Biostar TA970XE

Is it dead? Everything turns on, but nothing on the monitor. But, removing the RAM, doesn’t get a different result. Like, a different LED on the debug LED, the only one is the first LED.

The manual doesn’t say what that means, just beep codes and other crap.

Might have some DDR3 too, that I can try changing it to.

I have a shitty video card I can try putting in it. There is no beep codes, there’s probably no speaker plugged in. And I thought the debug LED was supposed to tell you something, apparently not.

That board is from 2012.

She should probably just get a new computer, like a Mac mini.

The RAM I might have, could be dead, it’s been sitting unprotected in a drawer. So, I won’t bother looking for it. I’ll just try changing the GPU.

The cheap ass shitty GPU I have is a NVIDIA one, like she has, so no fiddling with the driver in Windows. It’s a PCIe x1 card. That’s why it’s shitty.


Looks like a fun game. No close stores had it. We’d have to go to the Valley, Idaho, or Airway Heights to get it.

Easier to buy it from Amazon.

Except, Walmart is cheaper, but pickup only.

Now to look at the manual for the motherboard of my mom’s computer. It won’t turn on. Well, turns on, but nothing on the monitor. Might be the GPU, or could be the board.

Could of got it for the PC, might work in Proton. But that’s digital, no thanks. I like discs, I can sell it. Think I bought the digital Red Dead Redemption 2, and I don’t like that game. Boohoo, I can’t sell it.

Sony is a dick

Can’t play Far Cry 5 arcade without paying Sony $60 a year.

Last time, I played the arcade, I wasn’t even playing with any other players. So you have to pay for online single player? Lame.

Needed more in game money, but $60 real money isn’t worth it. Just wander around in the offline game instead.

Might skip buying the Apple Watch

The Series 3 one, it’s cheaper now.

My Amazfit Bip has good battery life again. I didn’t do anything.

Don’t really care about replying to texts on my watch. Don’t get many texts or anything else.

CPU got over 70C

74C was the max, didn’t stay there very long.

Was running a Geekbench benchmark, the new version 5.

Thought it was staying under 70C. Apparently not.

That’s with a expensive air cooler too. If, I’m getting what stock cooler people get, what’s point in my expensive cooler? Maybe the thermal paste melted. Might not be enough on it, or to much. Not enough is more likely.

The turbo is the problem.

stress -c 12

Let’s see how high now, 68C so far. 70C.

Geekbench might of lowered the single core score for AMD CPUs. Well, they lowered everybody’s score, but might be favoring Intel now.

Probably should add another fan to it. Not sure if it came with the thing to attach another one though. And, I’d need a spliter of some sort.

Is there enough room for another fan? I have the stuff needed to attach another one. The metal things are cheap though, and it’ll probably fall off. Fall off of the heatsink.

Got a fan coming, it’s the same fan that’s on it. I could of paid $5 or so more, for a higher RPM one. But the $20 one comes with a Y cable. Don’t know about the loud ass 3000 RPM one.

Boardman, Oregon

We stayed at a hotel in Boardman, Oregon, on the way to Newport, Oregon.

Lens does fine for it’s intended purpose, outside.

I don’t think the infinity mark on the lens is correct, it isn’t as in focus if you put it on that mark. You don’t really have to focus the lens much, unless you are getting closeups.

At least, focusing doesn’t break it, like the Meike I had.

Defishing made the edge on the left look worse. I’d post the picture, but Nextcloud is to lazy to upload it.

Borderlands 3 is out

To bad there’s no Linux version, don’t think it’s on Steam either.

I could buy it for the PS4, but why bother? All the old Borderlands are available for Linux.

My TV sure looks good

The PS4 looks good. Turned it on to see if there’s a demo of Control, there isn’t. But there is a better video of it.

Played Far Cry 5, did I ever play it on this TV? Probably not with the better settings I found on Google.

My PS4 doesn’t do 4k, it’s not the Pro.

Looks better then the Switch, if you want something that isn’t a cartoon. I should sell the Switch, it’s probably worth more then I paid for it. It isn’t patched.

Don’t show affection to an insane man

If you aren’t related to them, they will get depressed. As they know, they’ll never date you, or anybody else.

Even if they are dating you, they’ll still get depressed. You’ll have to ask a psycho doctor why.

Don’t do anything that could be considered affection by an insane man either.

So, if you are a doctor, don’t give an insane man a prostate exam, they might consider that love.


PC wankers have to wait till August 2020 to play it.

I probably won’t play it on anything. I don’t play video games anymore.

The Outer Worlds might be fun. If I played video games. That comes out next month. Must of put that on my wish list before I completely stopped playing video games.

Looks like it might be an open world game, or at least somewhat.

If you like hard and creepy games, you might like it. There’s a gameplay video on YouTube. From E3 2019.