Pizza for dinner

Tonka will get a piece too. She’s spoiled.

Mom is sicker today apparently, she was able to go to Walmart, she got me a pizza and Raisin Bran. She also got my package from the package place.

Eating pizza might of been a bad idea, now stomach feels funny again. It was good though.

WiFi stuff came for my camera broken Raspberry Pi Zero W

It doesn’t have 5 GHz WiFi, so I had to buy a USB adapter.

Got to put Raspbian on my other micro SD card. It’ll get the 120 or 128 GB card.

Haha, Etcher said the card is unusually big for a SD card or USB flash drive. Apparently most people don’t write images to a 128 GB micro SD card.

Micro SD card is good. Now to plug everything into it.

The hub is bigger then the Pi.

The WiFi card is a Edimax EW-7822UAC.

lsusb detects the USB adapter. Waiting for it to finish updating, then I have to install git, so I can compile the driver. Need git to get the driver.

The internet on it might be faster. Probably wasn’t enough power for the ethernet cable adapter.

I might of been able to get $65 from Apple for my iPhone SE

That’s the trade in value, could of got money off the iPhone 7. They will give me $250 for my iPhone 7, the XR would only cost $500 if I did that.

I won’t though, the 7 is fast enough for me. Also, I paid over $400 for it, with a case.

The trade in might be for new iPhones only, not refurbished ones. My 7 is refurbished.

Fallout 76 is unplayable now

It says “Server Not Responding” constantly. It disables the controls when it says that.

Tried exiting the game, it couldn’t do that either. Clicked ctrl alt delete, and clicked sign out, which either killed the game, or the game finally closed.

Oh and the scope is now upside down. Making it completely useless as well. Might be zoomed in farther as well.

Clearly, they don’t test their games.

Can I get my $60 back? Cause I can’t play the game anymore. Do a charge back with the credit union. Except, I bought it on Amazon. That’ll hurt Amazon.

That article is a lie

Says you can change the IMEI of an iPhone without jailbreaking it, hint you can’t.

Was wondering if you can actually change the IMEI on an iPhone. Not if it has the latest iOS, unless there’s specialized hardware to do it for you.

They probably used my IMEI on a stolen phone. What happens if you use an iPhone IMEI on an Android phone? Whoever buys the phone, should check the IMEI, if it’s an iPhone IMEI, they bought a stolen phone with the IMEI changed on it.

It is the temporary method. you can’t change original IMEI number of your iPhone.

There you go. So their article is a load of shit, even more then the lie.

They didn’t want the IMEI for an iPhone.

Might of finally caught it

Just took a runny dump. Except, I thought it was supposed to be explosive diarrhea.

Some slight stomach pain too. On and off.

Also, that dump didn’t want to come out. So just get constipated before you get the stomach flu.

Why do some people puke and some people shit? I’m guessing some people do both. Was he puking or shitting first? Don’t remember. Might of been puking first. So it looks like I might of skipped that part.

I did just eat some Raisin Bran.

Well, I can’t buy Christmas presents now

Got to transfer at least $90 into my savings, so when  I owe PayPal money, I can transfer it back to my checking, and pay them.

They’ll get plenty of presents anyways.

There we go, now I have more money in my savings then checking.

There’s something I can do, close my accounts before 90 days. I don’t give a rats ass about my over 100 feedback. Doesn’t mean anything if you get scammed by a buyer. I thought only buying phones on eBay was risky, apparently selling is too.

I’ll say in the dispute, that they can ship it back to me at their expense, I’m not paying for Hong Kong shipping.

And people told me to sell my phones on eBay

If you want to get scammed, go for it. I’m going to owe PayPal over $90. Thanks eBay.

I’ll pay PayPal, then close my eBay and PayPal account. Won’t use services that sides with buyers that scammed me.

You shouldn’t have to research your buyers before shipping.

Well, now I know what I’ll spend my Christmas money on, the phones I sold.

Actually, the Moto X4 buyer, might of used a stolen account.

The funny thing is, the first buyer, if they are a scammer, they will soon get positive feedback that says so, to warn future people they buy from. They’ll just close their account, and make a new one. eBay doesn’t care.

It would be funny, if I closed both accounts, before them. Problem is, I bought something with PayPal. And they haven’t shipped it yet. Also, just transferred a refund from something to my bank account, closing might lose the $5.

Looking at the second buyer’s feedback, they buy a lot from what appears to be cellphone related sellers.

That’s how they make their living, buying phones, charging back, selling the phone by some other means, possibly a different eBay account.

It just shows you, eBay doesn’t give a fuck about scammers. I’ll know in 90 days, possibly sooner.

Another reason, they might of wanted the IMEI number, is they bought it with a stolen eBay account. They know they’ll report it as fraud. And the phone is going to whoever owns the eBay account, not them.