Mod Security will kill your site

At least the rule packages will. Don’t ask me which rules to disable. You can’t submit form data with the packages enabled.

If you disable modsecurity.conf for the pack, it works. But does that mean it isn’t doing anything?

You need to edit “/usr/local/lsws/conf/modsec/comodo/modsecurity.conf”, set “SecCookieFormat” to 1. Then WordPress and Textpattern work again.

If using CyberPanel, and the rule packs make it so you can’t login to your sites. The other rule pack’s config is “/usr/local/lsws/conf/modsec/owasp/modsecurity.conf”.

If you are already logged in, you won’t be able to post anything in WordPress.

And you might need to enable the pack, then edit the file, and restart lsws. I edited the other pack’s config, then enabled it, and it changed it back to the default.

“systemctl lsws restart”, That’ll restart it.

If I can’t login or post, then CyberPanel overwrote my config.

Sister’s husband’s site works too.

That’s the solution to Websites login and contact forms blocked after enable modsecurity. Contact forms use cookies? Apparently some do.

The Librem 5 might be fast enough

It’s not running Android, Linux is known to run nicely on older computers.

Phone is probably faster then some of the computers I installed Linux on. Think one was a Pentium 3.

You don’t need a good benchmark score, if the OS isn’t crap.

Can’t buy anything until 180 days from when I sold stuff on eBay, they have 180 days to open a dispute. Problem is, I might have two grand or more by then. No more money, after I report the 2k. If I get more money, no more apartment, once I get 5k.

Why would you use ServerPilot?

They charge per “app”, that is a PHP website. So it can only do PHP? Can you point domains to it?

It costs as much as my VPS. And it might only work with DigitalOcean.

Probably works on other providers. Still not worth it. Maybe once you get hacked it is.

How do they prevent you from running more then one PHP app on one website? Maybe it’s a per domain thing. You can edit the NGINX config, but they don’t provide support if doing so, and you might get hacked.

So, if I run every website under one account, it’s only $5.50 a month? That’s still a rip off. Also, if you do that, one website gets hacked, all of them get hacked.

Ha, they think Fail2ban is only for SSH. You can use it with other stuff. They say to use their HeatShield thing.

Must of used it a long time ago, I have an account. They changed the pricing, from what I read, it was $10 a month, no limit on apps.

It would actually be cheaper now, for me, with only 4 apps. But I still don’t like paying $0.50 per app.

apnscp is better if you need a ton of apps. That supports Ruby too, don’t think ServerPilot does. That does cgroup too. I’d have to pay to get that with CyberPanel. Don’t pay for CyberPanel, only 5 domains for $11 a month, the free plan is 1 domain. $28 per month for unlimited domains, but a 8 GB RAM limit, or $17 for no RAM limit, and 5 domains.

Don’t think apnscp runs every site as it’s own user, for PHP. That means one hacked, all hacked. Might as well keep using CyberPanel for free. Actually, I think it does, just doesn’t use PHP-FPM.

But you know how much of a pain it would be to restore all my sites? I do have backups, but I’d have to download em, to make sure they contain the database. Probably would have to recreate my email accounts. Or switch to email forwarding. If you pay $129, you get a lifetime license.

It’s not a replacement to a qualified system administrator. I’m not a qualified anything.

Running, doubt I’m infected though.

No point in using apnscp if it isn’t a replacement for a system administrator. Better off paying the $7 for ServerPilot.

Doesn’t look like any of my sites are hacked. Not even my sister’s husband’s.

Didn’t know you could prevent PHP from being able to write to files. Don’t ask me how, Google doesn’t say. Getting sleepy for some reason.

I’ve got poopies

Think that’s what Joe said in Family Guy, something like that.

I need to get a girlfriend and/or wife. Then I need to get paralyzed, then when I shit my diaper, I’ll say I’ve got poopies.

She will be pissed if one day later I get paralyzed, after she moves in, or I move in with her. Probably dump me, or divorce me, and the joke will be on me. I’ll be in a nursing home. Saying to the nurse “Why don’t you love me anymore?”. Then she’ll come over and give me a shot again.

No settings for my TV on Google?

Cartoons look fine, but not sure I like how non cartoons look. The quality on Philo is better. Can I tell it to show it on the source resolution? Maybe the up scaling is making it look worse. Put it in the center, with big black bars all around it. That’s what Mythfrontend does. Oh, so if I plug a computer into it, I can do that.

I used the settings for a similar TV. I really don’t want to fiddle with the settings till I like it. That’s a pain. Since my lightning is different, that’s probably the only option. But that doesn’t explain why cartoons look great. only has the S405, mine is S403. The S405 are the settings I used. Is the S403 the same as the S405? Might be a Costco version of that.

Most likely the same, Costco got a different model, so they don’t have to price match.

For some reason, I didn’t put in the white balance settings, or the custom color space settings. Cartoons somehow look better. For non cartoons, I can’t decide between normal, bright, or brighter.

The site says you will need to adjust the white balance settings, and color space settings, because of “manufacturing tolerance”. I don’t know what 100% white balance means, or any of the other %. Also, I don’t believe them, their settings looks better then the default. If you need to adjust it, only by 1 or 2.

I wonder if the PS4 looks better now, I’ll never know, I don’t play video games anymore, just mind games.

Project Blue Book looks way better on Philo

Shouldn’t of kept HDHomeRun Premium TV as long as I did, based on the quality, it’s not worth $25-$35 a month, depending on if you get the credit.

Didn’t know about Philo, till somebody said something about a $16 a month service on HDHomeRun’s forum. I searched Google, and found Philo.

It’s nice being able to record to your own computer, but if it looks like shit, then it’s pointless.

Also, you can record Philo to your own computer, at least if using Linux. You just need to write a script to do so, you’ll need to use a web browser to view it, then a screen recorder, to record it. I tested recording with OBS, and it worked.

I’ll save disk space not recording locally.

How long can you go without breathing?

If I don’t keep waking up to breathe, I’ll be dead soon.

Actually, I’ll probably be sent back into my body. Every time I “die”. Possibly with a long list of things to do. I probably have to live at least as long as Tonka.

All of Ultra Mobile’s plans have unlimited data now?

The cheapest plan says “1GB of 4G LTE Data, Unlimited Data at Lower Speeds”. Their FAQ doesn’t say that. Just looked at the $19 plan on my computer.

So run a speed test till you use 1 GB, and see if the data still works, should be super slow. Possibly not usable. So you might not be able to tell if it works.

Philo died on the Apple TV

Won’t open the app, just shows a loading thing. Just went to their site on my computer, and it loaded. Playing South Park works too.

It’s easy to ignore commercials on a computer, just switch tabs.

Funny how somebody on the HDHomeRun forum says you don’t get a DVR with other services, not a local DVR, but one in the cloud. Both Philo and Sling TV has one. The DVR is free on Philo, but not Sling, it’s $5 on Sling.

I’m cheap and don’t watch sports, so Philo is fine.