My XFX RX 570 gets hot

89C while playing Saints Row: The Third.

According to the thing that logs the temperature of various stuff, doesn’t save it if you exit the program.

The Radeon Profile program doesn’t work right, should be increasing the fan to 100% at 60C.

Don’t know if my RX 470 got that hot, that’s a MSI card I think.

I found a bash script, that might work better.

Switched to the script. Just don’t use hibernate, if you do, you might need to restart the script, you can do it automatically, but I don’t use hibernate.

Only got up to 64C with the script.

You know who that might of been?

I was at the store, and saw somebody, might of been one of the females from my school, that hates me. She looked like her, but also gave me a look, like she recognized me.

Rechargeable batteries aren’t convenient?

Somehow plugging in a controller is more convenient then swapping batteries out.

With a cable, you also risk tripping on it, and destroying everything.

I’d gladly buy a controller if it uses AA batteries. I don’t mind putting the dead ones on a charger. You don’t have to do it right away, unless you don’t have a shitload of batteries.

Saints Row: The Third is a great game

Just put it on easy, and use the no censor mod. Then you can run around naked.

The Full Package came with a tank like vehicle. Since it’s on easy, I don’t think I can die in that.

Can you keep playing after you beat it? Or do you have to start over?

None of the NPCs comment on her beard or nudity. Maybe I’ll make a video later. Probably no sound, as if there’s any music, I’ll get another strike on YouTube. Or anywhere else I upload the video.

Nice, the video card got up to 78C. Didn’t know I had to open the fan control thing, and select the profile. Just changed a setting, so I shouldn’t have to next time I reboot.

To make it look better, put scene detail or whatever on high.

It’s a million times better then GTA, if you get the PC version. I played the newest GTA so much, it’s boring as fuck now. Not sure Saints Row: The Third can get boring, there’s naked bearded women in it. Is there a mod to make everybody nude, and her nude when doing some missions?

The last mission I did, they were making a film, but she had clothes on after I started the mission.

It’s amazing how fun some old games are. Are they going to make a new Saints Row game? There is one newer then this one. Who knows how long it’ll take me to be this one. There’s two new Saints Row games. That should last me till a new one comes out. The newest is based in Hell.

Damn, probably no new Saints Row game.

Apparently the two newer games aren’t as good. That’s a bummer.

Probably better with a controller. Since I play on easy, bad aim with the Steam Controller doesn’t matter. What happens if you kill friendly bots? Do you lose reputation?

Way better with a controller. Radeon Profile is broken, GPU got up to 89C. Couldn’t change any settings in the program, all grayed out. Is there some other fan control program that actually works? Sucks the auto fan control blows ass.

Shitload of updates in Manjaro

Kernel update too, so I’ll be rebooting, there goes my 7 day uptime. No issues with the monitor either, it’s plugged in with the DP cable. Maybe the refurbished video card I was using had issues.

I need to lookup mods for Saints Row: The Third. Maybe there’s one that updates the graphics.

And the updates killed Chromium, it’s a VAAPI compiled version. So it needs to be recompiled.

Might buy another ZYXEL switch next month

A cheaper model is only $30. Probably better then the TP-LINK I have. It does have VLANs, which I won’t need, the AP has a new place on the wall.

That’ll tell me if the powerline adapters have issues, or the switch. Pretty sure it’s the adapters, because if I open the ZYXEL software, click info, then the ping goes down. Guess disabling power saving doesn’t fix it.

Should of just bought the ZYXEL powerline adapters on Amazon. Cheaper, and should have official software. You don’t have to use another brand’s software.

My doctor thinks he can get me to exercise

Good luck. I have an exercise bike, but it hurts my ass.

Exercising outside without the dog, and she’ll be barking the entire time I’m gone. Also, a babe might talk to me. You know what that leads to? Babies. Then divorce, then child support.

Saints Row: The Third – The Full Package

That’s on the Switch apparently. Isn’t it sort of like GTA?

Maybe I’ll buy it next month. What firmware do you need to play it? Could download the demo, but I’m to lazy.

Not out till next month. That’s when I’ll have the money. Even if I sell my bike, I won’t buy anything till next month.

Nice, it’s a humor game, like Tropico 6. Except, even more funny. I want to go naked skydiving.

Nice, it’s available for Linux, for $10. But isn’t the full frontal package. How much is all the DLC?

Can I just run around naked? No DLC needed, no missions, just run around butt naked. The full package is $15.

More catoonish then GTA.

Does it have a trans gender? The IV game is $20, for the Game of the Century Edition.

There goes my toilet paper money. And Google Domains is going to auto renew a domain soon. Still enough for toilet paper. I wonder how low my checking account will go this month. I never played that when it first came out. I’ll be skydiving naked.

No need to pay $40 for the Switch version, that’s a cash grab.

Release your old game for Linux, and I might buy it.

Isn’t Final Fantasy turn based? Never actually played it. Might of rented it or something a long time ago. When I was a kid. Looks like it. Might require firmware 8.0.0 on the Switch. I won’t update my sysNAND. It’s worth more money keeping it low.

Another cash grab, the PS4 version is $30 pre owned.

So every Switch game that looks interesting is old? Well, in that case, I should sell my Switch. I can get the old games for less on a different platform.

Is God Eater 3 a new game? Not out for a couple months. Already out for the PS4 and Windows. Looks like Anime graphics. Probably have games like that, and there’s big boobs in it. I don’t mind keeping my PS4 updated. But the Switch is portable.

Why did they blur out the nudity on KSPS-HD?

The game is done downloading.

Lame, they blur out her tits and vagina. Should of read the fine print. Is there a no blur mod? I want to see what a bearded lady looks like naked. Also, running around with blurring crap is lame.

There’s outdated instructions.

Probably more fun then GTA. Even though it looks worse then the newest GTA. I could probably increase the display settings more.

Found a working download link for the mod. Super slow download. Is it legal to share? Found a smaller file, that might work fine.

The file can be found here. It’s the one that’s attached, and under 1 MB. To bad there’s no trans gender in the game. That does work though, no more blur.

Is it legal to share the photo? I made her 30, with the age slider.

You can find the picture on my porn domain.

Does my dumb ethernet switch have power saving?

If it does, that could be the problem with Airplay.

I was just getting high ping on my desktop. Then it seemed to “wake” up, and now it’s low.

It’s set to high priority for both powerline adapters, and the power saving is off.

Probably the powerline adapter. I just pinged and got a high ping, and I clicked info in the Windows ZYXEL program, and then ping went under 10ms after doing that. Guess the power saving isn’t disabled.

The switch does have power saving. Don’t think you can disable it. Funny that streaming video works, but streaming music has issues, using Airplay.

If that program worked in Wine, I could just leave it open, with the info screen.

Changed it to normal priority.

Can’t plug them directly into the wall, not unless I don’t want to plug my UPS in. They are plugged into a short extension cable. Just long enough so you can plug fat stuff in by each other.

There is a way to test if it’s the switch over there, plug the powerline adapter directly into the Apple TV.

Looks like the powerline does add latency, I get 0.472 ms to the Pi on the same switch. Probably not a good comparison, the Pi has a shorter cable.