Why would I feel bad?

The guy that called me a faggot over and over again, isn’t doing good. Apparently he has to sell his house. My grandparents have to help him, no idea what they are helping him with.

If I was to feel bad, I’d feel bad for my grandparents, they are old, think my grandpa is in his 80s. Grandma is probably 80 by now too.

Also, I haven’t been doing good my entire life.

Would of been funny if she said he is gay. Most people that call others faggots, do so to make themselves feel better and superior to you. The jokes on them, nobody is superior then anybody else, sex, sexuality, nothing matters. Everybody is the same.

Sounds like he’s moving into my grandparent’s house.

And he probably knows about all the kids, he just hates children. If you were a child while he’s an adult, he also hates you.

That’s a bummer, now I have nowhere to go when I get evicted. Might die before that happens anyways. Less then a year to live, I won’t get older then 30.

Now I know why Tonka won’t eat at my mom’s house

Sofie attacked Lilly, my sister’s little dog, while she was trying to eat her dinner. I just let her inside, she went over to her food, and was trying to eat it, and then Sofie came in and attacked her. I didn’t see exactly what she did, I just heard Lilly make a not so good sound. Sounded like she was getting murdered. And Sofie got the food all over the floor. And guess what? She didn’t even eat it all.

I should probably just stay home with Tonka from now on, since Sofie will attack other dogs if they try eating the food I give them. That’s why Tonka won’t relax over there. Sofie apparently is aggressive with food.

If she actually hurt Lilly, she’d probably end up going back to Julia’s Jungle. To risky having a dog that attacks other dogs, she could possibly decide to attack a human, and that’s even more risky.

Her paper said she was good with other animals and babies. She isn’t good with other animals, she’s tried biting the cats too. Tonka has never bitten a person or animal. She snarled at some little dogs once, but didn’t actually bite them. She mostly just barks now.

And that’s another reason not go on “vacation” with her ex. Sofie will be there.

Chibi would attack the dogs, in the past, when they tried eating her food. But that’s different then what Sofie is doing, Sofie attacked Lilly, while she was eating the food I gave Lilly. It was either her food or Tonka’s food. Not Sofie’s food, she doesn’t even eat her food everyday.

I suppose Sofie could of growled at Sofie for harassing her. Still Sofie’s fault. Also, Lilly is tiny compared to her.

Lilly went and hid in the corner after that happened.

Another reason to never get a dog again. Even if they are a service dog, Sofie will still be mean to them. Then the dog will be like Tonka, and not want to be over there.

Think they said she’s an Australian Shepherd mix. I wouldn’t expect a Australian Shepherd to be like her. Just get labs and lab and border collie mixes. Buddy was fine with new animals, well Tonka and Meiko were puppies. If she has to ever take Sofie back, her paper will say the truth, instead of the lies her former people said. You shouldn’t have any other animals with her, probably not even a bird, if the bird got out, she’d probably eat your bird.

Atmosphere 0.9.0 will have emummc

Same as EmuNAND basically. Sounds like it should be released by the end of the day.

So, does it work with a “hidden” partition? Maybe if you enter the right start sector.

“emummc_sector = 0x1A010000”, so how do I get that fancy number? Because fdisk on my computer, for one partition on one drive, not the SD card, says 256. Well, looks like you need to be smart to use it. That’s a bummer.

A hex editor might tell you. So just change “10000” to “00000”, if that doesn’t work change the 1A or 0 too. Looking at something in a hex editor, it should be all 0.


Funny how she thinks I’d want to go on “vacation” with her ex

Not really a family vacation, if he’s going. He divorced her, for something she didn’t do. Now, he acts like they are still married, and moved into her house.

Do they not know the meaning of divorce? Apparently not.

She didn’t mention he was going when she first asked me. She can be surprised when I don’t go, I don’t care.

A family vacation doesn’t include your ex’s. I find it funny that she hated my dead dad. Guess if she divorces then it’s different.

Amazfit Bip is updating it’s GPS everyday I wake up

I have to install a watch face to get it to go away, unpairing might work too, enjoy losing your last charge date. I just install the same one everyday. Probably an update that messed it up.

You know what the Pentagon is run on?

Religion. Didn’t know religion says Aliens and UFOs are demons.

Well, they know how to get humans to cease to exist. They have knowledge, yet they won’t share it. So why pay taxes? The government lies. Just look at who’s the president. Shit just keeps coming out of his mouth.

But it doesn’t matter who’s the president for UFOs. The president can’t do anything about it.

The president is just a puppet, there’s some other agenda. So don’t bother voting, it’s a waste of time.

Funny how she said not to keep Tonka at her house

No idea when or if I’ll get a working AC.

She doesn’t like it at her house, and she doesn’t like the heat. So don’t ask me what to do. Fans are useless. Guess I could put the fan in front of the window, and risk burning the building down, by plugging it into my UPS. Or turn the AC on, it was cooler with the barely working AC. The fan on the AC is apparently useless.

If she dies because of the heat, I won’t pay my rent anymore. Probably won’t live much longer after that.

TCL Roku TV + LG soundbar = out of sync

There’s no audio delay on my TV, and not on the $100 soundbar either. I wouldn’t pay $150 for the regular price on the soundbar.

Could be the Apple TV. The audio is still going through the TV. Changing to PCM didn’t seem to solve it. I don’t remember if it was out of sync with the broken soundbase.

Looks like the stupid soundbar turned itself on again. I’d have to read the manual to see how to turn it off. What I read on Best Buy didn’t work.

The remote might be turning the soundbar off first, turning the TV off first, might result in it not turning itself on. Or waiting five seconds after the TV turns off, to turn the soundbar off.

I did click the auto power on button again, could be the wrong thing to click, since I’m using a universal remote, and I’m to lazy to get the remote it came with, I didn’t even remove it from it’s packaging.