cheap to buy a new watch.

Maybe water damaged the battery. It’s supposed to be waterproof.

Probably just a shitty battery they put inside it, or the last firmware update is shit.

Bluetooth drains my phone’s battery too. It lasted longer without bluetooth enabled 24/7.

If you get to many notifications, the battery life will suck. But my watch doesn’t seem to get notifications when it isn’t close to my phone, or on my wrist. Maybe I should turn it off when I’m at home. I haven’t been wearing it at home. I did when the dog was here, except when going to the bathroom.

Might be the watch face too. Maybe the firmware update caused issues with my watch face. The default is 24h, no thanks.

Maybe reinstalling the watch face will fix it. To lazy to look for a 12h with F for the temperature, instead of C. The weather is kind of useless on it, it doesn’t update. Right now, it shows the max and min temperature, but not the current. You have to manually sync, which doesn’t always work. So you might have to try 20 times. Trying to see if changing the temperature to C, will change it on the watch. The theme might be hard coded for F.

It shows it in C, just has a F by it. So, I only need a 12h watch face, the weather should be F with whatever face I want.

Don’t like the PopEye face, hard to read. The one at the top of the most downloaded, isn’t 12h. I just installed it, and it’s 24h. So it’s useless.

Reinstalled the one I like. Don’t like any of the other faces.

Nice, Steam uninstalled all my games

Restarted Steam, and it looks like ELEX shows up as installed now. And other games I don’t play.

I only care about ELEX. I think I’ll stick with RPGs, and play nothing else.

I need to sell my camera and lenses

I don’t know any ladies to take nude pictures with. So what’s the point in a camera? You aren’t contributing to the high sex drive cause, if you don’t take nude photos and put it online.

There’s a place you can take a nap, and wake up 20 years later

I think they said they were a British Colonist. You can also, get nosebleeds, feel sick to your stomach, pass out.

I need a drone that’ll follow me, so I can go there. Then there will be proof of something happening or not happening there.

The Druids came here before Columbus too. That guy didn’t accomplish anything.

Buggers come out of four things

Eyes, nose, ears, anus.

If you have a dick, and you don’t clean it, and you aren’t circumcised, it can make buggers too. Or cheese, whatever you want to call it.

Destroyed the Big Bang

In ELEX. It’s easy if you are level 17. Except, now they want me to kill the guy that made it. That might hurt the relationship with the Clerics, that is the Berserkers.

I used the fire fist, and a bow.

The mana is like health, you need potions or sleep to refill it. Other games, it slowly restores itself.

And, I just got my own living area in the game. Go to the center camp, do the stuff they want, then you get a key. Guess, you don’t actually have to finish the mission for the mechanic. Good thing, I almost died on the way there. Or actually, I might of died, it auto saved, so I was right in the fight after it loaded the save. I got a trader in the camp, by donating 1000 shards. I need 2000 shards to get a workbench. Should probably get some furniture too, that’ll be 2000 or 3000 shards.

How the fuck are you supposed to get money in this game? I’m always low on money, don’t have ten grand. I keep most of the herbs I get. There’s probably some I’ll never use. Don’t know which. I need a small mana potion instructions. I don’t want to buy mana potions, that’s expensive.

I can kill Albs now, with a upgraded bow. But there’s to many in the Domed City, I killed a bunch, but kept dying, so went back to the camp. The person with me, is kind of useless, she keeps getting stunned.

Oh, and at the new camp, you can take anything you want, the center camp or whatever, I sold a bunch of stuff to the trader I got. Got a workbench, now I just need 3000 shards to get furniture. I have around 2000, probably from killing Albs. Mana doesn’t regenerate, so I can easily kill them, I have to use a bow, take a lot of damage, ran out of health potions.

I did level up though, almost level 20.