How much oil do you need?

Making fries again, and put oil on the air frying basket, like the internet said to do. The fries still stuck. I was trying to shake em, and they wouldn’t shake. So got a spoon, and sure enough, they stuck again.

And I used a lot of oil. But the air frying basket for the Instant Pot, has holes in it, so some of the oil went into the pot.

Oh and one potato has something white on it, so threw it away. Not sure anything was growing out of it, no idea what was on it though.

I should have looked at the potatoes the day I got it. I think that was Friday. Maybe Walmart potatoes don’t stay good very long. If it had that white stuff on it, the day I bought it, well they don’t even look at the potatoes.

Where else will I buy potatoes? I only get Walmart deliveries now, got to get my $100 a year membership worth of delivery.

Takes longer then 10 minutes, even for one potato. Wasn’t sure how long it would take this time, so started at five minutes. Then did it for 10 minutes.

Oh and that french fry cutter sucks, you have to pound the potato down, to cut it. Unless you push really hard, and then adjust the potato, then it’s easy. It’ll have some cuts in the potato if you do that. Perhaps use the knife you cut it in half, and cut little slits in it. Or buy a better french fry cutter, I think mine was under $10.

The fries only took 15 minutes. Don’t recommend doing two potatoes in my Instant Pot/Air Fryer. When I did that, I think it cooked for 30 minutes total, and not completely done.

Fries a cheeseburger, easy if you get the Costco frozen cheeseburgers that cook in the microwave. They taste fine to me, but I get some of the grease off using a paper towel. I think my grandparents keep the burger in the paper towel for several minutes, maybe two minutes, then eat it. I don’t do that, just put paper towel around it, and push down, and hope I get some of the grease off.

I might have burned my tongue as well. I ate a fry, that was too hot.

Oh and it’s not exactly healthy, I put a ton of oil on those potatoes. Maybe spraying oil on the basket would work better, you’ll probably use less oil as well. Spray the oil on fries as well.

Looks like enemies don't respawn in Divinity: Original Sin 2

Bummer, that means I can’t purchase other stuff from that trader, and pay to identify stuff. Find another trader? What if they don’t have the same stuff and I want everything?

Well, I didn’t overwrite my previous save, so I can go back. I think I’ll just continue on, with a ton of people dead in that place. And at least one dog.

I selected the resist arrest option, and had to fight a ton of people. The guy they wanted, dies very easily, the only one that died. Should have left him dead though. So he won’t be your companion if you allow to be arrested? Or can you free him somehow? Might have to load my other save and find out.

My main character seems to take no damage. I picked a bad companion.

Now to go shit again, probably diarrhea this time. Thanks breakfast sandwich with fiber. Felt like more rocks. Maybe I lost more then 0.5 pounds, just full of shit. I was wondering why only one dump a day. Well, two yesterday I think. Maybe there’s no leftovers, it turned it all into fat.

No enemies respawning, means you only have to kill them once, which is a good thing, if you are lazy.

Not sure I’d call all those I killed enemies though. They were just trying to arrest a guy for unknown reasons. Now it’s going to make me play the game more then once. I want to know what happens if they arrest him.

I didn’t have one person join my party again, because she might be a psycho or something. I think she wanted me to kill her, if I needed too for some unknown reason. I refused to do that, so she wouldn’t join. I paid to have a healer join though.

And I should have let the skeleton guy join, instead of paying for healer. Can’t anymore. I won’t tell you why, if you haven’t gotten to land yet.

I wanted something for energy, not the opposite

Apparently Bupropion makes you tired, instead of giving you energy. So I was right, he can’t prescribe anything to give you energy.

Now it’s possible there’s some drug that’ll give you energy, it may or may not be legal, probably lots of side effects. And if it’s illegal, you may get a nice hotel room with Big Bubba. Or maybe you will be Big Bubba.

I thought it was making me anxious at first, so stopped taking it for a while, he said I could stop. The nurse guy said it can make you tired for a week or two. Glad it isn’t more then 100MG, or I’d be sleeping.

Well, I might only get tired when not at home. Which would seem to suggest anxiety. Maybe I just can’t notice it in my apartment. Perhaps I could if I used the ceiling lights, instead of my lamp.

Oh and apparently nukes are going to be used again. In the next World War, which is apparently an Alien war, like World War 2 or something. If it’s an Alien war, why don’t people just refuse to participate? Perhaps humans are really robots.

Oh I think that review on a book compared to q-anon, because they don’t believe anything they say. But I’m pretty sure q-anon, just stole everything from a bunch of stuff, and probably modified it. They might as well believe q-anon, if they believe anything.

But the Aliens should just let everybody launch all their nukes, and detonate. If they let some detonate, might as well let em all detonate. Good thing I’m not them. As I wouldn’t do a damn thing. Well, I wouldn’t know much about humans anyways, because I wouldn’t be doing a damn thing.

If a nuke detonates does it prove anything they say? Not really, it was bound to happen again. Anybody can predict nukes detonating.

Firefox is better for picture in picture, Vivaldi has no subtitles in picture in picture. Apparently it’s a Chromium problem. They should have forked Firefox instead, except, it’s already more private then Chrome.

Questionable drug if you look it up on Wikipedia, in the UK it’s only used for “smoking cessation”.

Surprised it’s legal in the US, Russia banned it. And the UK among others only for smoking cessation. The US is anti drugs, the war on drugs. You can get heartburn medicine over the counter in the US though, even though some might cause kidney failure. Like the one I’m on. Paranoia from being a long term weed smoker, or kidney failure, in the US, federally, kidney failure is fine, but paranoia isn’t. Well, both can kill you, so I suspect they can both be the same bad. Not every long term weed smoker has paranoia though.

Which is a plant that grows in the ground? A heartburn pill, or weed? And how is liver failure acceptable, alcohol, but paranoia isn’t? Well, they did try to outlaw alcohol, didn’t work out. But what about cigarettes? Those give you lung cancer. Vaping may be bad or worse then smoking.

Well, at least humans are hypocrites. That answers the question, why some stuff is legal, when it comes to drugs, and other stuff isn’t.

Soon America will find out if some or all of the Supreme Court Justices are liars or not. Also, the death penalty isn’t a punishment, they are basically off the hook, at least from humans. Now if you are an Atheist, I’m still not sure that’s punishment. As you shouldn’t exist in the first place in that case. There’s nothing random about multiple dimensions, and ETs mostly being humanoid.

Perhaps UAS or whatever doesn't work with this NVMe enclosure

Drive still isn’t stable, VirtualBox crashed the drive again.

So I disabled UAS or whatever for it. It’s a Plugable NVMe enclosure.

cat /etc/modprobe.d/ignore_uas.conf 
options usb-storage quirks=0bda:9210:u

VirtualBox seems to be fine now though, after rebooting. Might need to test it again tomorrow.

Did the kernel remove the quirks for it or something? Or they gave me a worse enclosure. They didn’t test it very much. My read speed is plenty fast. Even not using UAS, unless the above didn’t do anything. In that case, the drive should be crashing eventually.

Nope, it’s still using UAS. That openSUSE Wiki gave me bad instructions. Is it built into the kernel then?

usbcore: registered new interface driver usb-storage

Says that, but if you look at the errors, same as before. Should say “usbcore: registered new interface driver uas” for UAS.

Maybe the drive crapped out already. That was a short lived SSD.

If the disk image is bad, will it get errors in dmesg? I can still access the drive, non like before I rebooted.

scsi host6: uas_eh_device_reset_handler success

But why does it say uas?

The Windows VM is still frozen. Or not, Windows Update, just makes it unusable.

Similar errors here I don’t have a hub capable of the speeds this drive uses. They say, could be the cable, computer, or drive.

I’ll try using a different cable, if I can find that long USB C cable, forgot where I put it.

Still didn’t mess with getting UEFI Windows with existing data on the other USB drive. Maybe some other day. I probably won’t update the firmware on controller again, no need to, it works fine now.

Found the cable, Windows said it failed at updating. Shutdown, and now it’s apparently retrying. Can’t do anything until the VM shuts down.

Nice if they sent me a defective cable, they didn’t test very much before sending it.

Hard to believe the computer’s PSU is the problem. Now the motherboard could be, MSI hates Linux. In dmesg it says “ccp 0000:2f:00.1: ccp: unable to access the device: you might be running a broken BIOS.”. Doesn’t appear to be a new bios available bummer. ASRock might have working bios. Might have to pay a house cleaner every month though, there goes buying anything anymore.

Works for one person using a MSI board. You could try downgrading the bios. Don’t recall if it worked before updating bios. Never noticed that error before, but was never looking for it, and don’t look in dmesg much, unless something isn’t working.

How long does it take to shutdown Windows? And I want broken psp. ccp is broken for lots of people. Good job at whoever makes the bios.

I/O error, dev sdc, sector 35506264 op 0x0:(READ) flags 0x0 phys_seg 1 prio class 2

Perhaps the drive is the problem. Bad instructions, don’t say command to run to do a test. Just to view existing data, useless. Now I have to look that up, cause I’m too lazy to run –help. Perhaps you need UAS for smart tests. No idea. Running smartctl –info doesn’t say anything about SMART.

But for a different USB drive, it does.

Time to force the VM off, not waiting anymore, and want to see if it has smart with UAS enabled. UAS doesn’t matter, guess it doesn’t support smart. Ahh, smartctl doesn’t support running tests on NVMe drives.

So Plugable gave me bad instructions, said to run a smart test, but NVMe don’t do SMART tests.

Oh and earbuds still fall out, with the biggest tips. Probably too big anyways. Too lazy to put the other ones back on. Not sure the tip size is the reason they fall out.

Changed the cable, and UAS is disabled again for it. Running Windows Update, and a disk benchmark at the same time. If Windows succeeds in updating, perhaps they sent me a broken cable. Guess I shouldn’t have thrown the old cable out. Or I think I did.

Oh and if it’s working, I may invest in a better enclosure, one that comes with a working cable. Nope, not the cable. Either enclosure or drive. If the I/O errors come back, probably drive. Or did I not put it in the enclosure right?

And are those errors the disk image, or the actual drive? Considering it’s resetting, probably the drive itself. Too lazy to ask Kingston for a new one. I’ll just buy a different brand, next month. Ahh, no 3D printer if I do that. I could copy the disk image, and see if it has the same problem on a different drive.

There isn’t much else on the drive. Everything else should already be on multiple drives.

I don’t recommend the Kingston NV2 2TB M.2 2280 NVMe Internal SSD | PCIe 4.0 Gen 4x4 | Up to 3500 MB/s | SNV2S/2000G.

Not even using it at the max speed, nor had it long. And I guess it’s already failing. They suspected the drive was/is failing. Copying the VirtualBox folder to a non SSD. Not sure booting Windows with that is worth it. It’s a slow drive. Slower then other mechanical drives. Shingled magnets or something.

According to Amazon review, you have to send the drive back, to get replacement, and their drive is lost in Kingston RMA limbo. Not worth my time. I’ll just buy something else, and never buy a NVMe Kingston again. My cheap ass SATA Kingston, continues to work, that’s what I had/have Windows on for booting bare metal. The enclosure probably cost more. But the drive isn’t really used much. Windows is currently broken on it. QLC Crucial is fine for USB. $113 for a 2 TB one. Don’t need Gen4 though. Might be a nice boot drive as well. But then I’ll have too much crap in my /home folder. And it’ll be bigger then my games drive. That slot doesn’t do Gen4 I don’t think.

Why no issues when copying the file? Should try VMWare, maybe later, got to shit, and then watch TV.

Looks like a software problem, VirtualBox is the problem. No idea if UAS really needs to be disabled. Looks like Windows updated in VMWare Player, no I/O errors.

So I was right, almost any SSD will work fine.

Oh and it uses a ton of CPU to install updates, had to change to performance mode. Should have left it on, as it’s still doing crap, trying to shut it down.

Here’s instructions for converting to UEFI.

I think it’s only slow with 3D acceleration on, openSUSE probably isn’t officially supported. There’s errors with the kernel modules, but no I/O errors. Perhaps using SATA isn’t good, it’s on NVMe but a USB enclosure. Hard to do, when your password is wrong. I know the pin, the password isn’t what’s in password manager, for Microsoft’s live crap.

Going to try creating an account, with the password, password. If that doesn’t work, good luck. And why can’t I install VMWare Tools?

Nice, only shows the MS account, perhaps I need to make it an administrator. Windows is a fucking pain.

Now to reboot, to unload VMWare modules. Not sure open-vm-tools works with it. Had to force the VM off, too slow to do anything, no I/O errors though.

After converting to UEFI, add firmware=“efi” to the end of your vmx file.

To install VMWare Tools, add an optical drive, set it to an ISO, like the Windows ISO, if you don’t have an optical drive, or it’s external and not on. That may be obvious to some people.

See here for converting it to a RAW image. Didn’t even know I had qemu-img.

I can probably uninstall VirtualBox, since it craps out my USB NVMe drive. I’m too lazy to change it from SATA to something else, or enable write cache. Works with SATA in VMWare Player. And it isn’t super slow anymore, after installing the tools. It does have write cache on I think, on by default.

sudo fdisk -l '/media/fast_stuff/Windows 10-disk1.raw' 
[sudo] password for root: 
Disk /media/fast_stuff/Windows 10-disk1.raw: 50 GiB, 53687091200 bytes, 104857600 sectors
Units: sectors of 1 * 512 = 512 bytes
Sector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 512 bytes
I/O size (minimum/optimal): 512 bytes / 512 bytes
Disklabel type: gpt
Disk identifier: 

Device                                      Start       End   Sectors  Size Type
/media/fast_stuff/Windows 10-disk1.raw1      2048    104447    102400   50M Microsoft basic data
/media/fast_stuff/Windows 10-disk1.raw2    104448 103562318 103457871 49.3G Microsoft basic data
/media/fast_stuff/Windows 10-disk1.raw3 103563264 103768063    204800  100M EFI System
/media/fast_stuff/Windows 10-disk1.raw4 103768064 104853503   1085440  530M Windows recovery environment

Perhaps I should write it to my USB SATA SSD now. And see if it boots, it should.

Cloudflare Turnstile is apparently useless

The site getting lots of failed logins, well more then it should, was using Cloudflare Turnstile on the login page.

So I switched to Wordfence for login security, it does more then that though. Apparently with shared hosting, you need Wordfence or something like it for WordPress.

I can’t enable server brute force protection, on shared hosting.

Just enabled reCAPTCHA for the login page.

And apparently that has two factor login support, so I can get rid of the standalone plugin I guess.

You can bypass Cloudflare, either that, or Cloudflare doesn’t protect much, even on under attack mode. Not sure the server has IPv6, and Jetpack showed IPv6 addresses. I disabled Jetpack’s brute force protection, I don’t know if you can configure it as much as Wordfence.

Hmm, Jetpack might not be working anymore. Nice. Should just disable it.

I already disabled access to xmlrpc.php, and Jetpack works. Is that outdated info? Cause Jetpack still works. Perhaps it continues working, if it’s already connected.

So I have to disconnect from Jetpack to get it to not work again? Let’s see, Jetpack’s site says it needs xmlrpc.php. Yet, it’s still working. I was able to reconnect it.

Maybe if I delete that file it won’t work. Either that, or the internet is very outdated. Perhaps the server is allowing Jetpack access to it.

And that info isn’t entirely the case,

Jetpack does still connect through XMLRPC, but there is also an “alternate” endpoint we sometimes can use to connect.

From here.

In other words, disable xmlrpc.php, even though I already basically disabled it, in the .htaccess file.

Oh and when disabling Cloudflare Turnstile, disable caching for login page with the LiteSpeed Cache plugin, then turn it back on. Or you’ll get failed login attempts, and it’ll show Cloudflare Turnstile. Now I have two failed login attempts.

Maybe if you disable “Cache REST API” it’ll stop working. Probably not, don’t think it’s the same as xmlrpc.php, and disabling didn’t seem to stop Jetpack from working.

Too bad you can’t hide the message “XML-RPC authentication is disabled. Jetpack is currently active and requires XML-RPC authentication to work correctly.”, as it isn’t true for me. It connects just fine.

Linux won't let me run fsck on an unmounted partition

It’s a NVMe drive in a USB enclosure. Said it was busy or something, if you type eject on the entire drive, it says basically the same thing.

That is when booted into openSUSE that is installed, I even logged out, and went to a terminal with ctrl + alt + f1. No idea what was using it.

So I gave up and booted the openSUSE install ISO. I was able to run fsck in rescue mode doing that.

I tried booting my Windows VM to update it, was going to try using WoeUSB to write it. To see if it can, after converting the VM disk image to a RAW disk image. But if it can’t, write the ISO, then dd to the other partition.

The USB NVMe drive, only has one partition. Perhaps the replacement enclosure is worse. The VM just got an error, no freezing KDE though this time. I had to click the reset button, as VirtualBox froze everything, and I went into a terminal, typed ls on the mount, and it hanged. Couldn’t kill that process, so just typed sudo reboot, but was taking way too long, so gave up and clicked the button.

And perhaps disabling XHCI handoff was a bad idea. Or the Kingston drive in it, is dead already. Nice, I lost my shitty Windows VM, well not completely, it’s also on a USB drive. A SATA SSD in a more reliable enclosure.

Should have tested VM when I got the replacement, apparently that’ll test the NVMe enclosure. And cause it to crap out.

unable to enumerate USB device

Might be a problem.

I/O error while writing superblock device not accepting address 13, error -71

So Linux doesn’t support USB 3.0?

Perhaps a non rolling distro would be better. I’d think the autosuspend bug would be fixed by now, perhaps not. Let’s see if booting the VM kills it again. Then I’ll try disabling autosuspend, don’t care about that anyways.

Hmm, so XHCI handoff, may have lead me to fix the enclosure, I was having some problem, but only appeared a month or longer after getting the first one. Can’t recall what the problem was, perhaps it wasn’t mounted anymore, so disconnecting.

Perhaps this Plugable NVMe enclosure doesn’t like autosuspend. And perhaps disabling useless power saving, at least useless on a desktop, will let me reboot without having to unmount and unplug and plug back in, to get it connected at the right USB speed. Just run a benchmark after rebooting, and sometimes, it is less then it should be.

The autosupsend disabling instructions can be found here.

It’s been an issue since kernel 2.6.27. Nice. Still waiting for drive to crap out again. Might not.

Just like Proton was updated today, and Just Cause 3 still doesn’t work on Steam Deck, probably works fine on desktop, unless I got temporally banned because of the DRM. If you open too many times, you’ll get temporally banned, and can’t open on anything. If you use a crack, on your desktop, it might work, but crack doesn’t fix it on Steam Deck. I refuse to use Steam Deck until Just Cause 3 works. Cause I want to play Just Cause 3 on it. I could change the Linux distro, that might fix it. Some people say it works, no idea how it works for some people but not others. They never updated the OS? Perhaps.

Oh and Steam might say the game works on the Steam Deck, so they lie. It’s already been reported to them, it just takes forever to get anything fixed, including regressions. Windows Update 100%, and drive hasn’t crapped out yet. I think I have to reboot and then launch the VM. But I think I’ll do the permanent fix, and then reboot. I don’t need autosuspend.

sudo: mkinitrd: command not found

Lies, guess those instructions aren’t for openSUSE. And why does using XHCI handoff fix that problem? Wasn’t a problem until I disabled that. But I don’t think I need to run that command anyways.

Going to re enable XHCI handoff. Windows is installing update now. I’m also going to disable autosuspend for USB, in case that’s causing weird issues. Like around 400 MB/s read on a NVMe drive, that should get over 900 MB/s on whatever USB version that C port is.

Good idea, add usbcore.autosuspend=-1 to my kernel command instead, in case you need some mkinitrd command.

And couldn’t even boot, the NVMe drive wasn’t working, unplugged it, plugged back in, and rebooted, and booted fine. I could have tried clicking ctrl + d or whatever it said. So USB enclosures can’t fix themselves by rebooting the computer? You have to unplug it and back in? No wonder USB isn’t good for storage.

After editing /etc/default/grub, run sudo grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg.

Now to boot Windows VM, and leave it running for a while, to see if drive craps out a third time. If so, the new enclosure is worse, or the drive has issues. Or both. It could be overheating as well. Going to watch the temperature while the VM is running.

If you want to resell your hosting, or offer free hosting, use FraudLabs, the free plan. Make sure you deny everybody not using their home connection, or maybe a mobile connection. Proxy and VPNs etc, should be blocked from ordering.

Anybody want free 1 MB of space hosting? No bandwidth limit, but you’ll have plenty of space. Enough for a one page website. No support will be provided, and I may stop offering it at anytime. If you use the space to host a PHP file to inject on sites, you’ll be banned. And reported. You won’t get any email. Too bad I can’t disable email on the account from PHP. Perhaps no PHP either. Just SFTP. No insecure FTP.

I’d use the free plan for selling hosting too, I’d just limit it to 500 queries a month. And there’d be a low limit on how many plans I’d sell, only 20 GB of space, and I’m using some. Also, I only need to sell four, to not have to pay my hosting anymore, at least BuyShared.

Good news, the NVMe enclosure, might be stable after disabling autosupsend and reenabling XHCI handoff. Need a motherboard that isn’t anti Linux, MSI hates Linux. The updates installed, and I even ran a benchmark in the VM.

Now to convert the disk image to a RAW disk image.

You can report the autosupsend bug, I’m too lazy and stupid to do so. And it might already be reported. It should be disabled by default though.

How (Not?) to write a RAW Windows 10 VM disk image to a USB drive using WoeUSB:
sudo losetup –find –show –partscan –read-only ‘/media/fast_stuff/VirtualBox/Windows 10/Windows 10.img’ sudo woeusb –device /dev/loop10p2 /dev/sdj

Until it says:

/usr/sbin/woeusb: line 1649: ./Program Files/WindowsApps/Microsoft.UI.Xaml.2.4_2.42007.9001.0_x86__8wekyb3d8bbwe/AppxBlockMap.xml: No such file or directory

So perhaps you have to manually copy the files to the partition it makes. Nice.

rsync didn’t work either. Is there a way to skip broken files? Eh, just use the WoeUSB –partition setting, after using dd of the entire image, and delete the other partitions.

W95 FAT32 that could be the problem.

sudo woeusb –target-filesystem ntfs –device /dev/loop10p2 /dev/sdj

Perhaps that’ll do it. Looks like that might be working. Over 30% done, nice.

And once done running WoeUSB, run losetup -d /dev/loop10, change loop10 to whatever the correct value is.

And looks like it worked, nice.

Going to try booting it. Then I’ll upload this post. And it worked, because I used the ISO, time to try the loop instead, like I meant to do. No I don’t want to install Windows. Just boot my VM on bare metal, in case I need to update my controller’s firmware again. Cause they are dicks, and only have Windows software.

WoeUSB still fails, probably only supports installation ISOs.

But try running sudo dd if=/dev/loop10p2 of=/dev/sdj1 status=progress after it fails. Change the partitions of course, for all the above commands. Perhaps the way Linux is mounting it, it can’t access some files or something, dd might work in that case.

I should dd the partition with the bootloader, so you don’t need WoeUSB. But I’m lazy, so I’ll pass. And you might also need /dev/loop10p1. If it won’t boot. Actually, backup the second partition on USB drive, with the UEFI crap, and dd /dev/loop10p1 to it, then copy the stuff you backed up to it, or the other way. But it’s only 1M. So I need gparted to make it bigger.

It might be easier to install Windows to the drive, bare metal or something, and then dd the big partition.

Or lookup how to convert non UEFI to UEFI.

Perhaps it can boot without that other partition. If dd ever finishes.

And it won’t boot, I got the installer to boot, with all the data still on it. But it looks like the drive is in MBR, and Windows wants GPT. Going to bed soon though, so I’ll change the drive to GPT tomorrow if I feel like it. And lookup how to convert it to UEFI. I mounted the Windows 10 installer ISO, and copied it to the big partition, but all that did was boot the installer, even with that UEFI NTFS bootloader. Which I don’t need anyways. My motherboard supports booting NTFS directly. As there’s two boot options after copying the ISO contents to the drive.

If you can figure out how to install the UEFI bootloader, or get the files, it’ll probably boot on my motherboard, perhaps I need to do it in VM, and convert it to a RAW image again. There’s some bootloader thing for Windows, perhaps it can get the UEFI stuff.

One reason to use BuyShared over ExtraVM for WordPress

BuyShared has brute force protection for WordPress. Using a plugin isn’t very effective, one of my sites is getting a bunch of brute force attempts. So either ExtraVM has nothing on the server level, or it’s not as effective.

With IPv6, you get a lot of IPs to brute force from. If you could force it to IPv4, the plugin would be more effective, as it is, they can just get a new IP very quickly. Using Cloudflare isn’t a great option, it has IPv6 support.

Perhaps I should change what countries can login for the login page. Or even set it to Comcast only. My IPv6 addresses change a lot, so allowing only my IPv6 address would be a pain. I suppose you might be able to allow the entire range. But there’s benefits in being able to login anywhere in the US. Jetpack has blocked 0 brute force attacks. So BuyShared’s protection is doing the trick. If it wasn’t doing the trick, I’m pretty sure more then 0 would be blocked. And if not, well it probably wouldn’t load. Not for the bots either.

Cloudflare’s bot protection is useless. Perhaps if you pay, it’s more effective.

Well, limiting to the US won’t work, one site already is doing that. And that’s the site with lots of brute force attempts.

Maybe setting wp-login.php to Under Attack will help.

Echo Buds can be connected to two devices at the same time

I got an email a while back about an update, but I don’t really use the Echo Buds anymore. Could they always connect to two devices? Well, it updated the firmware overnight. You can’t update when you want apparently. You can try the tricks to update sooner if you want, I didn’t bother.

If I go on walks by myself, I need earbuds that stay in my ears. Well, the Beats Studio Buds might be fine now, I put the large tips on. Perhaps the medium or whatever was on them, are too small. Probably the ones they had on them when I bought it. They should have the large ones on when you buy it, so I don’t have to do it myself, I’m lazy.

And you can’t use the tips or whatever they are called, from the Echo Buds.

So all the people buying ear hooks, did they not try any of the other included tips? I suppose none might be the right size for some people. I didn’t think my ear anuses were very big.

I’ll probably just use the Echo Buds when walking, so I don’t lose or break my Beats. The Echo Buds seem to stay in ears, I’ve walked with it without any problems.

If you want to connect to two devices at once, I suppose you can say the Echo Buds are better now.

Still easier to connect Beats to Apple stuff, connect it to one Apple device, and then it syncs or something to everything, just select it to connect. The Echo Buds you probably have to do a pairing ritual. Therefore, I’m keeping the Beats as well.

Created a custom AppArmor profile for Vivaldi

Followed the guide here. My profile might not work for anybody else.

Downloading files works, non like when using Firejail. Using Firejail + AppArmor is too much work, and probably not really any benefit.

owner /proc/*/uid_map w,

Perhaps not the most secure profile, I think I allowed everything it wanted.

Not sharing it, as you can do it yourself. The profiles I found for Vivaldi don’t work, so had to make my own. And probably doesn’t work for NVIDIA.

All I know, is it also only works in openSUSE.

It isn’t hard to make a profile. You don’t have to do much except answer questions, and it generates it for you.

aa-genprof doesn’t work. The file it generates is useless. Perhaps if you use aa-logprof with it, it’ll work. Not sure what the scanning is for. Maybe it’s broken in openSUSE.

Oh I don’t think it supports subprofiles yet. No idea if it ever will. So you may allow stuff, that one binary doesn’t require. But it’ll be allowed for everything.

Two feet isn't long enough

The cable on the surge protector I bought from Walmart, is only 2 ft. I just put the one with a longer cable, where I moved the table I put my phone on to charge. And 2 ft isn’t exactly long enough for where the other one was either, it should work though. The other cable was too long for where it was, and I think it’s still too long.

Apparently I don’t know my inches and feet. If it’s as big as my cock or smaller, I might know. But erect or not? Not erect is easier. That would really not be long enough.

Don’t buy a surge protector with a 2 ft cable. Only 500 Joules of protection, is that enough for a small surge from say a printer? None of them will protect from lightning. It was only $10 or so. Do they even have surge protectors in town at Walmart, that are long enough? Maybe not. I didn’t want their shitty brand. Their shitty brand is fine for my wrist rest/mouse pad though. I just put it on top of my Steel Series mouse pad. I’m too lazy to move it. And it’s supposed to be a good mouse pad, whatever that means, the cheap Walmart mouse pad with a wrist rest works fine. I have double mouse pads. I’d recommend double condoms as well.

If your lady is trans, she should wear a condom too, even if she isn’t on top. In fact, if your gf has a strap on, and isn’t on top, she should wear a condom too. Maybe put condoms on your fingers too. You got to use them condoms before they are outlawed.


Finally got it working, well the repo working. After you install it, zypper refresh will get errors, you’ll import the GPG key into various things, and it’ll still not work.

You have to change the URL in the file.

cat /etc/zypp/repos.d/vivaldi.repo 

That works for me, it used to be archive instead of stable, which doesn’t work. It’s signed by a different key, or no key. You can import the key many ways, the easiest might be YaST.

That’s for openSUSE, no idea about anything else.

And if you want socks proxies with authentication, you can use proxychains-ng. It’s in the openSUSE repo. And it’s not a great solution, because you have to start the browser with it, so if using firejail, you run firejail –profile=/etc/firejail/vivaldi-stable.profile proxychains4 vivaldi-stable and run proxychains4-daemon in another terminal. You have to uncomment proxy_dns_daemon in /etc/proxychains.conf.

I’m too lazy to figure out how to remove the easy to guess password and username from my local socks proxy, it’s in Podman. For my VPN. And I’d have to reconfigure my Usenet stuff, too much work. Might be better off using Firefox for the proxy, you don’t need anything special to do it.

Don’t know if the RPM from that URL will work, I’ll find out when it gets updated.

Why not use Firefox? Have you seen how fast Safari is on my phone? Firefox is using an ancient engine, I thought they were making a Rust written one, no browser released using it, as far as I know. Also an annoying bug, that they refuse to fix. I guess it doesn’t affect many people, might be Linux only, and perhaps most people aren’t using Firefox in Linux anymore. Drop down menus don’t always work, you have to open or switch to a different running program, then you can click. Clicking the picture in picture button in YouToot videos doesn’t work either, you have to do the same thing, or it just pauses and unpauses the video. I’m too lazy to report a rare bug, so I’ll just use something else. It might not be as fast as Safari on my phone though, I don’t notice it loading some of my sites, or not for very long.

Safari will probably never be for Linux. Bummer.

And why can I view all folders with Firejail? Flatpak does the same thing, and I thought they were sandboxing it.

Good news it has picture in picture mode. Possibly had it longer then Firefox.

Says most are mounted read only. You can blacklist folders, like /media. But read only, good enough for me. Well, unless the site starts uploading my /media folder, I’ll notice though probably. That’s a lot of data.


My Temu order came today, I think I ordered it on the 4th maybe. Or was it sooner? Not bad for coming from China. Don’t know what the US warehouses are for, pretty sure mine came from China.

Don’t buy dog toys from them, thought they were bigger, but they are for small dogs. Had to throw Utah’s donkey out, he ripped a hole in the head, and was trying to rip it apart.

The other one I gave to Bodhi, but he didn’t want it. She should give it to my sister, since her dog is little, and will probably love it until the crappy squeaker stops. Utah killed the squeaker very fast. He enjoyed it though, perhaps it made him feel a little better.

A horrible event happened, Bodhi’s back foot got stuck in Utah’s collar, probably when he laid down, and rolled over and pushed Utah off of him. Jeff was out there, but couldn’t get a knife or scissors, Utah couldn’t breathe. I think he picked Utah up, turned him around, to untwist the collar, and was able to get it off.

Bodhi never left his kennel when I was over there, not even wagging his tail when I talked to him, maybe he did a little once. Utah just wanted to sit by somebody on the couch, but they don’t want him on the couch. Can’t put a blanket on the couch, he will take it and chew it up. His claws might rip it. But it if was my couch, he’d be up there. Especially if it makes him feel better.

Hopefully he’s fine, I don’t know if they took Utah to the emergency vet to get his neck x rayed.

I also got a french fry cutter and a potato peeler. Seeing if they have peephole cameras, don’t want the Amazon branded one. And curious if there’s any other brand, mostly on Amazon you see the Ring one. Probably won’t actually get one. If I do, it’ll be a while. The table is almost cleaned off enough for a 3D printer. The soonest I’ll get the printer is next month.

Not seeing a peephole one, but a regular door one, is $30 or so. Guess it wouldn’t matter so much if somebody swiped that. And I might not care about asking if it’s allowed or not. People put crap on there door, usually signs or something.

Can you use it with HomeKit, unofficially? My Amcrest camera works with it. No idea if it works with Scrypted. Not even sure it has a brand. It says IP camera, which would suggest it would work. But also says an app is used.

Brinno SHC500 is kind of cool, it doesn’t go on the outside of the door, you still have to remove existing peephole lens or whatever it’s called. All they will see is a camera.

Not sure it connects to your WiFi though, might have to watch on the device itself. Do they have one with WiFi? So I can possibly use it with HomeKit? You have to drill a hole? No thanks. That probably isn’t allowed. Not worth it, your peephole might be too small. Or are they all 12mm? And even the almost $200 one, you can’t access remotely. Might as well pay less for Ring, but it might not work with HomeKit.

There's no offline voice cloner?

DuckDuckGo can’t find one. Like Stable Diffusion, but for voices.

I think I found something once, but wasn’t looking for it, and no idea if it actually works or does anything. Might be a link on one of my blogs, no idea which one, and too lazy to look. This blog doesn’t even have a search. One blog the search is slow in Firefox. I should actually disable the search on that site, as it makes the site take longer to load.

I need to clone my voice of me singing, so I never have to remember how to sing like that, or get it right. You only have to sing right once, and then perhaps the AI can sing for you. It’s for incredibly lazy people.

Not to mention, you can clone politicians voices. And make music videos, such as “I’m a bigot”, or “I’m the chosen one”, or even “I’m a robot”.

More useful for cloning your own voice singing, and you’d probably have to make custom software to make a non singing voice singing. Don’t forget all the death threats you’ll get by making the above music videos. If you clone your own voice, and never share anything, you may not have to deal with threats.

And it should let you change your voice into a female voice. So I can make a music video called “I’m a small town girl”. She’ll be butt naked. Uses less CPU to keep the video as is. Just change the audio of the video. But then I won’t have a pussy.

Is it better then Cloudflare? Some people say Cloudflare is a dick.

They have a free plan, so might be worth a try. I’d highly recommend trying sex with a trans lady.

Perhaps not as good, if using it for free, you apparently can’t configure DDoS protection for free. Bummer, cause it should be configured to be a dick.

But is ExtraVM and/or BuyShared blocking it?

To exclude only the homepage/front page in the LiteSpeed Cache WordPress plugin, use ^/$ in the Do Not Cache URIs. Still don’t know why there’s no HTML comment on the site at the end of it. According to curl -I, it’s using the cache, and it’s clearly minifying the HTML, on the other pages. Don’t search for how to do that on DuckDuckGo, you won’t find anything relevant. Would be nice if the HTML comment was on it, perhaps it doesn’t support the default WordPress theme, or BuyShared has it disabled. Can’t recall if the sites on ExtraVM had the HTML comment on BuyShared, probably, that’s how I knew there is one.

Hmm, dynamic caching. I could have kept BuyShared. Perhaps that would get rid of the random annoying delay. It didn’t say transferring in Firefox, just a long ass delay of not knowing what it’s doing. You don’t get that with ExtraVM, but not sure it’s really faster otherwise, possibly because it’s in Texas. BuyShared is probably closer, I think the server is in Las Vegas.

Perhaps if it’s caching dynamic pages, it can send it closer to me. And then I can move the sites to a different continent. Except, the $12 a year plan is US only from ExtraVM. Bummer.

Less then a few thousand visits per month? That could be the case for all sites except one. But that one site, is static. My fancy bowels site. It gets almost 2k bots a day. You can’t beat it. Ok, maybe I can sell the domain for a million bucks. I’ll pass, my bowels are staying there. They are too precious, I gave birth to them after all.

Well if it’s cached, it probably would solve that weird random delay. Won’t help wp-admin though, and that can get super slow. As slow as Trump going down a ramp. Or is it up a tree? He’s nuts after all. Still reading this crappy comparison, crappy because one thing it says makes no sense. It says without, but without what? Without each other? Without a dick?

Super Page Cache for Cloudflare so I don’t need to switch it. Perhaps. That doesn’t work for static sites, how do I enable cache everything for my static sites? What happens if you use that plugin with the LiteSpeed Cache plugin? And what happens if you disable LiteSpeed Cache when the server is LiteSpeed of some kind?

Nice, you can use it with it. Time to put it on the possibly slowest site,, thanks to the crappy theme. And I need to update that, I forgot about that theme update. Paid theme, so you have to go to the theme site and download it. You can’t minify everything on that site, the theme will break. And I don’t want to fix anything.

Can’t enable that for my main domain, cause it’ll probably do the subdomain too. Bummer. Can you add a subdomain? You might have to pay for that “feature”.

Said to disable all page caching, disabled all caching, cause don’t know how to disable “page” caching. Except for the icon I don’t have, or is the default, it can cache that.

Nope, theme that got updated, I’m not using. Didn’t need to download it.

Nice plugin, it makes WordPress hosting cheaper. Either that, or ExtraVM is faster without LiteSpeed Caching on.

On another note, I found a site, with free demo books. Usenet is mostly useless for book demos.

Nice internet died while uploading my static site. Got to reboot the modem I guess, or wait.

Hmm, maybe it was updating it’s firmware. Might be bricked now, if that’s the case. Thanks Comcast. How am I supposed to know what it’s doing?

Internet is back. Got to love Comcast. Hopefully if you work from home, you don’t use Comcast. It sucks. Internet died again. Maybe Ethernet cable is bad, or modem is. I should get up and look at the modem, to see which lights are on. Only one light, that could be the problem. Thanks Comcast. They sure hate giving you Internet for $10 a month. That’s paid for by ACP. Perhaps SSH isn’t allowed.

Well, good news, if that’s the case, you aren’t allowed to use SSH, I’ll VPN my entire connection. I see nothing wrong with it.

They force me to use their crappy modem, so if it’s dead, oh well. They give me crap, and force me to use it. They claim they can’t confirm I’m using the internet without it, sure. Back again, let’s see if SSH kills it again, probably.

Cow Song

Finish song
I’m a cow
And I weigh a thousand pounds
Don’t you try to milk me, ‘cause I’ll knock you down
I’ve got four big hooves to stomp around
And I’ll eat your grass ’til there’s none left on the ground

Mooing in the morning, mooing in the night
Grazing in the fields, feeling alright
I might be big, but I’m gentle too
Just don’t make me angry, or I’ll moo at you

I’m a cow, and I’m proud of it too
My milk is delicious, and good for you
So if you see me out in the field
Give a little moo, and I’ll let you yield

You can turn yourself into a cow with Stable Diffusion. And then you can sing the above. But I’m not sure my milk is delicious. Maybe if you like rotten milk.

Here’s a cow photo. And based on some of the images Stable Diffusion made, I wonder what the fuck is in it’s model. All I typed was cow.

Be careful moving a DirectAdmin account

While restoring my sites to ExtraVM, I couldn’t figure out why one site was missing posts. Well, it was originally in the main account for my reseller account, and I was still using the old database. If I deleted that database, I’d know sooner I wasn’t using the restored one. So I had no offline backup of the most recent database.

The sites should be working, and the backup script should be as well. The backup script generates tar.gz files to download. I use Rclone to download the backups, then it deletes it.

Perhaps those sites will be faster now, the admin interface is. Don’t know of any other hosts for $12 a year, that are as fast.

And back to Texas WordPress sites go soon

You can get ExtraVM for $12 a year, for a special 5 GB plan. Plenty of space for the WordPress sites. I’m using almost 5 GB total with all my sites, but I think the WordPress sites are both under 200 MB.

One static site, has a bunch of old files. And some videos.

Find the deal here.

Texas may suck, but their hosting might be fast enough for WordPress. And I don’t want to manage a VPS. Or pay for one.

Don’t recommend using a 55 character password, it must have cut some of it off, and couldn’t login to the hosting control panel anymore. Just change it in their billing.

I’ll leave them on Cloudflare. Assuming it does more then one domain, I didn’t check before ordering. In that case, only is moving.

Maybe Texas servers are better then Texas judges? Might have to email to get SSH enabled. Going to eat dinner before I do anything, well I might email them while waiting for dinner to heat up in microwave.

Need a fresh backup from BuyShared. And you can have more add on domains, no limit.

Not that I need to eat dinner, got hungry and ate lots of snacks. My lunch doesn’t fill me up.

Email sent, now to make dinner I don’t need.

Need to lookup peephole cameras, apparently they make em. And does it look through the hole already there? Might need a battery. But if it’s in my apartment, it’s less likely to get taken. And they might get mad, if I take the thing off the door, to put it through the door or whatever. On Amazon, Ring seems to be the only one. Just looked at door, perhaps it would work, if you don’t have to remove anything from door, like the lens or whatever. But there is a hole. Would be annoying though, every time somebody walks by. But when they come to inspect for bed bugs, I can tell em, I’m on the crapper. No need to yell. Nope, not any better then the other cameras, the camera and doorbell go on the other side. So somebody could swipe it, and you have to remove the lens on the door I guess. You’d have to ask if they care.

And I need all my money for a 3D printer anyways. Probably another drive for Orange Pi 5, since it’s backing lots of stuff up, and UrBackup is way more convenient then my other backup methods.

Their control panel is buggy, if you extract a file, it’ll have the wrong permissions. Might be emailing support, I did type sudo on accident, then remembered I don’t have such access. Should have extracted with SSH. Well, I can change permissions on public_html to 777. I think I have to do for everything, to delete it and everything. Nope, didn’t change the permission for that folder.

Site works now, I think, or wp-admin does. I renamed that folder to public_html.old. Now to ask them to delete it, since I can’t. Or maybe I can now that it’s renamed, let’s see. And wp-admin is dead again already. Deleting LiteSpeed plugin didn’t fix it. Extracted it again, and it’s working, also finally was able to change PHP version.

The error_log file said a file was missing, how did it get deleted? And email doesn’t work, not surprising. That is the contact form, might need to make an account for it to use, and send from. Got email working, well the SMTP plugin, needed to get valid SSL for it. Now to test contact page again. Contact form works, will have to do on my other site too, if I ever restore it. Must have restored an old backup. Just checked on BuyShared, posts are gone in it’s database too. Checking older backups now. No idea what happened to BuyShared, apparently their database had to be restored already.

Already broke the server, it’s offline. Was trying to make my backup script. Not sure what my path is, no more SSH it died I guess. Sites down too. The server is back online. You’ll need to check more often with Uptime Robot, if you actually want that to log it, I’m not paying though.

How to get a closer to your location IP from Comcast

Change the MAC address on your router, and reboot router and modem. I turn the outlet off on the surge protector for the modem, from my phone, for 30 or so seconds. Oh and reset the DUID for IPv6. To reset the DUID on an EdgeRouter X:

sudo rm /var/lib/dhcpv6/dhcp6c_duid
#or the below
sudo mv /var/lib/dhcpv6/dhcp6c_duid /var/lib/dhcpv6/dhcp6c_duid.bak

To change the MAC address:

set interfaces ethernet eth1 mac xxx

Now to delete the DUID again, and turn modem off before doing so. Perhaps if I did it in the order above, IPv6 would be working. Was only trying to change IPv4 address though.

I assume deleting that, resets the DUID. Didn’t compare any files, and now I just delete it, since it recreates it. That’s how I got to work again on my phone. Perhaps will stop working again. doesn’t work on my mom’s network, no idea how to reset the DUID on her router. Might have to reboot my desktop I guess. Or disable Ethernet and re enable. Or lookup how to get a new IPv6 address. Looks like disabling it and re enabling fixed it, still can’t ping Google IPv6 though. Tello works on my desktop. And my phone.

Either Google blocks pinging IPv6, or something else is blocking it, and I’m too lazy to try and figure out what is blocking it. Could be the router, or something out of my control.

Page cache is detected but the server response time is still slow

Median server response time was 1,299 milliseconds. It should be less than the recommended 600 milliseconds threshold.

That’s how slow BuyShared can be.

Might need to move my WordPress sites to a VPS. But I’m incredibly lazy. Even too lazy to use Podman.

ExtraVM might be faster, but the only location on the same continent is Texas, no thanks. What will the response time be for Germany?

You can find other US hosting, but a lot of em, have shitty limits, like inode limits. I don’t believe in inode limits. If I get 10 GB of space, I should be able to have a shitload of small files.

You think I have inode limits on my desktop? I doubt it, as I’d probably be in trouble if I did. It’s because they don’t want you to use it how you want. I should be allowed to use 10 GB however I want.

Also, somebody’s site might be getting hammered on the shared server.

Not sure 50% CPU is enough, seeing as I’m getting CPU throttled. The 2 GB VPS from BuyVM, has fair share CPU, an average of 50%, so the container would be limited to 50% or less. Probably less, since there’s two sites. The other WordPress site is fine though. I did change the cache settings, but some of those settings break the other site. I need to ditch the bought theme, and make one like I did for Then I can get rid of at least one plugin, the theme requires it or something.

Or just move it back to Texas, and post Texan jokes. Hopefully they don’t pass an anti Texan joke law. Cause then it’ll get terminated. Well, they will try to do a national anti Texan law. They want their one judge to make the laws for the entire US. That isn’t how America is supposed to work, no one person is supposed to have that much power.

Oh yeah, ExtraVM has VPSes too. And in better locations. They claim DDoS protection included, and backups. Their terms aren’t as good as BuyVM, BuyVM allows you to use their VPSes to tank a DDoS attack for a server hosted somewhere else. Probably Tor exit nodes aren’t allowed either. Don’t click the order link on their main site, says out of stock for the 1 GB plan, but if you go here, it’s in stock.

Oh and I think with ExtraVM, I get a 404 error when logging into their billing. So perhaps not the best option. Let’s see what the CPU usage policy is. If the $10 a month plan, lets you tank the CPU, perhaps it’s a good deal. Then I don’t have to set limits, I can run all the runaway scripts as I want.

We do not allow software that intentionally maxes out all available CPU resources with no23 general business purpose, such as cryptocurrency mining software. Use cases such as video24 rendering, file compression, or similar tasks are allowed.

Bummer. I should be allowed to run cryptocurrency. Even though I don’t want to. If you get a dedicated core from BuyVM, I think you can do anything with that core. You could run a stress test 24/7, probably. And then ask them why your site is slow.

We do not impose hard limits on server load, however if a client server is causing high load62 on a host system your server may be restarted or suspended until the client can investigate the problem.

You might want to limit the container. Well, BuyVM’s terms are better, I think they throttle, not suspend.

Can you co locate a Orange Pi 5? Not the one I have of course, I’ll buy another one. After I get a 3D printer, so I can print a case. That should work just fine for me.

It isn’t slow anymore, according to the health thing. So it looks like it’s fine, the nature of shared hosting.

I think I’ll choke on some clits, instead of managing a VPS. Enjoy the sometimes slow WordPress sites. Another option, is using a static solution for WordPress, and then it should be fine.

Simply Static Pro is $100 a year, sorry, already paying that much to Walmart.

Use one of the free ones, but keep the non static site, for the contact page of course. Too bad LiteSpeed caching isn’t great on shared hosting.

But I think I’ll do nothing. You can’t use the static plugin on BuyShared, it would take forever probably to export it. Local would work better. You’ll be missing data on the non static site. Unless you export the database too.

How do you configure auto updates in Ubuntu and reboots if required? Ubuntu probably does it the easiest. Or the easiest to configure. And I don’t give a rats ass what distro is on a server. openSUSE is nice for my desktop, the Orange Pi 5 is running Armbian based on Ubuntu. And it works fine.

But I have to order BuyVM on my phone’s internet, thanks to Comcast, for giving me a non local IP. I’m too lazy to try cloning my MAC and seeing if I can get a local IP. But that would be better then using data. I know how to get auto updates for Podman. So the server can be on auto pilot, if it reboots itself and updates itself, and hacks itself.

Now to clone my MAC address, to see what IP Comcast gives me. Probably the same one. How do I change the MAC address? The instructions I saw last time I looked it up, don’t work for the version I have. I thought I saw a MAC address setting, under config somewhere. Looks like it’s easier with a terminal, I’ll use SSH instead of the web one. Hmm, how do you change it back? Without knowing what it was before? No idea. But I gave it my second interface on my desktop’s MAC address. The 2.5 Gb/s or whatever one, that isn’t being used.

Looks like Mayo Host doesn't allow working cron jobs

The scheduled event, wp_https_detection, failed to run. Your site still works, but this may indicate that scheduling posts or automated updates may not work as intended.

I could email support, but why bother? Only one person works there.

I had a cron job setup using the PHP command, and that error is there. Now it’s using wget, but there’s nothing in the access log accessing wp-cron.php.

Perhaps my user isn’t allowed to run anything. Nice feature. I won’t be renewing it in a year. I might try a different cheap host though.

Oh and they limit you to 5 MB/s for the disk speed, I think BuyShared is 25 MB/s.

There’s plenty of other $6 a year hosting providers. Well, I know two, that have such a plan. That was a waste of $6. Too many bogus restrictions, they don’t even give you SSH access. So look for a provider that gives SSH access, perhaps that means cron will work. HostDive has a cheap plan. Oh I guess the first year is cheaper. Doesn’t say anything about SSH. Do cron jobs work? Maybe after I shit I’ll signup and see. Only $4 a year.

How much is BuyShared’s non reseller hosting? I think the only location is in Europe, but still better then paying $6-$4 for every cheap shared hosting, until you find one that has working cron.

HostDive advertised cron jobs, so if it doesn’t work, email them.

Only three day refund period from Mayo Host, bummer.

BuyShare’d cheapest plan is $8 a year. Non reseller might use cPanel, no thanks. No subdomains on HostDive, and you can’t use a subdomain to signup, so that won’t work. I think I’ll just leave it as is, until it cancels.

Limitless Hosting no thanks, they don’t allow adult content. Don’t know of any other cheap shared hosting providers, I’m too lazy to look.

Looks like BuyShared is the cheapest good provider. If you don’t mind Texas, you can use ExtraVM. Or get a location on a different continent. But I don’t need that for a status page.

You might be able to fix it, by putting the cron job on something else, like BuyShared, using the wget method. But I’ll pass, BuyShared might get mad, or blocked. Same if I do it on my computer, would suck if they blocked me, then I couldn’t even use it. And it should have functioning cron.

I’m just going to scrap it once that hosting cancels itself next year. I’ll take another backup before then, if I changed anything. Maybe put it on the reseller hosting, and it can go down with everything else, good place to put a status page. On the same hosting, better then trying to find a working host.

Told it to email me the cron output. The below is what I got.

execl: couldn't exec `/usr/bin/jailshell'
execl: No such file or directory

LOL. That’s either intentional or not, no idea. Nothing I can do about it. I’m too lazy to email, so I’ll just let it cancel itself next year. I shouldn’t be required to use WordPress’s cron that runs with requests, as then it’ll almost never run.

Looked the error up, and if they are using CageFS with CloudLinux, jailshell doesn’t work with it. They’d have to change the shell. So they possibly misconfigured the server, nice.

Is that RamNode $12 a year VPS deal still available? Probably not, I got reminded when trying to find managed VPS hosting, I guess LES has no managed VPS hosting offers. It didn’t take the words together, so showed posts with “managed” and other posts with just “vps”. Those managed posts weren’t very relevant. They managed to do something. Not what I searched for at all.

I’m too lazy to tell my host how to configure their server, if I wanted to do that, I’d be managing my own server. But I think Podman is a better option, then their hosting. At least BuyShared knows how to manage servers. But my WordPress sites are getting throttled, using too much CPU apparently. 100% isn’t enough CPU? That’s the limit. Can you run every WordPress plugin in it’s own DirectAdmin account? That might solve the problem, unless it’s 100% for my reseller account and all sub accounts, that is they share it. In that case, 100% might not be enough. If I disable Jetpack, it might be enough.

Well, I think it’s OpenVZ, so might not work anyways. You might not even be able to use a firewall, without emailing support. I’ll pass.

BuyVM is out of stock, for the cheapest plan, in all locations. Hmm, I have credit with them still. Not enough for the cheapest plan though.

And the Steam Deck just woke itself up. Probably the NSA. If it ain’t the NSA, then who is it? It could be itself. Or somebody you can’t see, with your eyes.

Not sure what their CPU usage policy is, on the non dedicated ones.

There’s a cheaper option, get another reseller account from BuyShared, but their Europe location. Same price as their cheapest VPS. And you don’t have to manage anything. I don’t approve of cPanel. I’d rather pay $2 a month, then deal with cPanel. Who resells BuyShared? Cause they should be using DirectAdmin, I just want a $10 or less a year plan. Using almost 120 MB of space, so 500 MB should be plenty. Can you use plugins on You have to pay $25 a month at least, to install themes and plugins, I’ll have to pass. Might be nice for a porn site, if they allow porn.

To make it harder to find a host, it should be AMD as well.

The WordPress sites need more CPU, does anybody give you more then 100%? I can have two status sites. They will be a semi duplicate of each other. Well, search engines are useless. All those sites recommend shit hosts. I searched for hosting that allows adult content. But they need to allow everything BuyVM/BuyShared does, or it’s shit hosting. If it’s legal, I’m pretty sure they allow it. You can host racist sites if you want.

If I want to make a racist anti republican, homophobic post, I should have every ability to on my own personal site, if it’s legal. I could care less if Twitter or Facebook allows it, not my personal site, therefore they rule it as they wish. It’s not owned by the government, so why do they have to offer freedom of speech? Elon Musky pants, already proved he’s a liar, somebody said I think something about Hitler, and it wasn’t allowed.

If you call Elon Musky Pants, a crying baby, on Twitter, you’ll probably get banned. What about the Mark guy or whatever his name is on Facebook? Good idea, make an account on there and post that. Or make my name Mark Shitshimself for Fun. Too much work, Facebook is useless.

I’m going to choke on some clits instead.