Mac mini seems stable now

Looks like all the crap I had running in the background, caused it to crap out. Apparently 8 GB of RAM isn't enough. There's still crap in the background, just not as much.

Don't really need the antivirus running in the background, it doesn't have real time protection. I use it for a manual scan for paranoia. Malwarebytes has bad practices, so I got rid of that.

I got malware from FileZilla, so now I'm paranoid. I got rid of that, and am using Cyberduck now. I should get rid of FileZilla on my desktop too, but I don't know of a different Linux FTP program. I thought FileZilla was the best FTP program, until I put it on a Mac. The App Store version might be safe, I won't use it either.

I had no idea FileZilla wasn't safe for the Mac version. In Linux, I use the one provided by my distro. I've used it in Windows without malware too. They must of just recently started infecting it with malware. Except, I haven't been using Windows for a long time, at least not as my primary OS.

Puppies are sad

The puppy is sad because they aren't with their mom anymore. Some people like me, will then be depressed, thinking how the puppy doesn't have a mom anymore.

And then thinking about the dog, that just died. That can't be replaced.

No dog for me. Since I don't know 100% what happens when you die, it's too depressing. One of the possibilities is being put in a blender and recycled. Basically, you and everyone you know, ceases to exist.

The only way to know for sure, is by a near death experience. Not really near though, it's actually dead. So why do they call it near death experience? Get rid of the near.

I'll probably have a near death experience someday. From the lack of breathing while sleeping. Except, in my case, I probably won't get sent back.

Enjoy your puppy, taking a baby away from their mother. You wouldn't do that to a human, or maybe you would.

If you ask her if that's mean, she'll say "No they are a dog and worthless". Maybe not the worthless part, but they might as well.

Your broken thinking won't change anything I think. You'll just get mad, because I won't turn into you.

Hacked just to delete DNS zones?

There's no other explanation. I added a subdomain to the DNS, after switching to Debian, and it was working.

That subdomain wouldn't of worked, if the DNS server wasn't working. Unless, it added that one domain to the DNS, but it's on this domain, so I doubt that happened.

Going to look at my backup, and see if there was any files in /var/cache/bind before yesterday.

The server did mysteriously reboot one day too.

You'd expect to find something suspicious running on the server though. I did install NodeQuery recently, I removed that, in case that somehow got hacked. Doubt it, it ran as it's own user.

And, it looks like it wasn't configured 2019-11-09 either. I'll look at the oldest backup, which is 2019-11-02. Nope, no DNS since at least the second, probably the 27th of October.

Now, how did load? That wasn't added to the DNS before October 27th. Magic I guess, I just checked the DNS, status isn't in there anymore. Was it ever?

Ahh, I'm bad with dates, go to Updates on That existed before I switched to Debian. Getting all paranoid for nothing.

Why does everything cache the DNS for so long?

It's still not fully fixed, I added two subdomains, and it created it in /var/named. And now the named.conf file says it's for Red Hat. How do I change that? You could trash the entire /usr/local/directadmin folder. Probably have to reinstall to get it back.

Where's the file that contains that folder?

You can change the folder in /usr/local/directadmin/conf/directadmin.conf.

Should be fixed now.

Why does Debian require the directory to be /var/cache/bind? Changing it doesn't work.

Porkbun sucks

Nameserver is not authoritative for

I didn't do shit, I just wasted a ton of time trying to fix it. If it's not working tomorrow, I'll switch my domain registrar for that domain.

Nothing in my account changed, so I have no idea what the problem is. Searching Google for Porkbun problems results in nothing.

This site works for me, because of DNS caching, my local DNS server knows the IP.

Not a Porkbun problem. I wasted $10 transferring it to Namecheap. I rejected the transfer, after I got an email from Porkbun, and I believed them.

The DNS server wasn't configured. No idea how it was working for months after switching to Debian. The old config isn't compatible with Debian. You have to use /var/cache/bind, it won't work with /var/named, even with changing the permissions. I should have over $10 in my Namecheap account now.

Still can't figure out how the DNS was working for months. Unless, it somehow deleted the config.

Or there was a silent Bind update, that killed the old setup.

Looks like Nextcloud is dead. Can't access the DirectAdmin panel yet. And it's fixed, reinstalled the memcached thing for it.

No dog is fine with me

I don't want to schedule another dog's death in the future. If you get a service dog, you have to keep training them, or they'll forget what to do or how to do it. And that can cost $30,000. The training actually costs more then that.

Her ex is clueless about mental illness, he thinks it's a joke or something. He's clearly never felt depressed or anxious or anything else. He thinks $30,000 would only cost that much for a blind person's service dog. I'm not convinced anything is more serious then anything else. Being blind doesn't make you not want to live, unless you had vision and lost it, but then that's depression, not just blindness.

No idea why she is still with that guy, even after he divorced her for something she didn't do. He doesn't even care if the puppy falls off the couch. He just says "he didn't fall". He sure did. If you put him on the couch, you put him back down when he doesn't want up there anymore.

Since the dog is a a lab, they probably won't dislike him. Unless, the puppy gets hurt because of him.

On another note, Tonka may of acted like she liked him, but she was on my side about anything even if it's the wrong side. She cared more about me then anybody else. That's why she used to try and get in my lap when he was at her house and I was over there. She remembered what happened, apparently nobody else does.

I'd rather be depressed about Tonka dying for the rest of my short and shitty life.

You know how I feel?

Like I'm dying.

I'd be in bed, but can't sleep. Eating a lean pocket was pointless. Surprised I didn't puke from eating it. I could feel food in my throat when pushing shit out in the crapper.

That's a good way to lose weight, just puke it all up. All without putting your finger down your throat.

The feeling of dying, might be depression. It's called evolution. Your depression will evolve into something better, until it finally kills you.

She won't even look at me anymore

Not the person I was rude/an asshole to. Somebody else, that was acting like she liked me.

Be an asshole to one person, and then everybody else with her thinking, will hate you.

She does know there's more people then in this small building right? Most probably won't give a rats ass about anything she says either.

The only thing she'll accomplish is making me more insane, but that would happen rather she did anything or not. I happen to make myself more insane. I don't need her help.

So, if she can't have me, nobody can? Only one problem, that only applies to this building. I don't want anybody in this shitty building. The people around my age, must all be nuts just like me.

The only other thing she'll accomplish, is getting me to move. Maybe to assisted living, then I don't have to deal with housing, or Comcast. Won't have enough money for Comcast. Or this server. Or anything else.

Also, she isn't trans, therefore she's trying to trick me into dating a cis woman. No thanks. How do I know she isn't trans? She has kids. Another no thanks. I'd be the worst dad ever. So of course I was an asshole to her, two times. I won't fall for her trick.



I think that's his name, unless there's no r. Most people would be happy about a puppy. Not me, just reminds me Tonka was a puppy once, and now she's dead. She died in a horrible way, you don't want to think about that when they are little, or ever.

I won't get another dog, don't want to watch another dog die. Don't want to make an appointment for their death either.

Also, the whole thing is sad, taking the puppy away from their siblings, and mother. Saying, they can't live with their siblings or mother forever. They can live with their siblings forever, people are assholes, that's the only reason they can't.

Also, why is it legal to sell dogs, but not people? Most people are shit, so they might as well let you sell them too.

People act like dogs are to serve them.

It's more like people should serve dogs, considering how much better dogs treat people, then people treat people.

And there's no r, don't know if Bode is the right spelling, I didn't ask anybody. Don't think it's body.

Why does he have a lame Chargers collar on? Probably her ex picked that out. Apparently he likes watching grown men in tights play with balls.


Enjoy evolving without me. I don't like surgery, or anything implanted under my skin.

And everything will be cured overnight, at least mental illness, and if you are rich, the US is run by greedy inhumane assholes. That will be the result of Nerualink. I won't get that either, I don't want to know what my thoughts are, nor anybody else. And I'd die from an infection when they put it under my scalp.

Also, how can Aliens be telepathic without humans having any Nerualink or known thing? They could to each other, but not to us. Oh right, because they put something in us that can receive their thoughts. So, why are they remaking something that already exists?

Then when you are sleeping, you'll post some weird shit on the internet.

Also, there's already a thing called Shitter that does the same thing.

The guy near the end of the show, looks like an Alien. I'm not talking about the transhuman guy with NFC and other chips implanted, and horns on his head. There's another guy. I have no idea why you'd want to have horns, that's usually associated with the Devil.

The good news is, I have no connection to my ancestors, apparently you would want tattoos or other body art if you did. You'd have a connection to certain symbols or art. That you can't put in words or explain. I have a connection to dogs, but that's explainable, you just need one dog to get a connection and to know why.

Does that mean, I've never existed before? Since I have zero connection to my ancestors?

So, in my next life, I'll probably get dick tattoos on myself. Or people with tits and dicks. Except, there won't be a next life, blender and recycled, that means I'll cease to exist.

Can I go on Ancient Aliens if I get a tattoo of a woman with a dick? Oh wait, the answer is no, if the tattoo is visible, I'll get murdered.

Audio is in sync

The trick is finding a audio sync test video that makes sense. I've seen three, two today, I kept forgetting to look for a different one. The one that made sense auto played after the second one. It says beep or bop when there's audio, I assume if you see and hear that at the same time, it's in sync.

I didn't watch the five minutes of the third one. So if it goes out of sync the longer it plays, I won't know.

It's possible the shows on Philo use software to sync lips, which might make it unnatural and impossible to tell if it's in sync. Does South Park on Philo look like it's in sync? I mostly read the subtitles. The OTA TV cartoons I record look in sync. Wouldn't that be more unnatural looking then software lip syncing humans? Maybe they don't use any lip syncing software, so the source is out of sync.

What happened to the woman at the nut house?

She was asking if I'd be there on Monday. I wasn't.

That might of been in 2014.

I can't even remember her name. I think I forgot instantly.

On another note, there's absolutely nothing to read on the internet today.

Why was my server rebooted?

Got a notification it was down. I was in the shower when that happened. Just logged into it and ran uptime. It's only been up 28 minutes.

I didn't reboot it.

I'm to lazy to email my host, don't care enough.

Put in a blender and recycled

That's what happens to life. That means, Tonka doesn't exist anymore. Neither will me or anybody else. Only those with the knowledge of the drug/drink/whatever it is, that extends your life. There's supposedly people that lived 900+ years. A long ass time ago. Some in religion, don't remember what else.

That's how the psychos that run the US will keep on living and suppressing all info about Aliens. I'm not talking about Trump, he should try declassifying everything the government knows about Aliens. And you and he will see he can't do shit about anything. The president is just a puppet show. Elect whoever you want, it's pointless. If the people that really run things, don't like something, you can say goodbye to whoever you elected.

You'd hope that the psychos that run the US would die someday. They might, but probably not in your lifetime. Then again, one of them might turn on the others.

Seeing as we make it to Mars, and somebody nukes whoever is there, which will happen in my lifetime. Does that mean everybody will know about the life extending drug or whatever when that happens? Or maybe they don't have that.

Somebody nukes Mars in around 2040 I think. If the person that gets the future right 80% of the time is right again. She died sometime ago. She was blind, she went blind from being in a tornado. She claimed other beings gave her knowledge. I never got to ask her how I die. Boohooo. I bet it's brutal. Or fast, or slow and painful.

Or ask if I get married. The answer is no. I get ass raped instead. Or murdered by the men in black. For calling them psychos.

Knowing Aliens exist, is far more valuable then anything Trump does. Aliens could wipe us out in a blink of an eye. Everybody wants to believe they are the only life in a massive universe. Why would God create only humans? God would of wiped us out again, if we were their only life.

Some guy said a revolution was the only way to get the knowledge the US holds. Will he be right or wrong? I won't participate.

Politics are useless, they can't change anything high up in the US. They are just as bad as Russia, Trump even said so. Russia just makes it more obvious when they kill somebody.

When the US kills somebody, it gets declared as a suicide. Even though it's dead obvious it wasn't.

There's a ton of shows about UFOs and Aliens. Contact is the newest show, with good stuff on it. The government won't give anybody answers, apparently that resulted in more Alien/UFO shows.

Zagg isn't a scammer

Possibly, ordered a battery case, their site said it was declined. But the fuckers took my money, they haven't bothered replying to my email yet either. Who knows if they will.

I emailed Cash too, hopefully they can reverse it. Enjoy your charge back fee.

If I don't get the money back, I wasted around $20. And I'll never use my Cash card again. Take the money out of it. It's not very convenient if you can't get your money back from scammers.

Why did Mophie let Zagg buy them? Their site doesn't work. Something on Google said debit cards aren't accepted, didn't notice that on their site. I even searched the sales terms for debit, and found nothing.

Oh wait, if Cash won't give me the money back, I can fuck them over too. Email the credit union and do a charge back on the transaction to the Cash card. I added the exact amount to my Cash card, which got it from my credit union card. Take the rest of the money out of the Cash app first though.

I got no order confirmation or anything from Zagg. So, how can I be scamming them? They said it was declined, and took my money and ran.

I won't be reordering it after I get my money back. I'd rather buy some cheap Chinese crap on Amazon.

Should of paid with PayPal, then I could dispute the charge, without emailing anybody.

It can take 24 hours to get a reply from Cash. Who knows how long from Zagg. They are probably waiting for the sale to be over, so I can't reorder it. Not sure how that helps them.

Maybe, they will think I'll fall for their scam again.

If I paid full price, I wouldn't even bother emailing Zagg. I'd go straight to the credit union, and say goodbye to my Cash card.

Who made WordPress slow? That is slow at updating posts. Guess, I need to delete all the shitty plugins, might as well delete WordPress too.

Not a scammer. It's a temporary charge. That might explain why when I click support in the Cash app, there's a temporary option, click it, and it says "This payment is temporary".

Zagg emailed me back. They thought I was ordering a replacement. Probably for their shitty overpriced screen protectors. I have a cheap screen protector, and it still works. The only bubble isn't on the screen, it's on the bottom right corner.

There could be debris aka dirt under the screen protector on the screen area somewhere. Don't notice it anymore.

I probably won't email them back. I'll be pissed if the complete temporary charge doesn't come back. I need to pay two more shitty bills, Philo is automatic, and there isn't enough on my cash card for it.

I spent $15 or so at Safeway, no food stamps till the 8th. They should give me more, or give me it on the 1st.

Why does it say "complete", if it's "temporary"? Cause they like confused people throwing a fit.

Look at all the people thinking they are making a difference by voting

Voting is a waste of ink. Anybody can be president, even criminals, and criminally insane. They don't need more votes to win, just electoral college crap.

The republicans will go to war, if they somehow get rid of it. They can't, because not enough states will agree. If they find a way to override those states, off to war it is.

‪844 364-3889‬ is a liar

By the US Treasury intending your serious attention ignoring. This will be an intentional second attempt to avoid initial appearance before a Magistrate Judge or a grand jury for a federal criminal offense. This is the first attempt to reach you. To resolve this issue immediately and to speak to a federal agent call back number 844-364-3889. I repeat 844-364-3898. Thank you.

I'll wait for the feds to show up. That's what they'd do, they wouldn't call you and leave such a message.

If I knew Chinese, I'd call them back.

Or better, call them back, and say what they said to my voicemail.

Mac mini keeps crapping out

Won't load websites in any web browser. Then stuff won't open, just says not responding. Yet, ping works. Accessing network shares in Finder works too.

I'd downgrade macOS, but then I'd have to reinstall everything. The backup is only good for what I have installed.

Maybe the soldered down SSD is failing. I didn't even finish paying it off yet. But if it was hardware, I can't imagine rebooting would fix it.

Maybe someday Apple will fix macOS Catalina. If they don't, then I'll downgrade, and never upgrade to anything. Or just say fuck it, and put Linux on it. At least it works. And isn't as slow as macOS.

Lame site, auto plays some stupid ass video. The content blocker doesn't block it for some stupid reason.

Time Machine no longer works, error 45. And where I'm backing up, isn't supported, therefore it doesn't work, except it's been working for months.

I had to force the mini off. It wouldn't reboot. Maybe it was doing a Time Machine backup, and now I lost around 200 GB of backups.

Should be fixed, restarted Samba on my desktop. The Apple support forum is 100% useless. You really think people aren't going to use non official backup methods? If you do that, you'll be stuck with an external drive plugged into your Mac. Unless you want to buy some other overpriced Apple hardware.

Maybe it isn't fixed, I was able to mount the dmg file. Before it said, resource temporary not available or something.

And it's backing up, very slowly.

Well, Google is useless, it doesn't find what I searched for at all. Not responding isn't the same as not optimized. Maybe Google should go read a dictionary. I give up on searching, apparently macOS Catalina works fine for most people, at least according to Google.

Vinciper HDMI Switch, 3 Ports 4K@60Hz HDMI Audio Extractor

Does it work? It turns on. Still trying to teach my harmony remote, I haven't got past power toggle. No idea why it won't register anything.

I even put a CR2032 battery in it, slightly fatter then a CR2025. It turns the switch itself on with that battery, and it increased the range.

The remote is shit though, so it might be impossible to teach it to my Logitech remote.

I had to use a screwdriver, to get the battery compartment out, I was making sure there was a battery in it, and I accidentally pushed it up, and it was stuck. This is the worst remote I've used. You'd think for $50, you'd get a working remote, with a working battery.

I got the program to do something, said trouble understanding what to teach it. No idea how I got that, now it's back to doing nothing.

There's an forum post, but the link just takes me to the support page on Logitech, not the post. Google is useless. Or maybe Logitech is useless. I'm not even sure where I should be pointing it, the picture appears to be at the back of the remote. There is a IR thing on the back, just like the front. Might just give up and send it back, get my $50 back. The remote is to shitty to teach my remote, or my Logitech remote is to shitty to work.

Think I had this problem last time I tried adding something that wasn't in it's database.

It could be rebranded from something else, don't know what. It did find some other brands with the same model number.

The five port no audio extractor switch, somebody got their Logitech remote to work, doesn't say what they entered, or if they somehow taught it to it, my remote is blind or something.


Is that the same thing? Searched for it, yes it probably is. There's three inputs, so it's probably the same thing. Not done configuring it yet.

It has the same buttons, when you add a step for it.

Do you have to send the Arc command or just do it once? If only once, it'll probably toggle on and off. No, I didn't read the instructions.

The instructions aren't very helpful. It's done syncing, so I'll just see what it does.

It works. But I don't think I need to send the Arc command every time. So, I'm going to remove that step.

HDMI ARC is nice. You don't even need everything plugged into it. Does the fancy compressed audio work without being delayed now? No idea, and don't really care. I'll keep the TV on good old fashioned stereo PCM. I doubt it has more then two speakers, my $100 soundbar. This switch cost half of my soundbar.

And sound still works on the PS4. That means, the ARC button just changes the ARC settings.

Does audio control from the TV really work? Don't see the point, universal remote works fine.

You can only have eight devices on the Logitech Harmony 650 remote. I had to delete something I don't use or need anymore.

Might of fixed the out of sync audio. Can't really read lips, so not 100% sure. And cartoons might be hard to tell.

Update #2
Works fine with the Apple TV, my only device that is 4k, that isn't built into the TV. Except, at first it was all dark or something. It reset the settings, after changing the color mode or whatever it's called, it wasn't all dark. That could happen with any HDMI switch. Just had to change the resolution to non HDR 4k, and tell it to match the dynamic range and FPS or whatever it said. I don't need the non video parts in HDR. It makes it look worse, like the home screen. And, if you play videos that aren't HDR, they look worse too.

That'll make me depressed

Ask if I lost Tonka. Almost enough to make me cry.

The doctor claimed it would be a couple more months before I felt any better. Was that in September? I'll probably feel just as bad when I go to my appointment next month.

It doesn't get better the longer it's been, it does the opposite. My insanity evolves at a much faster rate. Use to be every year, now it's every month or sooner.

Mac mini is plugged into UPS now

Get a PDU, not a surge protector, a cheapo power strip would probably work too.

You are supposed to rack mount the PDU I got, but I have no rack.

I plugged two external drives into the PDU too. The eGPU is as well.

I only got a load of 39% running a OpenCL Geekbench on the eGPU. Run it on my desktop at the same time, and I'd know if I need a higher wattage UPS. But a full load on both won't happen, I can't play a game on both at the same time. I can stream a game to the mini, but the mini probably won't be using much power.

What's the command to test NUT? Need to make sure the mini turns off. I'll just wait for the next power outage.

You can probably put the PDU on the wall too, if you aren't lazy. And know what you are doing.

I need to hook my 4k HDR HDMI switch up, it has audio out, might fix the audio out of sync issue. Or at least, it might not be as bad. It has HDMI Arc, so I shouldn't need to plug any of the non 4k stuff into it. Just need to configure the remote to turn the switch on.

Hopefully they sent the non surge protected PDU, otherwise, the UPS might get overloaded. I'd have to look at the PDU, it's under my desk. Is that a 6 or 5? It's supposed to be a 5. Probably the right one. I'm to lazy to get on my knees and take it up the ass. It's a five, no anal sex needed.

There's no room on the PDU now, thanks to the power bricks, I forgot to buy the short extension cables that are for bricks.

And the HDMI switch, I think is always on, there's a button to turn it on or off.