You need server management experience if you get a self managed VPS?

No you don't, get BuyVM, and a dedicated core. If bots hammer your site, it'll just get slow. I did solve the bot problem though, no more access to wp-login.php for them.

And the non dedicated core plans, they might just throttle you.

You can also throttle yourself, just limit the CPU for specific users. At least, you can with CentOS. I do that, so some of the sites don't slow other sites down. Don't remember which sites are throttled, probably my sister's husband's site, and maybe my Nextcloud. Don't know if this site is.

That might be an inefficient way to manage a server. And expensive if you don't throttle yourself. It'll get slow, and you'll have to pay for more resources. Eventually, you'll need a dedicated server. You'll be paying over a grand a month.

Unless it's like this site, and gets no traffic.