Don't use Watchtower with Podman

Scrypted wasn’t running because lingering wasn’t enabled. Well, then Watchtower apparently deleted Scrypted and didn’t recreate it. An error, because it has a / in the name of the container.

Oh and hardware acceleration is a pain on the Orange Pi 5, as people don’t like building ffmpeg with the support, and Jellyfin doesn’t even support it at all, you’d have to make a wrapper, and compile ffmpeg. You’d need a static ffmpeg for Scrypted, with it enabled.

So I’ll just use the CPU, not like it’s doing anything else.

docker run   --network host   -d --restart unless-stopped   --name scrypted   -v ~/.scrypted/volume:/server/volume   --label "io.containers.autoupdate=registry"

Replace docker with podman, if you don’t have podman-docker installed.

Then follow the instruction here for auto updating with Podman.

I don’t use Docker, as it isn’t completely free. They did some kind of dick move. Might be free for me, but not everybody.

Oh and make sure you are on your VPN when re adding it to Home on your phone. Unless you don’t isolate your WiFi and wired networks.

I should enable auto updates for the VPN container on my desktop, or better move that to Orange Pi too.


Is it managed? If so, it might be the cheapest managed VPS hosting you can get. You have to pay more for AMD. They offer a 1 GB plan, but their FAQ or something says 2 GB is the minimum. So it won’t work on 1 GB? Cause AMD costs more, and it’s almost $20 for 2 GB AMD from Vultr.

I plan on putting one WordPress site on it, to see if it’s better then my shared hosting. I can’t find shared hosting that meets my requirements, such as not being in Texas. But faster then BuyShared. Can’t get rid of BuyShared anyways, it has good email. That I don’t need or use. The static sites can stay on BuyShared.

Will they fix it if I “accidentally” run rm -fr / as root?

I don’t want my site in a dick ran state.

I don’t think Hetzner is in the US, or even the same continent. The other requirement is the same continent, and not in Texas.

The 2 GB RAM, is the minimum for Hetzner. Not Vultr.

Nice, they have US locations, Oregon may be good enough. Portland, Oregon, is a nice place. Not sure about Hillsboro, Oregon, but not as much as a dick as Texas. But unmetered bandwidth is better, 20 TB won’t cut it. I think I use under 10 GB a month for all my sites, so I need at least 100 TB.

But I should wait until next month, or just keep the sites slow when it doesn’t have a cache for the page. It’s fine if it’s cached. But it regenerates the cache sometimes.

But managed VPS hosting for around $10 is tempting. I’m too lazy to manage it myself. And not smart enough.

Do they have all locations for the providers? You might also get Cloudlinux, not that I care that much. Does have nice resource limiting, but you can do so without Cloudlinux. But only CentOS if using CyberPanel. Hmm, not sure Cloudlinux is included for free, bummer. Can you limit resources with Cloud Pages or whatever? Then they can’t ask me to secure the server, cause you can’t with that. Well, it has firewall configuration.

So no FTP server with Cloud Pages? SFTP is more secure. So I consider that a plus. As I don’t have to ask them to disable the FTP, email, and DNS. If it’s managed, I shouldn’t have to do anything, except run rm -fr / with a cron job once.

The privacy policy link is a 404 error, on the signup page. What’s worse a 404, or lots of typos? Mayo Host or was it Host Mayo, or maybe both, have lots of typos. To find the privacy policy, go to the CyberHosting homepage, and click the link in footer. Just need to see the locations available.

It’s easier to search the internet to find how to do quotes in markdown, too many posts, and no idea which one has a quote, and no I can’t remember anything.

Error ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘status_code’

You’ll need to get past their buggy signup form to see the locations. That reminds me of CyberPanel, it’s cheap for reason. Perhaps the password is too long. Hmm, I have an account, nice. Perhaps one of my condoms is blocking something. Either way, they should test their site with lots of condoms.

Doesn’t say anything about Cloudlinux. But they seem to have all locations. And no two step verification, they may delete my account, since I probably won’t deploy a server. It’s in trial mode, but no two step verification may be a deal breaker.

They appear to have zero two step verification, cleared cookies, after logging out, to see if perhaps they have email codes, nope. May be managed, but probably not very secure, seeing as they have no two step verification. And you get an error when signing up.

I’ll keep my cheap slow hosting, well was going to anyways. I’ll keep the WordPress sites on it as well. Maybe I should disable the cache, so it takes a long time every time to load a page.


Ender 3

My uncle has one of those, there’s a bunch of different Ender 3 ones though, I know it’s bigger then whatever he had before.

Glad I found somebody that has one of those cheaper 3D printers, as they already took the plunge and bought one. It must work, he prints stuff for my grandpa.

I will probably buy one soon, the same brand, and probably the basic Ender 3, and a tent, I think my grandma called it a hood. It encloses it, without having to get an enclosed printer. Those can cost more, or be smaller.

My mom said Jeff can most likely help assemble it.

And I might not buy it on Amazon, as finding the manufacture is too much work. Not sure it betters who the reseller is for it, but I don’t like taking risks.

And you can get free 3D models, apparently. So no worries, you don’t need to know how to make 3D models. Now if I could scan myself, I could print miniature mes out. I can give one to all the ladies with a crush on me.

There’s a sale going on, on their site, it’ll be over by next month probably, or the month after next month. I have a big Walmart+ bill soon, after my trial is over. Oh well, I’ll just pay full price. Not transferring money from savings, I might need that for something else. Like toilet paper. I don’t want to pay an additional $50 or whatever for Walmart+ by paying monthly. I’ll get the auto leveling kit too.

The gifts I’ll give for Christmas, will be 3D printed.

Oh the combo, comes with auto leveling thing. Nice. I’ll gladly buy a kit. I need one of those 3D scanners too. I’ll scan myself butt naked. Without a boner of course. You’ll use less filament that way. And I’m printing it on wood. Got wood? Probably not real wood, just the same texture. Bummer.

Says PETG has no odor, my grandma said it has odor. Maybe he doesn’t use PETG from the manufacture. Is PLA cheaper? No idea. I guess it’s as good as ABS. That’s what they printed my case out with. If only I had a 3D printer, I wouldn’t have had to wait. Unless I couldn’t find an Orange Pi 5 case to print. I could have paid for somebody to print it.

You need to buy screws too though. The case came with everything. Get TPU and print out a case, and PETG for the outside of the case. TPU might be softer. But make the 3D model yourself, so nobody has the case, except you. Except people may ask where you bought the case, you can always say fuck you though.

I can finally test new power adapter for my drive. And reboot.

Oyen Digital has good support

Getting a replacement power adapter was easy. And it already came as well, they didn’t give me a tracking number, didn’t ask for one though. No idea if it works yet, the drive is doing something. Almost done possibly.

Need to reboot computer, I converted the drive on the Orange Pi 5 to btrfs, and it broke Samba, unless you use some special mount option. Somebody said to reboot your client, can’t do so yet.

Still don’t have image backups, even after converting to btrfs with UrBackup. The root on my desktop has been btrfs since I installed openSUSE.

And I need to stop using ext4, it lacks some features that btrfs has. I’ll probably forget and continue formatting as ext4. You can convert it, so what’s the problem? I deleted the ext2 image manually, but it might be better to use the btrfs command. Who gave instructions on converting to btrfs, didn’t say how you should delete that folder. They just said delete, so I used rm -fr.

Fire safe came, drive isn’t ready to go in it yet though. Seems to be fine as far as I can tell.

Don’t believe the bad reviews. Came in a giant box, luckily the box inside is smaller, so it fit in my cart. I’m too lazy to carry it.

Looks like new PSU works. Or is it just power adapter? Well it turns on. And it’s mounted.

I’ll put the Seagate adapter in the safe too, in case this one dies or something.

Not sure I can backup the Raspberry Pi’s external drive to it though, only around 2 TB free. I don’t need the backup folder on it, no idea how much space everything else is.


Put Cockpit on my Orange Pi 5, instead of OMV in a VM or something. It doesn’t require Debian. I don’t know if you can get hardware transcoding with the Debian Armbian. The instructions are for the Ubuntu image, so that’s what I used.

I might move Channels DVR to it. And probably Jellyfin. Maybe the HomeKit stuff too.

You can do file sharing with Cockpit. You do need to manually run smbpasswd though. First import the config to the file sharing, then add the share, or you’ll be re adding it. Also, only allowing some users might be buggy, perhaps do that after you add the share, then edit it.

The Orange Pi 5 does seem to be faster then the Raspberry Pi. I could probably retire the Raspberry Pi, but it has 8 GB of RAM, so it might be good for something.

Orange Pi 5 case came

But it won’t boot apparently, at least without micro SD card, I put a NVMe SSD in it, it was pulled from a laptop, bought it on eBay. Can it not boot btrfs? Guess I’ll put micro SD card back in.

Oh and if you want Ethernet working, plug an Ethernet cable in.

I used the wrong screw for the NVMe SSD, so had to take it apart, I realized before I plugged it in. Not sure fan is plugged in right, need to look at Orange Pi 5 manual, or look at pictures for the case on computer. I can’t hear the fan, maybe it’s dead. I think it’s blowing down, so can’t feel anything.

Here’s a picture of it put together.

You should be able to figure the case from Thailand out, if I can, and I’m an idiot. I guess you cut those weird adhesive plastic washer things off, the other plastic you discard. The round plastic thing that stuck to it, that has no hole. Then put a screw driver through it, to remove adhesive crap, so you can get screw through it.

Booted right up with micro SD card, maybe it didn’t flash MTD. Reinstalled with ext4. Looks like still not booting. Maybe the external drive is confusing it, nice. It has no screen, so no idea what it’s doing.

Got the fan working, there should be one pin open by the red wire. Couldn’t tell on phone, I just tried plugging it in down one. You know it’s working, cause it’s loud as fuck. I’m too cheap to find a replacement fan. And lazy.

Maybe this will work. Don’t use cfdisk, it sucks, not fat16 apparently. And parted will be a pain. No GUI obviously. So no GParted for me.

Have fun with parted, it’s MB is different then fdisk, so copying the micro SD boot partition won’t work until you find the right number, 269.5 worked for me, then I used 270.5 to start the second partition, it complains if you set the number the other partition ends at.

Disk /dev/nvme0n1: 238.47 GiB, 256060514304 bytes, 500118192 sectors
Disk model: KBG40ZNS256G NVMe KIOXIA 256GB          
Units: sectors of 1 * 512 = 512 bytes
Sector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 512 bytes
I/O size (minimum/optimal): 512 bytes / 512 bytes
Disklabel type: gpt
Disk identifier: 

Device          Start       End   Sectors   Size Type
/dev/nvme0n1p1   2048    526367    524320   256M Microsoft basic data
/dev/nvme0n1p2 528384 500117503 499589120 238.2G Linux filesystem

And no I’m not following the instructions in order, I see no reason to copy the partition last, I’ll check to make sure it wasn’t formatted. If so, I’ll copy again.

No armbianExt.txt in my boot, but there is armbianEnv.txt, that’s what I edited.

Still not booting, boohoo. They said to use ext4. Oops, used the UUID for the boot partition I think, not root. Got to boot from micro SD card again. If the UUID isn’t wrong, then I need to use ext4. I’d rather use btrfs though, it’s nice on my desktop.

Oh and be careful when inserting micro SD card, or you’ll put it in case, instead of slot. I had to jiggle the case to get it out. And the fan stays on even when you power off. You’d have to unplug it to turn fan off I guess.

I used the wrong UUID. What image did they use? As the txt file they said to use doesn’t exist on my boot partition. I used the latest stable Ubuntu based image.

SSH didn’t fail as quickly, maybe it’s booting now. Nope, ext4 must not work. And you may not need to edit armbianEnv.txt, the it already had the right UUID, if you look at the one on micro SD card. But I’m thinking you may need armbianExt.txt, how do you get that? Rename the other file?

Eh, I think I can boot from the micro SD card.

This says you can use btrfs. Before I put that card back in, I’m looking at Orange Pi manual, looking for flashing the MTD, you may need to change a jumper, but may be right from the factory. And it looks like it just shows where the flash is on the board, so that ain’t the problem. Hmm lights are blinking on it. Going to check router, and see if it has different IP. Nice, the MAC address changed.

System load:   1%               Up time:       7 min
Memory usage:  2% of 15.35G     IP:            xxx
CPU temp:      31°C             Usage of /:    1% of 234G   
RX today:      142.9 KiB  

It’s using a Locally administered address. A fake MAC address basically.

And macchanger thinks the hardware MAC is that, but booting from SD card got a different MAC, makes no sense.

Updating firmware.

I’ll just live with the fake MAC address. The internet is no help.

No OMV for me, bummer, you need Debian Armbian, not Ubuntu.

I will install UrBackup though.

Looking for OMV alternative, or I’ll just install samba, and call it good.

Distrobox might work.

UrBackup makes my music skip with Bluetooth earbuds, nice.

distrobox-create –init systemd –root –name OMV –image debian:latest might do the trick. Nope “Error: can only create exec sessions on running containers: container state improper”.

distrobox-create –init-hooks “apt install -y systemd” –init –name OMV –image debian:latest maybe that’ll work, not sure you need –root. Not sure the -y goes before or after install. Change it to apt-get –yes install systemd perhaps. Hmm, probably works either way. distrobox-create –init-hooks “apt install -y systemd systemd-sysv” –init –name OMV –image debian:latest should do the trick. Add usrmerge to –init-hooks, apparently the OMV install script won’t work without doing that. Didn’t work, trying with –root now.

Need to go to bed, might have to give up for tonight.

Install usrmerge after, so you can fix it I guess. There’s a script here. That script appears to do nothing.

And you need a VM or LXC might work, who said to use Docker? Waste of time. I’ll keep podman, for something else.

Got to go to bed now. I’ll try LXC tomorrow, don’t want a full blown VM.

Can't access

It turns out, the site doesn’t work with IPv4, and I don’t think my IPv6 was fully working, or they blocked a bunch of my IPs. Worked on my desktop, with Ethernet, but not on WiFi.

If using an EdgeRouter X, all you have to do is move or delete the DUID file. I personally moved it, didn’t know if it would recreate it after rebooting. Not even sure the DUID is different.

sudo mv /var/lib/dhcpv6/dhcp6c_duid /var/lib/dhcpv6/dhcp6c_duid.bak

And reboot after doing that.

Does MTD flashing work with armbian-install? The case finally came. Clicked yes, no progress bar, I’ll leave it alone.

Oh and I might change my MAC address for the WAN interface, so maybe I can get a local IP.

It’s possible Comcast did something, and messed my IPv6 up. No idea why Tello doesn’t work with IPv4.

If you go to about:config in Firefox, and search for ipv6, and change network.dns.disableIPv6 to true, and try to load Tello, it won’t work, or maybe it does for some people. Maybe if I get a local IP it’ll work. I use my own DNS, which blocks stuff, but not Tello.

Yes armbian-install worked, it just doesn’t appear to be doing anything when flashing the MTD. Got to restart Firefox. That setting requires rebooting Firefox after changing it back, or no more Tello.

Oh and using my VPN provider, allows me to load Tello on my own network. Works on 5G as well.

I rebooted the entire network, even the Pi.

My local VPN doesn’t fix it, because it’s not IPv6. And IPv4 Tello doesn’t work on wired network.

Did the IP on the Orange Pi change? Can’t connect to SSH. Perhaps I killed it already.

Took a runny dump, perhaps that coffee wasn’t decaf. Hopefully I wiped good enough, we don’t use water and soap in America. Just watch South Park.


If only BuyVM was in stock, or maybe it is now.

Cipi might do the trick, for managing servers for lazy and stupid people like me.

Converting my new offline backup drive to btrfs, it still says “Create ext2 image file”. I have all the data on it, might have taken just as long to recopy everything. It’ll be stored in a fire safe soon. They are sending a new power adapter. No tracking yet, or possibly ever. Maybe they won’t actually send it. Oh well.

I want deduplication, as I have some stuff on lots of different drives, and I’m too lazy to exclude stuff, and see what is duplicated. Now if I use restic, that’ll solve the problem, and I could have kept ext4.

According to an archived wiki, btrfs isn’t stable. Or may be stable. No idea why openSUSE uses it. If it’s good enough for my root drive, it’s good enough for a backup drive.

What VPS provider allows everything legal? I’ll keep the two shared hosting accounts as well, just move my WordPress sites to the VPS. Or just

It doesn’t use OpenLiteSpeed or LiteSpeed though, which is a bummer.

Probably not worth using, the big version 4 was supposed to come out in a few weeks in 2022. Use CyberPanel, or stick to shared hosting. I’m lazy, so I might just keep it as is.

Too bad I’m too worried about abusers, or I’d sell a 1 GB plan for $6 a year, with unlimited domains, beating Mayo Host’s plan. I only need to sell 4 plans, and that’ll pay my bill for a year. Don’t give them email though, as they might abuse it. But they might do other illegal things as well. Is spam illegal though? It will get IPs blacklisted.

Once you have no space left to sell, get another reseller plan. You’ll have to decide if you want the most expensive plan, or another $2 a month plan. You don’t have to manage the server, so a shitload of accounts isn’t that bad. I think BuyShared gives a free Blesta license.

I also have no business license.

Lots of stuff came

No Orange Pi 5 case yet. Hopefully when it comes it has all the screws. And hopefully it comes before I think the 28th, that’s the last day I can easily return the Orange Pi 5, no idea if it works, still waiting for the case.

The SSD for the Orange Pi 5 came, didn’t open that envelope. No point.

And the drive and enclosure to put in fire safe came. The power supply it came with, is either defective, or not enough amps. If you plug into a kill a watt thing, it appears to be doing nothing. The most is 0.06A when using the PSU it came with, but that might be from the kill a watt.

The enclosure is a Oyen Digital Novus USB-C Rugged 3.5-Inch External Hard Drive Enclosure. Not sure how well that rubber condom will actually protect it. Going to ask the manufacture for a new PSU, cause I don’t want to send the entire thing back.

It works with the PSU from my possibly dead Seagate drive. I never tested a different cable with that drive. Funny that drive is smaller, and can output more amps. If you search for using more amps, it’s the voltage that matters. It’ll use as many amps as it needs.

The PSU will spark sometimes when plugging in, so maybe it isn’t dead, it just can’t power the Seagate BarraCuda 8TB Internal Hard Drive HDD I put in it.

Somebody said it has bad thermals, but did they actually test it? Only 39C for the max so far, running rsync, to copy my main backup drive contents to it. That drive is only 5400 RPM, so why does it need more then 2 amps? The model is ST8000DM004. Going to look it up, and see how much power it requires. And then ask the manufacture of enclosure for a higher amp PSU.

It requires 2 amps to start up. So if the PSU isn’t providing exactly 2 amps, it’s useless.

Didn’t realize a $60 enclosure would have a non functioning PSU.

Won’t work with my universal PSU, I tried 6v, 7.5v, 9v, and 12v. I think my charger only works at 7.5v, but says possibly 12v on the original adapter. Maybe it’s too stupid to give it enough amps, probably.

40C is the max now. It can get up to 60C so it’s fine so far.

Here’s the info on the drive.

You can try more then 12v on a universal PSU/AC adapter. I’ll pass. Rather not fry it. And since the battery charger uses less on it, I think, I don’t expect more then 12v to work. Says it does 3 amps, except for some higher voltages, not 12v and less.

41C now. There is a drive on top of it. A portable drive. It’s on top of another drive as well, which is on top of my external Blu-ray burner. An internal Blu-ray burner in an enclosure.

I emailed Oyen Digital. 42C max temperature now.

Here’s a photo of the drive, not the best photo, maybe have moved camera back too soon. The fire safe isn’t here yet, but it’ll spend most of it’s time in there.

I didn’t want to spend $190 on a 12 TB drive, so 8 TB it is.

Oh and as you can see, there’s a status site now, on $6 a year hosting, bypassing Uptime Robot’s paywall. Uses an Uptime Robot plugin for WordPress, that uses API. Otherwise, no custom domain, unless you pay too much money. No idea why the caching doesn’t work. Was trying to exclude the homepage, so the plugin can update. But I guess that excludes everything.

And 43C now.

PHP Server Monitor

What’s some super cheap shared hosting that can run PHP Server Monitor?

Hell with switching to a different service, that is a non self hosted monitor. I found one that claims to be free, not sure using your own domain is free. Don’t feel like signing up.

I could also just run it on my computer. For free. Well, it won’t be accessible to anybody else, and probably better options then that script if self hosting on a desktop.

Could get another BuyShared plan, but in a different location, otherwise, I might be on the same server, and won’t do any good. Run two status pages, one to monitor the monitor, and one to monitor the server everything is on.

Might need good email to get the email. Well, maybe not if I send it to my BuyShared email, on the server that may be down, sounds like a great plan. Perhaps MXroute has a use. But Gmail is free.

Oh yeah Mayo Host, was unreliable though when I tried it. They did offer me something, possibly free hosting for a while. Should have taken it. Can I still get it? Probably not, only $6 a year, so who cares. Is 1 GB enough space? Should be.

I think they migrated to a better server. And they have a 200 GB plan, if I need more room for porn.

Can I signup with a subdomain? Only one domain is supported. Oh reseller plan with 300 GB of space. Now that’s almost as much space as I have on MEGA. That’s a reseller plan. I trust them more then other low end providers, I used them, and got something. It wasn’t reliable, so I switched.

Might be more reliable now. And it looks like you can signup with a subdomain. There we go, paid six dollars. Two dollars cheaper then BuyShared’s cheapest plan. The BuyShared plan is better though.

And it might have email issues, so I’ll have to use a different method for notifications. I used a subdomain, you probably can’t configure the DNS for a subdomain to have it’s own email.

Can’t login, nice. I changed the password in the billing, didn’t fix it.

Should have spent $2 more. As their server is busted, I could try a different browser, but I’ll pass. I could also email them, but I’m lazy.

I think they only have one server currently. Not a lot of customers I guess.

Now if you’ll excuse, Marry will be eating my ass soon, while I sleep.

Got logged in, not with their help. Turns out the HTTPS Everywhere extension was breaking the login. No idea why. Even disabling for that domain, didn’t fix it. Is it using a non secure connection to something when logging in?

Won’t work anyways, nice “virus” scanner, that disables functions.php, and you can’t do anything about it. I asked for a refund. I’ll just forget the server monitor. Uptime Robot costs too much, so won’t be paying for that, just no custom domain for my status. At least I’ll get an email, if it goes down.

Might try Armbian on my Orange Pi 5

You can get 3D acceleration, according to this page. Is it Ubuntu based? As I don’t think Debian has add-apt-repository.

No idea when the case is coming. The Orange Pi is still sitting in the box. I looked at it, didn’t remove from anti static bag. Got a SSD coming too, one from eBay, pulled from a laptop.

Oh wait, can you boot from a NVMe SSD with Armbian? You probably can for NVMe, you don’t need to flash anything to change to SATA mode. Unless you got unlucky, and it came from the factory in SATA mode instead. In that case, use their image, then use Armbian. I’ll look at the instructions probably once the case comes. You might just need to clone the SD card to the NVMe SSD. I think it also said, not to leave micro SD card in, as I think it said it’ll boot from the card instead of NVMe SSD.

There’s a armbian-install script.

Does the image use Orange Pi’s kernel? If not, not everything will work, see this. Not having to use a special kernel, would be better though.

Might be easier to use official Debian image, but if you use Armbian, you can use Debian or Ubuntu based image, I’d recommend Ubuntu, if you want 3D acceleration.

And you might need a different image for NVMe booting with Armbian. Too much work. Or maybe that only applies to the 5B, not what I got. Their search shows 5B stuff. Probably don’t want to use those images on the regular 5.

Probably not getting TDS Fiber this month

Said last time I looked to keep checking back for updates. I think they hooked the building up, who knows. Guess you can’t signup right after they do that.

Got to pay for Walmart+ anyways, switched it to the yearly plan. You save over $50. They finally refunded the delivery fee they charged me, while I had Walmart+, I have the trial. If they said another ten days, I would have canceled it, well I think they said 5-10 days, but it showed up right away after emailing them again.

And if they only let you rent a modem, I won’t bother. I’ll keep my free shitty internet. The ACP credit is only $30 max I think, so you’ll be paying something if you get TDS Fiber. If you have Comcast’s low income internet, it’s free, I’m on the $10 a month plan.

Walmart+ is nice, free delivery, you still have to tip, well maybe not for EBT only orders, that is only food and only used EBT.

Still don’t know if the return service is available here, they pickup the item from you, you don’t have to do anything, just give them it, and maybe show a bar code or something. That’s better then returning stuff to Amazon.

I won’t pay $15 a month for a modem. Would be nice to ditch Comcast, but not worth paying $15 per month for a modem. And if there’s no self install, perhaps it ain’t worth it either. They will probably want to install spyware on my computer, but no Windows, so they will have a hard time. I have a VM, but I should back it up before they use it. And I’ll leave it set as NAT networking as well, so probably won’t work. Back it up, so you can rm -fr the image, and restore the one without their spyware.

Now if I knew a different language, like Japanese or Chinese, I’d get such a keyboard, and they wouldn’t be able to use my computers. They’d all be in a different language as well. I’d also speak that language to them, especially when they ask if I can change it to English. Or I can say “No no no no”.

Lost 1.8 pounds

All that shitting was worth it, as I lost almost all the weight I gained. That’s a lot of shit inside of me.

Oh and I froze Firefox, and couldn’t kill it. All I did was click the export link more then once in the WordPress site editor. It wasn’t doing anything, so I kept clicking it, then Firefox froze. And it never saved the file either. I tried again, after rebooting computer, and it worked, I just waited for the file dialog and only clicked it once.

I couldn’t even reboot from KDE, so I clicked ctrl + alt + F1, and ran “sudo reboot” and it rebooted. Perhaps just typing “sudo systemctl restart display-manager” would have fixed it. If Firefox was still running, then you’d still need to reboot. It’s the Flatpak Firefox.

I tried with kill -9, and System Monitor. Firefox refused to close. KDE didn’t even popup the thing asking if I wanted to kill the process. It did say it wasn’t responding in the title bar. Just no way to kill it I guess. At least I didn’t have to click the button on the case to reboot.

I need to move Sacred Boobs to it’s own account, so I can schedule a backup for it. I don’t want to backup my static sites, I already have my own backup of that. I guess you have to click User after logging into DirectAdmin and then click backup, backup the domain, then delete it from that account, make new account, login to new account, restore the backup. Pain in the ass. There’s no move function.

Plugable has good support

Looks like they are sending me a new NVMe enclosure. It disconnected again. That’s with a different USB cable. It may have come with a A cable, should have tried that as well. They didn’t say to, so I guess it doesn’t matter.

if the replacement has same issue, the enclosure is probably fine, and it’s either the computer, or even the SSD in it. Using it with the Mac to test won’t be easy, it’s formatted ext4. Don’t want to buy a driver. If there’s a free one, probably not very good. Might be fine for read only, but that won’t help me.

They will test and make sure it has the latest firmware on it before shipping it.

Oh and me using Linux, is fine with them, they even gave me Linux instructions for the stuff they wanted me to do.

I wouldn't host a forum or anything without caching on BuyShared

The hosting is cheap and slow. Good enough for me though, unless I want an adult and/or paranormal forum. In that case, I’ll use ExtraVM. But I’d keep BuyShared for everything else. They may have better email then ExtraVM. Says they use MailChannels. The reason I’ll be canceling MXroute. I already moved all my email to BuyShared, well not actual emails, just the addresses. Not really any emails to move. Then again, any email would be fine for my domains, they don’t get email.

The Orange Pi 5 came, too bad the case won’t be here for a while. Don’t think the US even has it yet. That could probably host a forum, a 10 Mbps upload wouldn’t work out very well though, unless it’s a dead forum. You’d probably want it to have it’s own internet as well. You might be able to use Cloudflare to hide your IP, unless it gets hacked.

Paying for shared hosting is a better deal, they secure the server, so you don’t have to. Just keep your forum or whatever updated, and hope for the best.

Now I just need an Orange Pi 5, and a case for it

All the other stuff came already, B&H has faster shipping then Amazon. The Orange Pi might come tomorrow. The case, probably not till next month. Wonder if Amazon has any cases yet, perhaps one of those would come sooner. Or maybe a US seller on eBay has one.

I won’t use it without the case, probably won’t even test it, till the case comes. It’ll be sitting in a box till the case comes.

No idea why there’s no cases on Amazon. Guess most people don’t want a case, or can make one themselves.

The Samsung 32GB PRO Endurance UHS-I microSDHC cards from B&H are legit as well, according to f3read. If you read reviews on Amazon, I think mostly SanDick, people get fake cards. Not sure how likely directly from Amazon. I think I own three of those Samhung cards now. They seem to be way better, then the cheap SanDick that came with my Pi kit. I know, because apt became faster. It wasn’t slow because of the shitty CPU, the shitty micro SD card.

The enclosure is a OWC Mercury Elite Pro 3.5" SATA III to USB 3.2 Gen 1 Enclosure, the box for it wasn’t sealed. Hard to know if it’s new or used, appears to work fine, no disconnects, but didn’t do much. Decided not to copy the entire backup Raspberry Pi NAS drive contents to it. The drive was on top of my computer. Thanks to the AC adapter, putting on desk might be a pain. Not to mention, I’d have to move something probably. Too much work.

And it’s more like a almost 7.3 TB drive, well TiB. There’s bad reviews on drives, because of that. They use a different measurement then most operating systems. So advertise it as 7.3 TB, at least then people will be happy, and will have to buy a 10.91394 TB drive instead. Which is actually TiB.

The drive is a Seagate 8TB ST8000DM004. I think it’s SMR or whatever. My 6 TB drive works fine, and is the same type. I didn’t want a 7200 RPM drive, that will run hotter, the drive got up to 40C. I’ll monitor that again, once I get the Orange Pi running, and it’s rsyncing the entire backup drive from the Raspberry Pi.

can’t share the benchmark, it’s on the drive, and I ain’t moving it back over here. I think it got the advertised speed. Almost 200 MB/s if I recall right.

And did reviews on that enclosure say it has a loud fan? It doesn’t have a fan. No room for one either. I know the dual bay enclosure I wanted has a loud fan. B&H’s reviews don’t load anymore. Probably some other enclosure.

Oh and you can’t view tracking on FedEx’s site in Firefox, not on my Mac with Firefox either. It’ll say “Unfortunately we are unable to retrieve your tracking results at this time. Please try again later. " almost every time. I got it to load once in Firefox. Works in Safari on my iPhone and my Mac. I think the only other browser I have on my desktop is Chrome. I’d recommend trying a user agent switcher. Nope, you only need to disable protection in the DuckDuckGo extension, forgot about that condom. Earlier disabled uBlock and Firefox’s built in condom. Seems to work with uBlock and Firefox’s condom enabled. DuckDuckGo must be blocking some nasty STDs. That breaks FedEx, well I’m fed up with their site.

At least they did indeed send a new drive, and most likely micro SD card. Would be hard to repackage the micro SD card how it comes.

TDS didn’t need to enter the units. Good thing I emailed her, or I’d be wondering a long time, if I can shower or do my laundry. I do laundry after my shower.

I’ll know eventually if any of those enclosure’s boxes are sealed, as the Orange Pi will need one more drive. And if it’s fine, I also want one for the backup drive for the other Pi. It’s in a dock right now. Then I’ll have a free dock. And the drive will be enclosed properly. Oh and I have an extra USB fan, I could use if the external drive is too hot. There’s one already for the Raspberry Pi, because the case’s fan sucks. You might be able to replace the fan on the nice orange case I bought. Well, easier. Might be bigger. The other fan was for the PS4 I gave away. Don’t think the drive in it gets very hot, so it doesn’t need it.

Kindle died somehow

Pretty sure my Kindle used to stay charged for months, without using it. I think the last book I put on it, was on the 16th. Bought two more books, one book I didn’t get any money off of it. So the coupon was basically useless. I don’t care about 75 cents or whatever off of a $2 or $3 book. The other book was like $14, I would have preferred money off of that.

And it wouldn’t turn on, if you hold the power button long enough, it’ll eventually turn on. Took many tries, so I just held the button longer. And then it didn’t show up on the Mac, so I unplugged USB, plugged it back in, then unlocked Kindle and it showed up on Mac.

You might just need to close your case, so it locks, then unlock it, and maybe it’ll go into USB data mode. Or not, who knows.

Now I have to check the battery level of that too, for the unused stuff, like my iPad mini, don’t care about the old iPad. The old iPad is probably dead. If there’s an internet or power outage, I may have to charge the Kindle, if I don’t keep it charged. Luckily, I have a big battery that can charge stuff, and I think my little one can charge the Kindle as well, if the power goes out.

The Kindle is reserved for internet and/or power outages. Or if I get really bored. I might have over 40 books on it. 40 books or so in the eBook manager.

Amazon is good for buying stuff with batteries, as if it’s defective, you don’t have to return it. Not so good for photography. Depending on your view of DPReview closing. Now that I think about it, I don’t really care, didn’t read their site much anyways. And the forum, everybody likes abbreviating everything, so I don’t know what they are talking about anyways.

I do know FF is fully functional, like a fully functional trans woman. My camera is FF(fully functional). Luckily it isn’t as big as full frame, but at least it’s FF.

If you don’t like slow shipping, Amazon isn’t a great choice. Some stuff shows up fast enough, some stuff takes longer though. At least it doesn’t take two months or more from China. Somebody said they are going to buy their stuff from that site that ships from China, or most of the stuff does. Possibly everything does. Enjoy waiting two months. I’d enjoy taking a dump for two months. I can eat my dinner while shitting.

Hmm, this might have happened last time I went to put books on it too, don’t recall.

And I thought green meant it was done charging? Already down to 96%. Can you replace a battery in a Kindle? I’ve barely used it, and the battery might be junk already, nice. Eh, cheaper to use the iPad mini, no DRM on my books, so I just need an eBook reader. Or use the Kindle app, and the app. Reading on the Kindle is nicer though, thanks to the display.

Perhaps there’s another E Ink eReader made by somebody else. Airplane mode is on, so not WiFi.

One thing says to reset the Kindle, how do you do so, without losing the location in your books? Not all are Kindle books. Didn’t drain anymore, perhaps it only charges to 96% now. Hmm, it might only charge to 96% on purpose. I got a bad memory, and probably never look at it, right after charging.

Somebody said to keep it between 20% - 80%. And to not leave it on unused for months at a time. Good luck turning it off, maybe if you hold the button long enough, it’ll turn off. I’ll just buy a new Kindle once the battery is useless.

I’d buy a Kobo eReader, but I think they cost more, if you want 32 GB. I use it to hoard books. Hoard on as many devices as possible. Now I should turn the iPad mini off, I might want to use it someday, and the battery might be useless by then. In like 10 years. Except, in the new one state government, iPads might be illegal. Don’t forget a possible solars something, wiping out electronics.

Looks like you can’t turn it off, so that’s horrible advice, it just reboots if you hold the button down long enough. Well that advice was for a different Kindle. The Paperwhite, you can’t turn off. Maybe if you jailbreak it, or put custom firmware on it, you can. Not sure either is possible though.

To replace the battery, you may have to remove the screen.

Void Linux supports the Raspberry Pi 4

See here. That might not require reinstalling the OS to keep it to the latest release, might be rolling release.

Not sure they have an Orange Pi kernel, so probably won’t use it on the Orange Pi 5.

Does hardware transcoding work on the Pi with Void Linux? Channels DVR is probably better with that.

If I get unlazy, I can switch to that on the Pi, on a day the Channels DVR isn’t recording anything.

Another interesting Linux distro is NixOS, sounds like you can downgrade any package, without doing anything to anything else. Like downgrading everything it depends on. So it probably uses more space.

You might be able to download the Orange Pi kernel, and replace the ARM Void Linux kernel with it.

Looks like my iPhone gets 5G on Tello now

I had to enable 5G though. I wonder if there was some silent profile update before the latest iOS though, so I should have looked in the settings before updating.

Here’s a screenshot.

I won’t be running a speed test, that’ll use data. I prefer to use as little data as possible.

That’s in iOS 16.4.

Did Apple stop trying to extort money from Tello, or did Tello pay? I personally wouldn’t pay Apple a penny, I’d put a message on my site, about their extortion though. Apple likes artificially limiting stuff. They are greedy assholes, just like Google, Microsoft, and all the others.

Looks like latest firmware fixed Razer Wolverine V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Controller for PlayStation 5 / PS5

The erratic movement may be fixed. There’s a review that calls something ghost movement, might be the same thing. Think they claimed to be on the latest firmware. No idea when the review was written. The date on their site for the firmware is January 13, 2023. I may never update the firmware again though. Unless I get it working in a VM.

If the review was written on or after that date, perhaps they think it’s the latest, because you can’t update with the iOS app, no idea about Android. The way you update it, I doubt Apple would allow such an app on the iPhone. Even though it’s probably capable of doing so. If you can get a lightning to USB A adapter. My iPad has USB C, I already have a C adapter like that.

I don’t blame them though, I blame Razer, for releasing a PS5 controller that requires Windows to update.

If side loading is allowed in a future iOS, I’ll be getting some nice apps. Ones Apple won’t allow in the app store. Somebody could make a firewall app, that doesn’t require using VPN. An outgoing firewall, that pops up every time you open a new app. Tethering that can bypass carrier bullshit.

Ahh, then the anti Apple people will have to find something else to complain about. Like how Android phones have slower CPUs.

I think it’s my wrist the controller makes hurt. Nice feature. Maybe it’s for bigger hands. Or it’s a weird shape. And aiming is probably only easier, if you use the modifier trigger. But good luck, if you don’t have big hands. Then more then your wrist might hurt. Can you change the modifier to something else?

Maybe the USB hand off thing is supposed to be disabled for VirtualBox and VMware. Probably enabled for KVM. So KVM might work. No way to test it now, firmware is updated.