CPU got over 70C

74C was the max, didn't stay there very long.

Was running a Geekbench benchmark, the new version 5.

Thought it was staying under 70C. Apparently not.

That's with a expensive air cooler too. If, I'm getting what stock cooler people get, what's point in my expensive cooler? Maybe the thermal paste melted. Might not be enough on it, or to much. Not enough is more likely.

The turbo is the problem.

stress -c 12

Let's see how high now, 68C so far. 70C.

Geekbench might of lowered the single core score for AMD CPUs. Well, they lowered everybody's score, but might be favoring Intel now.

Probably should add another fan to it. Not sure if it came with the thing to attach another one though. And, I'd need a spliter of some sort.

Is there enough room for another fan? I have the stuff needed to attach another one. The metal things are cheap though, and it'll probably fall off. Fall off of the heatsink.

Got a fan coming, it's the same fan that's on it. I could of paid $5 or so more, for a higher RPM one. But the $20 one comes with a Y cable. Don't know about the loud ass 3000 RPM one.

Boardman, Oregon

We stayed at a hotel in Boardman, Oregon, on the way to Newport, Oregon.

Lens does fine for it's intended purpose, outside.

I don't think the infinity mark on the lens is correct, it isn't as in focus if you put it on that mark. You don't really have to focus the lens much, unless you are getting closeups.

At least, focusing doesn't break it, like the Meike I had.

Defishing made the edge on the left look worse. I'd post the picture, but Nextcloud is to lazy to upload it.

Borderlands 3 is out

To bad there's no Linux version, don't think it's on Steam either.

I could buy it for the PS4, but why bother? All the old Borderlands are available for Linux.

My TV sure looks good

The PS4 looks good. Turned it on to see if there's a demo of Control, there isn't. But there is a better video of it.

Played Far Cry 5, did I ever play it on this TV? Probably not with the better settings I found on Google.

My PS4 doesn't do 4k, it's not the Pro.

Looks better then the Switch, if you want something that isn't a cartoon. I should sell the Switch, it's probably worth more then I paid for it. It isn't patched.

Don't show affection to an insane man

If you aren't related to them, they will get depressed. As they know, they'll never date you, or anybody else.

Even if they are dating you, they'll still get depressed. You'll have to ask a psycho doctor why.

Don't do anything that could be considered affection by an insane man either.

So, if you are a doctor, don't give an insane man a prostate exam, they might consider that love.


PC wankers have to wait till August 2020 to play it.

I probably won't play it on anything. I don't play video games anymore.

The Outer Worlds might be fun. If I played video games. That comes out next month. Must of put that on my wish list before I completely stopped playing video games.

Looks like it might be an open world game, or at least somewhat.

If you like hard and creepy games, you might like it. There's a gameplay video on YouTube. From E3 2019.

Lost 3.7 pounds

Probably from not eating very much. That's what a lung infection will do.

Wasn't really eating before bed while in Oregon, I did once.

Oh wait, maybe the constipation is what made me not eat. So, if you want to lose weight, get constipated.

Still no bios update for the MSI B350 TOMAHAWK

Other boards are getting a bios update, probably sometime last month, that allows the new CPUs to boot Linux distros without the patched Systemd.

The last update for this board was 7/1/19. I've been checking everyday, and they simply won't update it.

Doesn't really matter, computer works anyways.

There's going to be another update to help boosting. Is that out on modern motherboards? Maybe. This will probably be the last update for this board. That's a bummer. I won't ever buy a MSI board again if they do that. At least not for a system I want to upgrade the CPU and get bios fixes.

I made it to the ER in Newport, Oregon

Went to the walk in clinic, for what I thought was bronchitis. The doctor didn't like my heart rhythm, and the EKG. Since, I wasn't coughing anything up, or that's what I said, he didn't know what was wrong. Sent me to the ER.

Waited hours. The paper said pneumonia on it. They ran a bunch of tests, to see if I had a blood clot. No blood clot, just a lunch infection.

I should of not went to the doctor, I probably would of died while sleeping if I didn't.

The only good thing about that vacation, was I learned there are people who actually care about other people. No, I'm not talking about my family. I'm talking about one specific person at the ER. Don't ask me what their name is, I don't remember anything.

Didn't know they could diagnose that two or three days into a cold. Every cold I get, turns into something worse.

Except, that wasn't really a good thing either, now I'll be depressed. She's probably getting paid to care. And she enjoys doing that for money.

I also ran out of medicine, because she decided to change the plan for on the way home, instead of driving all the way back, only half way Saturday and the rest today. I did pack enough medicine, for what she originally told me. I asked more then once if that was going to happen.

The people in Oregon, are way better then the people in this shithole city.

To bad I won't move there. To much work, and takes to long in the car. I plan on never leaving this shithole city again.

I just coughed some of my soda up.

Damn, will probably have to see my other doctor now, the one in town. Thanks to the over 100 heart rate.

Except, they said nothing about that. So, might be caused by the pneumonia. Will it kill me? If so, don't go to to the doctor.

How do you say pneumonia? There's no a, so I have no idea how to say or read that word. So peemonia?

I have zero idea why people think the ocean is so great. It's a great place to drown, that's about it. I don't like any water that is deep and drown able in, unless I can see the bottom, like a swimming pool. I don't fit in swimming pools anymore.

I was also constipated for five days.

Don't use the bar soap at Motel 6, it stinks. Or maybe their towels stink.

I barely took any pictures, could of left that at home.

Nice, the doctor is now, going to have even more of a mess to take care of when I see him soon. He might send me to the ER too.

I said "not lately" to the suicidal question at the ER in Newport, Oregon, that might of been a lie. But the guy is a dick and said "That's the right answer". Why is that the right answer? You actually want to live in this fucked up world? Suffer as all your dogs are dead or dying. I can't see any point in anything anymore.

And why did my nephew keep asking me everyday if I was feeling better? He must be more then halfway in reality then me.

Also, my heart rate was only 122 when I was anxious, the paper from the ER says it was 104.

How long till I start coughing this stuff out? I'll probably get whatever is worse then this.

I think I know what expensive things I'll buy, nothing. I'll need the money for snacks when I move to the nut farm.

My heart rate is under 100, according to my watch.

Nice, Molina changed my doctor for some unknown reason. Well, I won't be going to the regular doctor for sure now. I don't want a male doctor, unless they are in Oregon.

There's funny looking people in Oregon.

Fixed my sunset photos, the exposure was wrong.

Didn't remove any noise, other then the default RAW noise setting. That isn't natural. Like her shaved cooch, not natural either.


There's a small image of one of the sunset photos. Probably the best one. And, no, you can't have the full version.

That was on the porch of the house we stayed in. You could see the shitty drowning ocean from it.

Molina's site doesn't say why she's being terminated. I looked on Kaiser's site, and can't even find the guy that will be my doctor next month. I'll just change it to a lady, the farthest away one. That means, nobody will take me to the doctor. I do have a weird sensation in my throat. Is it the toothpaste I was using out of town? Almost feels like heartburn.

Last night, or early morning, when I was trying to fall a sleep, it felt like I was bleeding internally. That won't kill you, there's a ton of blood internally. Just flowing all over the place.

I should go to bed, but I'm not sure I want to sleep anymore. It won't make me feel better, just worse. Might as well stay up and go insane.

It's funny, the lady at the ER, that did the cat scan, had to hold my arm for the nurse guy. Or whatever he is.

I can't hold anything super still if you want me to. If I was injured, they'd have to make me sleep to do the test. Then they'd have a whole team assisting my sleeping body.

Looks like the feeling in my throat can be anxiety and/or depression related. It'll probably go away tomorrow when I take my medicine, assuming I do.

Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro 20266

Replacing the CMOS battery didn't get it to power on either. If you search Google for that laptop not turning on, it's a common problem. Some people say their's turned on after removing the CMOS battery. Well, the battery's cable got damaged, probably by me.

Somebody else said, unplugging the CMOS and the other battery, got their's on. I unplugged the other battery, but there's no way I'm unplugging the CMOS battery again, I'll probably damage it. Bought it used on eBay. Does it even need a CMOS battery to power on? At least on desktop motherboards, you'll just have to configure the bios every time you turn it on.

The board the battery plugs in, could have issues, you can replace that too. Will it not power on if the main battery is shit? It won't power on if you plug it in, without a battery attached, then there's no light or anything.

The motherboard could be fried. I got the laptop for free. If it turned on, Linux might work on it, or wipe and reinstall Windows, and sell it. But if it doesn't turn on, it can just sit on my table.

Some metal thing fell off, don't know where it was. You can see it in that photo, sitting on the board.

Unplugging the board the CMOS battery is plugged into, doesn't get it to turn on either.

Why not just unplug the PCIe cable, like I did, instead of the CMOS battery directly? Let it sit for a couple more minutes. Do they make a battery tester for Lenovo laptop batteries?

You'd have to ask Lenovo if it can boot without the battery attached, some won't boot without a battery, others will.

What about the AC adapter? Would a new one make any difference?

Leaning towards a bad battery now, if you plug it in, and hold the button down for 30 seconds or so, the light on the button would turn on, and the light by it would be orange, then white. If you unplug it, then the charging light goes off, and it's supposedly on battery. It's not doing that anymore, only the charging light now. Maybe if I can get it to do that again, and just leave it on "battery" power, and see if it shuts down after a while.

Or be lazy, and order a used battery for it. I won't shell out $50 or $60 on a new battery. Not without knowing for sure it's the battery.

And the battery I had on my watch list on eBay, is sold out. It would have to get here before she goes out of town, I was supposed to go, but I may or may not.

Damn, the cheapest used one is now $20, the one I was watching was $15. But it might get here in time.

Might as well buy it, might get more money tomorrow. Since the 1st is on a Sunday.

That'll be the last part I replace. Doesn't fix it, it's dead. Now, to see if my new SD cards work, I bought them for when I was going to go on vacation. Not really a vacation, I'll get kicked out for two days, and have nowhere to go for two days. I don't have an apartment there. And she'll probably be drunk the entire time. She also thinks I'll want to watch the dogs while everyone else goes somewhere, that's the only reason she wants me to go, so I can stay in the house with the dogs, and not actually do anything. They can find somebody else to do that.


Better then the default camera app, for indoor. I suppose HDR might work in the default app.

The resolution on that picture is only 1920x1440.

No idea what they are complaining about on DPReview.com.

Venus Optics Laowa 4mm f/2.8 Fisheye Lens for Micro Four Thirds


Best manual lens I've ever owned. Wouldn't use it inside though, might work better with my Magsphere. Also, I probably need to remove my grip, but that won't happen, I love my grip on my camera. I'm not removing and putting it back on all the time. Grip makes one handed shooting easy.

It's in stock from B&H. I bought before they had it in stock, from Kenmore Camera on eBay. Kenmore Camera ships stuff properly, non like Adorama. It was stuffed in a box with peanuts. Adorama ships lenses, in an unpadded envelope.

The focus ring didn't break like the Meike lens I bought did. I'll never buy a lens from Meike or Adorama again.

Just set the focus to infinity. No focusing needed.

What are those little white dots? From the flash? Well, it's semi useless for interior pictures then.

Pictures I believe were f5.6. I only use it at the lowest aperture, that would be f2.8, if I want bokeh.

Good luck defishing it. At least with digiKam.

Should go outside someday, and take pictures. Is probably better outside, you don't need a flash.

RIP Tonka

Went to her 3 PM appointment at the vet. They gave her a shot to calm her down, basically makes her sleep. Then they murdered her with the other stuff.

She knew something was happening today. At my mom's, she got on the couch more then once. One time she got in my lap.

At the vet she was upset, pacing, and got her upper body in my lap once or twice. The drug finally calmed her down.

People might be able to hear me cry now. She thinks I'll see Tonka again. I doubt it.

Probably won't live much longer from now.

She was the only reason I didn't leave my body a long time ago. Now, I have zero purpose, zero dog.

I hanged her callar up, no idea how that's supposed to make me feel better.

This is basically the worst day of my life. The last dog I grew up with.

This might be called hyperventilating. The crying got more intense, just like I thought it would.

She was the only reason I was happy. Now, she's gone, forever.

You could say she was scared. She didn't understand any of this.

Now, I get to cry, till I die. That might be a long time. I didn't get to keep her at home, so I already missed her. Now, I never get to take her home.

Giant ATX 3 disc

Pictures here. I'm to lazy to share one image, and then copy the smaller image URL.

Got a bike today, she said she'd pay for half, so I'll give her $300, a little more then half.

Bicycle Butler is way better then Wheel Sport. Wheel Sport doesn't ask you where you plan on riding it or anything.

The sales people at Bicycle Butler are knowledgeable about bikes. I wouldn't listen to a sales person for a TV, they know shit about what they are talking about. You'll mostly get Samhung is better then everybody else, or something like that.

We went there yesterday, to see what they have, she told them where I'd mostly be riding, he wasn't there today, some lady helped us. And one of the bikes he suggested, I test rode, not very far, just needed to see how it felt. Feels great, and I can actually peddle. Did the motor on the old bike make it harder to peddle? I was able to peddle up a small hill, not really a hill, only if you are on a bike. Peddling up that on my old bike, was painful. You can actually lose weight with this bike, as it's the best bike I've ever owned.

If peddling is hard, you won't lose weight. You could use the motor on the old bike, but what's the point? Just makes it even more a target for a thief.

This bike cost more then the Haro. When I need a tuneup, I know where I'm taking it, Bicycle Butler.

For some reason, on the bag the instruction manual is in, somebody wrote ATX 2 on it, but I'm pretty sure it's 3, there's a 3 on the bike.

No pain on my wrists or whatever was hurting last time I rode my sold bike. Probably still need gloves, my hands got super sweaty, you might crash with sweaty hands.

No motor will be put on it, I don't know how to do that, and I don't want to spend the money to do so.

Not rebuying the lens I sent back. Don't want to send another one back, if it breaks after barely using it. It's possible they will say I broke it, and therefore no refund. I'll only have two payments for the bike, $150 when I get a refund, and $150 on the 1st.

If it is the same one as the below link, then it's a 2020 model.

More info on the bike on Giant's site.

BuyVM Premier Account

Account Status: Premier Account

You've gained the following perks:

Instant provisioning of all new orders
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Thanks for your patronage


Nice, they might get more money soon. Another slab maybe. I'm just lazy, I have to setup a backup to copy everything to it. No more waiting for me, when upgrading, ordering new stuff, etc.

I'm lazy, so I'll just keep paying my bill every month. Until I get unlazy. Need to setup my own Mastodon server. But I'm to lazy to do that too.

Meike 6.5mm f/2.0 Micro 4/3

It might be a good lens, if you can get it in focus. Was stiff, now I have to squeeze it to change focus. Before you could just turn it, now you have to apply pressure to change the focus.

If you have weak wrists, I wouldn't recommend it.

Make sure you turn the IS to 8mm, or off. Otherwise, every picture will be blurry.

Somebody else, had the same problem, the focus ring got loose. If, only I had a box to send it back in. She threw a box out last time she cleaned, that I could of used.

They shipped it in a shitty envelope. So tape it back together? Give them even shittier packaging.

Adorama sucks. They don't respond to selling quotes, to sell something to them, and they ship in shitty packaging.

Optically, it's fine, but the focus ring is shit. Now, I have to send it back.

Venus Optics Laowa 4mm f/2.8 Fisheye Lens for Micro Four Thirds does that lens work? Costs more, but you can order from B&H, or pre order.

Printing the return instructions + label, maybe. Printer paused. Clicked the button, and it printed.

I'm lazy, so I'll have UPS package it for me, might have to pay.


Defishing sort of works. The colors are better in the first image. Better to edit the JPG then the RAW file then. If you are to lazy to figure out how digiKam works. Looks like, I might need to update that too. My lens isn't in it's database.

Instead of doing it manually, use the Samyang 7.5mm auto correction, on the JPG of course.


Nesco® 600-watt Top Mounted Food Dehydrator with Timer FD-79

Set it for 4 hours at a time, next time 8 hours, maybe pat the jerky after 4 hours. The trays don't get that hot, didn't know that. And there wasn't much oil or whatever on the jerky, not till after 4 hours.

That was four hours, already drying out. If you want to check to see if it's done, take jerky out, let it cool down, and then try bending it. There's more info on Google, it should be leathery, and shouldn't break.

It'll be done drying/cooling off at 11 PM. The jerky is stacked on top of each other, with paper towels between each row. Probably should of put something on the top to push down on the top layer.

Tastes fine, not 100% sure it's done, but it's been 8 hours. Article I read said to dry at 145F. But the instructions say 160F, which is what I did.

The food dehydrator my sister has, must be crap for jerky. It cost less, currently $58 or something on Amazon, spend $22 more, and get this one, it's better, and if there's a Bed Bath & Beyond near you, you can buy it at the store.

You can expand it to 12 trays, there's a $100 one on Amazon, same brand, that you can extend to 20 trays. Probably takes a long ass time to dry 20 trays of jerky.

I'd rather have two of the $80 ones extended to 12 trays each. Might be faster then one 20 tray one, and you get two machines, if one dies, you still have one.

Might of needed more seasoning, or let it soak longer. Probably just needed more salt. Tastes very similar to what my mom made in the oven, but maybe not as hard to chew.

Got the Wolfenstein: Youngblood demo installed on my Switch. Installing the update, then the DLC demos. I wonder how shitty it looks on the Switch.

I think you can only buy it at Bed Bath & Beyond, and directly from Nesco®. It costs $100 at Nesco®, you might as well get the expandable to 20 trays one on Amazon for $100.

You can restart it after clicking stop, just click it again. I think if it runs out of time, and you hold the button, it resets it to whatever you ran it at.

No on/off switch or button, best to unplug it when not in use, if somebody bumps the start button somehow, you'll be drying nothing.

There's a cheaper food dehydrator on Amazon, the Hamilton Beach 32100A, it's digital too, currently under $50. Probably takes longer to dry with that one, and you have to wait a day or two to get it. And I didn't want the cheapest one this time, not the most expensive, right in the middle.

I was going to buy the better brand, but I don't think it's really worth it, even the refurbished one.

If this one lasts a while, then it was worth it. Don't buy the $40 one from Bed Bath & Beyond, not digital, and it'll probably die after the second or fourth try, look at the reviews.

You get a nice recipe book with the Nesco®. I used this jerky recipe.

Can't figure out if it's overcooked or not done. Wouldn't make sense for the bottom to be done, but the other trays not done.

I think whoever cut it, screwed up. Seems over dried, the outside is really hard on a lot of it. If you scrape that off, you could probably bend it. Might be crumbling apart on the outside.

I'll get meat somewhere else next time I buy meat, there's more meat in the freezer.

Might get sick if it's not done. I could stick it all in the oven, probably make it even harder.

Here you go. I put two paper towels in a Tupperware with it. I'll save the bag, it'll be on the counter till tomorrow. If the jerky isn't as dry, then I'll put it back in the bag, otherwise, another night with two more paper towels.

Might of been done after four hours. If so, I can cook two batches a day.

You'll never buy beef jerky again

Unless it's homemade. She made some in the oven, using similar spices to this recipe. She cooked it in the oven, I bought a food dehydrator a couple days ago. The $80 one from Bed Bath & Beyond.

Got meat and the spices from that recipe today, the only thing different is my pepper, don't know what the difference is, so I just used the pepper I already have, didn't buy the other pepper. The meat isn't flank steak, almost four pounds of round steak or something, that was cut for Carne Asada, Winco doesn't have a area with meat behind the counter, but they did have round steak cut for Carne Asada. She used the Carne Asada from My Fresh Beaver Basket. It can take 15 hours according to the instructions for the dehydrator.

Took me thirty minutes to prepare the meat, had to cut fat off, and cut some in half. Didn't get all the fat off, the jerky she made, I ate almost all of it in one day. I had a stomach ache. Finished it off in the morning.

I bought some giant zip lock bags. Since it's almost four pounds, I used twice as much of everything. Probably didn't mix it up good enough, in the zip lock bag. I'll know tomorrow, it'll be in the fridge overnight. That article says you only have to leave it in the fridge for thirty minutes. But it's past 9 PM. I don't want to wake up every four hours to check it. The least amount of time is four hours, so I'll set it to four hours each time. Well, maybe not after 8 hours.

It has a timer, but no on/off switch or button. I think it turns off after the time is up, does that mean you have to unplug and plug it back in to get it back on? If you are fast enough, you can reset the timer.

Says to pat the meat while drying too. Don't really need it to last a month, I'll eat it all in a day or two. The meat that doesn't fit on the food dehydrator, will be going in the freezer.

This beef jerky will cost around $33. The meat was $15. I'll get meat somewhere else next time, maybe flank steak, like that article says to use. Flank steak is around $7 a pound at Winco, so four pounds would cost $28. Actually, don't do that, it might taste even better, and you'll be spending more then.

Eggers will probably cut it for you. I'm to cheap to buy a food slicer. I did buy a thing that'll let you slice vegetables, like sweet potatoes, for the dogs. I forgot to buy the sweet potatoes, I was going to dry them, and use it as dog treats. More like she would be using it as dog treats. Unless they taste good, and I eat it all.

If you want good beef jerky, but have no oven or food dehydrator, buy some from Eggers, their pepperoni sticks are good. So, I'm guessing their jerky is too.

Eggers meat is good, but not as good as mine.

You know why some trans women are porn stars?

So they can pay for surgery.

Also, so I can watch them plow a cis woman, that is making fake moaning sounds.

If pro trans women are just gay men, why is she plowing a cis woman?

Sapphire Radeon RX 5700

That GPU is only $330 on Newegg. It was $350 yesterday.

Will it go down another $20 by the 1st? That should handle 1440p way better.

Problem is, I need a newer kernel.