Music just did it’s skipping thing

That’s with the iPad. No idea why it does that. Maybe it’s the power in the building. Might not like powerline adapters.

I did just watch Expidtion Unknown without any issues.

My iPad does have a high ping to the Apple TV. The highest was around 80ms.

Does ping matter for Airplay? My desktop gets under 10ms.

Fucking fire alarms

I just went outside and I thought she said they were done. I was just in the bathroom and the fire alarms started going off again. How many times do they need to test it?

Good thing I was almost done wiping. So now when they enter I won’t be sitting on the Jonny. Might be standing in the shower instead.

Fucking dog

Knocked a bunch of shit down. No idea how she unplugged the HDMI audio extractor. The cable from the extractor to the soundbase was unplugged.

I can’t control when they test the fire alarms.

If she starts breaking shit, then maybe she’ll go live somewhere else. Not enough money to replace everything.

She also peed in the bathroom, don’t really care about that.

Should be alarms, not dog. If she breaks something because of the fire people, charge them for everything she breaks. If they refuse to pay, sue them. If you have enough money to sue people, you probably have to much money to live in this building.

She unplugged the TV too. I was trying to turn it on, it wouldn’t turn on, so I checked the plug, it was still in the TV but not in the surge protector.

She scratches at stuff when she’s scared. I saw her do it once. She didn’t go in my room at first, I was surprised. She did end up going in my room though.

HDR will get rid of noise?

If you under expose, you’ll get noise, according to somebody on a forum.

So increase the exposure compensation. Or use HDR. I wouldn’t use the camera’s HDR, I’d use AfterShot Pro to combine the bracketed images. Wait, does AfterShot Pro align images? If not, I’d have to use digiKam.

Or use a tripod, that must be why I only used bracketed images once. That was on an older camera. Tripod kills it, not convenient.

I need to sell all my Canon FD stuff

I wonder how much it’s all worth. Maybe $100.

All my other lenses are sharper. I don’t think I did test the one lens I have that is supposed to be good. Manual focus is a pain. You can’t get as much in focus as my auto focus lenses.

That’s how you reset your NAND on the Switch?

Mount /system in hacdiskmount

in “save” delete all except 8000000000000120
in saveMeta delete all except 8000000000000120
if anything in Contents/placehld, delete all in placehld also.


From here. You have to use Windows to use HacDiskMount. If they released the source, then I might be able to run it in Linux.

You can also use ChoiDujourNX. That runs on the Switch, but you have to delete all your tickets before doing the factory reset in ChoiDujourNX.

Need to clean my internal NAND, so I can maybe sell it. Or go online and not get banned. Unless, they add checks to see if you have a hidden EmuNAND partition on your micro SD card, then you’ll have to use a different micro SD card with the sysNAND.

Can you use HacDiskMount to backup your NAND?

Backing my EmuNAND up, don’t have a recent backup of that.

You don’t need anything else to use HacDiskMount? Thought you did.

You might not need HacDiskMount. It’ll show up as USB drive, you use memloader, the description on their site doesn’t do it justice.

Parses ini files from microsd root and loads/decompresses/boots the appropriate binaries on the AArch64 CPU of the Nintendo Switch.

Doesn’t mention anything about making it show up as a USB drive. There’s apparently a sample folder in it.

And from the sound of it, it’s super slow. Is it as slow as backing up with some other payload? Well, except, you need a working backup, cause it can cause it not to boot anymore.

Backing my NAND up with SX OS.

Does backing up to a FAT32 card take longer?

The backup finished. Now I have to copy the backup files to my computer.

Which one is System? I’m lazy, I’ll just use the Windows program. Don’t know the filesystem, and to lazy to look it up.

The Linux program I found is a joke, no capital I, or a ‘ in I’m.

Looks like my only option is to restore a clean NAND, or hope the Linux program doesn’t screw my Switch up. Switching it to the VM doesn’t work.

Where do I get this so called “tweak” key? The instructions make it sound like you have to modify the file, so it can find the keys. But none of them say anything about “tweak”. Horrible documentation, just like their grammar.

ninfs is what you want. No need for a special key file, just the one from biskeydump.

For the “file” enter the /dev/ name of the Switch.

sudo mount '/mnt/switch/SYSTEM.img' /mnt/switch_system

It actually mounted it. Make sure you allow writing, otherwise you can’t delete anything.

And it’s reset.

I massively screwed up in Tropico 6

I have a big negative balance. If I keep playing that game, it’ll be huge. Don’t think I can get a positive balance with that game.

The first stuff you should build, is stuff that makes goods that you can export. I wouldn’t even build housing until I have a shitload of plantations maybe mines too. Just go to the trade thing, and see what’s available to export, then build stuff to do that. If you just guess, you’ll probably get a negative balance.

Manjaro bsnes v107r2

You can find a compiled bsnes for Manjaro here.

That version has the “HD” Mode 7 upscaling.