TCL Roku TV + LG soundbar = out of sync

There’s no audio delay on my TV, and not on the $100 soundbar either. I wouldn’t pay $150 for the regular price on the soundbar.

Could be the Apple TV. The audio is still going through the TV. Changing to PCM didn’t seem to solve it. I don’t remember if it was out of sync with the broken soundbase.

Looks like the stupid soundbar turned itself on again. I’d have to read the manual to see how to turn it off. What I read on Best Buy didn’t work.

The remote might be turning the soundbar off first, turning the TV off first, might result in it not turning itself on. Or waiting five seconds after the TV turns off, to turn the soundbar off.

I did click the auto power on button again, could be the wrong thing to click, since I’m using a universal remote, and I’m to lazy to get the remote it came with, I didn’t even remove it from it’s packaging.

Don’t think there’s a Rage 2 demo

So the only way to find out how shitty it runs in Proton, is by buying it. Might as well buy the PS4 version, if it runs shitty, complain to whoever makes Rage 2. But for the PS4, I’d rather have the non digital version.

Will I be able to download all my games to the PS5? It will have backwards compatibility. The PS5 is the reason I won’t need to upgrade my computer.

There might be a full game demo somewhere. Enjoy the malware in your demo.

No official demo. I don’t care about reviews, the first one is pretty fun. I wonder how shitty that runs in Proton.

I think everything runs like shit in Proton and Wine. No Man’s Sky seemed to work fine. Maybe it’s just Wine that runs like shit. Proton might have game specific performance benefits. But Fallout 76 doesn’t work in Proton, the mouse or something is screwed up. It’s not even listed on the Proton DB site, so nobody is interested in playing it in Linux using Proton, no bug report either.

The original RAGE, has graphical glitches, doesn’t seem to be low FPS. Also, my save is gone, or never existed on the PC version. It thinks I’m using a controller too. CPU got up to 50C, got to love no AC.

You have to play the 64bit version. At least for AMD cards.

The audio might be screwed up too though. The textures are fine now. Apparently the 32bit save is incompatible with the 64bit version.

Somebody else had the issue with audio. Might be out of sync too, just like my soundbar for the TV. Or I don’t know how to read lips. Subtitles isn’t a good solution, since the first game doesn’t fully work, if I buy RAGE 2, it’ll be for the PS4. Also, you have to guess what key to click, because it says to click controller buttons, when I’m using a keyboard and mouse.

PS4 turned itself on

Didn’t notice till I got home. It likes doing that. Something to do with heat, clearly Sony didn’t put much thought into the original PS4’s design.

Guess I should of checked after turning it off.

Oh yeah, my LG soundbar keeps turning itself on too. That’s better then it turning off. I didn’t turn auto power on on.

The auto power on is probably on, the TV isn’t fully off, so it starts up faster. Disabling that, might solve it, or disabling the LG’s auto power on crap.

Looks like the auto power on is probably the cause, it happens with other LG soundbars. Probably not with LG TVs. I’d buy an LG TV, but mine looks great after changing the settings.

What happens if you have voice chat disabled in Apex Legends?

You end up with a two person squad, instead of three.

Why do they need voice chat? You can ping stuff on the map, so you aren’t required to talk.

I need to buy Rage 2, but I’m to cheap. I wonder how well it works in Proton. If it’s shitty, might as well get the PS4 version.

Windows is a great OS

Just turn your firewalls off, that includes the router’s firewall. In five seconds, you’ll find out why Windows is the best OS ever.

It’s hotter in my apartment then outside

A window in the living room and bedroom are open. My watch says 73F outside, it’s over 80F in here.

If they don’t fix or replace the AC today, all be roasting all weekend. Might have to leave Tonka at my mom’s. She’s to hot.

No AC all weekend, the office is most likely closed. Never got a call or anything about the AC.

Is AC required? If so, I should contact housing, and get a new apartment. Good luck renting it out without AC.

I regret buying a Mac mini 2012

Semi broke it, by upgrading it. Some programs are super slow on it, probably because they don’t know how to make Mac software. Like the Logitech remote software.

Affinity Photo is slow on it too.

Nowhere to put a external GPU, so there’s no point in buying that.

If you put Linux on it, it’s probably fast. No Mac programs if you do that.

Apparently macOS is only fast on PCs, even in a VM, macOS is faster on my desktop, at least with GPU passthrough, that doesn’t work reliably with my AMD card, not the new one or the old one. And if you want to use the GPU in Linux, when the VM isn’t running, it’ll be even worse, you’ll get freezing.

Resetting the PRAM might of made Affinity Photo slightly faster. Slow at focus merging though. Doesn’t even use 100% CPU, and it takes its time. That would explain why macOS is fast on PCs, they probably have no PRAM.

You probably need to do that after changing hardware on a Mac.

Now, if only iTunes could find my iPhone. I disabled the VPN on the iPhone. Oh wait, probably need to disable the WiFi on it and then enable it again.

The router must be blocking it from the other VLAN again. Oh well, to lazy to do anything about it.

It boggles my mind that women voted for Trump

Some people minds are boggled by landing a man on the moon, that doesn’t boggle my mind at all.

Apparently some women like being grabbed by the pussy, and they like men that sexual assault women in the Supreme Court.

Oh, and they also like being controlled by men, somebody claimed that’s what abortion really is. Apparently republicans don’t tell men what they can or can’t do with their body. They made people believe it’s a religion issue. But isn’t it a religion issue? Therefore, it should be separated from the law, they can’t tell anybody they can or can’t do it. Unless they want to change the constitution, and make the US ran on religion. In that case, go to Canada.