RIP Baby

I think that’s what they called her. I was/am an ass and got mad at calling her a baby.

I called Tonka a baby. But she was my baby.

No more animals alive that I grew up with. That resulted in a crying session. Probably crying about all the animals, even though I was mostly thinking about Tonka.

Any animals dying will most likely result in crying now. Doesn’t matter if I like them.

She got skinny, got stuck behind the freezer, couldn’t move, she was dragging herself around. Apparently she also peed on herself. She basically was dying in a brutal way.

If we kept Tonka alive, something similar could have happened to her. She was still eating when they murdered her. Most dogs stop eating when the end comes. I think eating made her feel a tiny bit better.

Sounds like a war outside.

Three dead animals in one year, that’s pretty brutal.